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8/10 c8 146Linneagb
Awwwww. Loved the beginning and the end especially. Doug is just the best dad to all three daughters. And your sister/ sibling can be both your best friend and your enemy and all at once and I just love it when it comes into a story like this.
8/10 c7 Linneagb
I agree- best lie ever. Parents really do come up with sneaky lies like that. And it was just perfect for something that Doug and Carol would do.
8/10 c6 Linneagb
Hahaha. Of course someone would forget something. I just love your writing and adding that perfect little detail to every single chapter. And there! I didn't know the word lanyard before.
8/10 c5 Linneagb
Awwww. Poor Tess, sick on her birthday- that sucks. But it was just so cute how Kate could just tranaslate what Addison said. And they call Helen Buba? Awwwww.
8/9 c4 Linneagb
Awwww. Another add to the family. How perfect of you. That's just too cute.
8/9 c3 Linneagb
Awwww. For a parent their lives just go by so fast. That's too cute. I wonder what Doug will choose for his job. You just seem to get them perfectly in character.
8/9 c2 Linneagb
Awwwww. I just love this relationship between Mark and Elizabeth and Doug and Carole. And then Tess and Katie with Ella and Rachel. And the twins are just way too cute and so different and it makes them even cuter. I could really see how both of them were daddy's girl- so... so... so... so Doug!
8/5 c1 Linneagb
Awwww. Loved the finishing line. I never thought of a story with the girls. But since I marked this one to read maybe I should read it- ER is the best after all. And the girls are so cute and even as babies it's very interesting to seee how they grow into their own little people with two personalities.
3/22 c14 197Daisyangel
I hope you will do at least the next four birthdays? Please update soon!
11/26/2019 c14 9Fire of Snow
I'm glad to see you update this. Thank you :). This was a beautiful chapter and I loved the mother-daughter moment.
11/26/2019 c14 24Boris Yeltsin
Loving it. Care for ideas for the last few chapters of this?
11/19/2018 c13 microgirl
Yay! I was so happy to see this update. This was really cute and I absolutely loved it. Thank you for the update!
11/14/2018 c13 Boris Yeltsin
Loved it. I'm sure you'll have them meet kids of other ER characters, if they haven't already.
9/15/2018 c12 microgirl
Yaaaaay! I'm so glad you're back! I missed this story.

So I have to admit I was a little worried in the beginning at how only Kate's birthday was acknowledged at school. But then when you revealed the girls were at different schools, I really enjoyed that. I love that the girls have their own friends and personalities. This was a really wonderful update. Thank you so much.
11/26/2017 c11 Guest
Love you fic!
(Still sorry that Mark died :( )
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