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4/1 c55 Specter11Dragon
you know what, it will be funny if her baby born in orgrimmar, the horde teritory. it will be shock to everyone including the horde. the question is, what her baby choose ? alliance or horde.
2/13 c6 21daianapotter
Mmm Anduin se fue a estudiar con velen? Es que es ahí donde más aprendió...

Y si ahora tiene 15 sucedería pandaria. Solo espero que no pase lo de theramore.
2/13 c5 daianapotter
Me gusta como Anduin la defendió n.n
2/13 c4 daianapotter
Verdad, mi pobre bebé practicamente no tuvo infancia.

Y es verdad, anduin es un bendecido con la luz. Sin duda será uno de los sacerdotes más poderosos que habrá.

Me gusto la charla entre rell y varian n.n
2/13 c3 daianapotter
Bueno, alguien que ha leído el lore y sabe que anduin sabe usar las dagas y el arco. Bien me gusta n.n y sí, anduin es muy abierto, lamentablemente no tiene muchos amigos de su edad.
2/13 c2 daianapotter
Bueno, ahora sabemos porque malfurion le fue infiel a tyrande.

Y sí, varian impone aunque él sea de menor estatura
2/13 c1 daianapotter
Pues sí, se me hace muy raro que malfurion se haya acostado con otra mujer que no sea Tyrande
4/23/2020 c48 1Uniitti
So, this is a review from someone who just read all 48 chapters in a few days... I love it.

I find your way of writing very compelling and high quality. I really like Kia as a character and her unique qualities. Quinn and Lantash are awesome and give me a nice smile or chuckle whenever they say something. Also, I think you portray Anduin very well and quite true to his nature. As for him and Kia's relationship, I have zero complaints really. Their interactions seem natural and I must say that they're a super cute couple. Plus, I love the fact that so far there hasn't been any unnecessary drama. I've noticed it's common for fanfics and even romance stories overall to have some form of drama that just doesn't need to be there at all, which I personally dislike a lot. Like for example, a fight for the sake of having a fight in the story, or misunderstandings that make no sense. But there's none of that here. So huge props to you on that part.

Overall, I think your story is in pretty much perfect balance. It's wonderfully wholesome and lovely while also having a good amount of action and excitement. The tiny mystery elements work really well too. Like the whole thing that happened with Illidan. Plus, it's always fun to read a story when it's easy to notice that the author had fun writing it.

Great job! I'm really excited to see what happens next!<3

Sidenote: I laughed out loud when I realized you pretty much completely ignored WoD like it never happened. Just as it should be. XD
10/26/2019 c29 dkaepa
ok... that as cute.
10/26/2019 c10 dkaepa
damn... nice story.
I found the writing story very professional.
9/29/2019 c44 Amelia
Great chapter, can't wait to find out what happens next!
7/15/2019 c2 Guest
I see you have mentioned dwarves. Your a good one. Keep your feet on the ground.
6/18/2019 c31 wildcat717
Suddenly I can't wait to see Helanas reaction when Anduin announces his engagement to Kia
8/19/2018 c15 wildcat717
This is fantastic I can't wait for more.
8/17/2018 c15 XBnemesisX
Hello! Your story is absolutely wonderful!

If you ever need any help, just send a PM. I can try my best to info gather- I'm not free to play until at least Friday I don't think though so I can't give direct info until then. Even then I'd need to make a new character, considering my main is a Blood Elf and my alliance alts aren't yet high enough level. Thankfully I bought Legion when it came out so i have the Demon Hunter class.

I've been debating making a story of my own, however it would most likely revolve around my Blood Elf, and her soft spot for the Alliance that she keeps secret.


Hehe hehehe...

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