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1/26 c19 151SideshowJazz1
Next will be the final chapter? Then will Michelle be able to fix things, stopping Tommy from becoming a monster and appreciating him for the cute little boy he was before she pushed him away?
1/11 c17 12Godzilla183
Drat fine time to take a vacation
1/11 c17 151SideshowJazz1
Well, we knew that was going to happen. How is Michelle going to remember not to make her parents suspicious by acting like a teen when she's supposed to be little? Keep writing!
1/7 c16 12Godzilla183
I hope Michelle is able to put things back to the way they were
1/6 c14 151SideshowJazz1
How come Michelle can't change her bitterness? Okay, well, I might find it hard too if I'd been tortured for two years by an annoying little brat, but still, now that she realizes why he's doing it, she should find it easier to find a way to change.
My opinion about Michelle's parents, though, has not changed. Parental favouritism. It's true that Tommy has a reason for making her life a misery, but it doesn't mean they should let him make her life a misery!
12/31/2017 c12 SideshowJazz1
Now that's all the anger-inducing surrealism of Goosebumps parents, acting like your younger kid is badly hurt from a little kid when your older kid is the one who needs to go to hospital. Poor Michelle! Tbh, my reviews are probably going to be similar until later on in this fic.
12/31/2017 c12 12Godzilla183
Grr little brat
12/16/2017 c11 151SideshowJazz1
Poor Michelle! Michael had enough of a terrible time. Because Michelle's terror is younger, he gets way more leeway. I don't get it - how do her parents not see it? It's like they automatically think Michelle's making stuff up in spite of no evidence. That's what I'd like to know - where is the evidence that Michelle has ever lied, just because she's told on Tommy for making her life a nightmare? I've always thought the Websters were terrible parents, but then again, spoiled brat younger siblings who never get in trouble (particularly sisters - Tara, Ginny, Brandy, Krissy, and I'm sure there's someone else I've forgotten) are kind of a Goosebumps thing. Ditto bullying older brothers. The biggest exceptions to these rules is younger brother Alex from Ghost Camp and older brother Terry from Say Cheese and Die and the sequel.
Anyway, you're doing an awesome job so far. Keep it up!
12/15/2017 c11 12Godzilla183
Oh poor michelle what a nightmare
12/8/2017 c10 Godzilla183
Hmm does tommy care or is he planning something?
11/27/2017 c9 Godzilla183
Oh no Michelle what are you going to do?
11/10/2017 c5 Godzilla183
Yikes Michelle accidentally sent herself back in time
11/10/2017 c4 Godzilla183
That's horrible I feel Michelles pain I have been in those situations and I know exactly what shes going through
11/9/2017 c4 4retro mania
Michelle has it pretty rough both at school and at home.
11/9/2017 c3 retro mania
Michelle really have a dog's life.
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