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for Fate Overlord (Discontinued)

12/29/2020 c25
It would be great to have a complementary story to see more of the interactions of the heroic spirits with the people.
I think you could take the organization for your Chaldea you could take it from the fic "Fragments of Chaldea".
Feliz Navidad y Un Próspero Año Nuevo xD.
12/29/2020 c1 Peroroncino
should the tittle be Rise of Chaldea and not Raise of Chaldea ?
12/29/2020 c25 Dasgun
12/29/2020 c24 SuperFireman151
update but Nothing New?
12/28/2020 c24 Acqua OfThe Back
Tengo problemas porque no me acuerdo de nada jaja
Gracias por el capítulo
12/6/2020 c3 Guest
Can you also change the chant of hrunting to hound of red plains hrunting
12/6/2020 c3 Guest
At chapter 2 the chant of caladbolg is written as twist my core caladbolg can you write my core is twisted in madness caladbolg instead
11/15/2020 c4 pointy
Well, kinda bland chapter. The first troops of knight is massacring, plunder, raping defenseless villager and get ressurrection... better keep them dead, now they are alive they just being burden to villager food stock, and game interfaces? Lol, for hero who rarely stay in one spot for long or too busy to save life is laying or sitting through playing game too much till its end... Even i as reader hard to believe it, Zelrech way of kaleidoskop maybe believable but transported like overlord is... ridiculous
10/8/2020 c7 17Just an IsekaI writer
this is bullshit. good bye.
10/8/2020 c3 Just an IsekaI writer
no different from canon... what bullshit is this?

is he a player? because there's no way two different animes could discern one another.
9/30/2020 c20 gerahdz.sanchez
It is to similar to the actual castoria
9/30/2020 c19 gerahdz.sanchez
W t f
9/30/2020 c19 gerahdz.sanchez
9/15/2020 c24 1uzumaki.namikaze10
9/15/2020 c23 uzumaki.namikaze10
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