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7/3/2021 c17 Guest
9/2/2020 c53 Guest
I know you’ve probably seen so many reviews like this, but just let me say, this fanfic actually changed my life. It was the second one I ever read and now I frequent it. I’ve read it so many times, whenever I’m feeling sad or lonely or anything this makes me feel better. I love everything about this story, and I’m a pretty picky reader. I love the relationship between Johnny and Dally and I’m so gla DV this isn’t a pairing, because that would have majorly ruined the story. These two boys are like brothers and I hate all the slashy stuff other people write. I also really don’t like how the majority of outsiders FanFictions either go “pony gets hurt, what if it was pony instead of so and so, pony/oc, or pony/ dally or Johnny,” or they go “really well at the beginning then just get discontinued or it gets really weird.”
The other thing that’s kind of weird about me is that I’ll only really read stories about Johnny or dally. I love how you’re stories mostly focus around them, and with the writing and the plot being so good, So You’re Leaving and Safety in Numbers have become some of my favorite FanFictions.
Now one last thing. There is a line in chapter 52 (I think) that goes “ Yeah, Dal... this is a good place for you to start feeling better.” this made me cry for a few reasons. Not many people realize that dally really is just a kid. He needs people and just as much as anyone. A lot of people also think that Johnny is the only person Dally loves, and though, yes, this is true, I love that this story shows how much Darry cares about dally.
Wow this is getting long
But one last thing
I live your OCs. Wendy and will and Tom and everybody. They are so well written, unlike many other OCs that mostly just ruin what could be a really good story. Really the only thing that I would take out is Caroline, but I usually quit reading FanFictions where anyone gets a girlfriend, I just don’t like them, but I actually don’t mind her in this. I like how it’s not just centered around their relationship like tons of other stories are.
Okay I’m done but I just really appreciate your stories and the amount of time and effort put into these. Thank you!
7/12/2020 c46 Anon420
I absolutely love this story. For the record it's the best Outsiders fanfic I've ever read, with Night and Day coming in close second :)

I was able to get sucked into it, mainly because your writing is fantastic! The dialogue was so realistic, the scenes were so perfectly fluffy, I thought my heart was gonna explode at some parts. Anyways, I love this! You're amazing, friend
6/18/2020 c1 Guest
You probably won’t see this but I have read this FanFiction multiple times and it was AMAZING. I live the relationship between Johnny and Dally. I’m glad it’s brotherly, I feel like a pairing would have ruined the story. This is written very professionally, and I would highly recommend to anyone who’s looking for something good to read.
12/30/2019 c53 Guest
Oh my god! I know I’m really late to this story but...let me just say, I’ve never read a fanfic like this before. It was so different compared too other fics. And I didn’t even realized I had read 53 chapters without stopping. I’m just blown away by your work and how it has so much power,energy and meaning in did an amazing job and thank you so much for giving me a reason to love reading and love this fandom to death!
6/16/2019 c1 1CosmoBunny
Wow...I have no words to describe what I just read. This story is absolutely fantastic. The emotion, the depth, the attention to detail, everything is so rich and amazing. The last few chapters actually inspired me quite a bit to snap myself out of a slump I’ve been in for some time now. I know this story is old, heck, I wasn’t even born when the first chapter was written, but if you somehow ever read this, I want you to know that this piece is a treasure, and people are still falling in love with and being inspired by So You’re Leaving to this day. Much love!️
4/19/2018 c53 1LoveJohnnycake
Scarlett 7 you are absolutely amazing! You HAVE to keep writing! I also love your Saftey in Number's book HAVE to do more!
This book is like awesome. So cool. It seriously should be printed...because I would buy it!
So sad the gang split up but happy that Johnny(he my favorite) is happy and Dallas has finally found someone that loves him.
What made my heart break is when he starts crying and personally when he buries the coal in the lot...that is so sad! But I love it and I will read more of your stories!
12/4/2017 c53 Qikdaelun
This is honestly a piece of work. No kidding. I'm so glad I found it. Though I'm a little miffed that the gang is split, it's better then them dying or something. I'm so proud of how far they came. I llved the part when the gang came to visit. I've been waiting for it since the 3rd chapter. I love how the story glided along. And I am so surprised that I don't hate Caroline. Usually OC are self inserts and it's the same thing-pretty girl, troubled, knight in shining armor, happily ever after. But she's cool. :D anyways. Awesome job!
6/2/2016 c2 gleekingoutgreaser
I loved reading your story. I enjoyed getting to see the other sides of Johnny Cade and Dallad Winston. Stay Gold
5/30/2016 c10 gleekingoutgreaser
This goes better as I go in. The character development and relationships in this fan fiction between Johnny and Dallas is amazing just like the real book by S.E Hinton. Keep up
The good work!
5/30/2016 c4 gleekingoutgreaser
I do enjoy the references form songs and quotes and more. It makes your Greta writing even more unique and intresting. It also Eli's move along the story. Your great
5/30/2016 c3 gleekingoutgreaser
Your writing really speaks to me and it is great. Your a very faithful authorities with good taste. I really enjoy reading and rereading this story. Im glad you wrote it. Thanks!
12/6/2015 c46 Sal
Love this story so much, and the little references to the book plot are amazing too. Also thank you for posting not the end at the later chapters because I was really worried. You are a really amazing writer.
9/18/2015 c53 Guest
This was amazing. I always did love how close Dally and Johnny were. The first time I read the book and I came to the line: "why could I take it and Dally couldnt? Then I realized. Johnny was the only thing that Dally loved. And now Johnny was gone" (don't remember the exact words, but it was something like that) I just couldnt stop reading it. For some reason that sentence just made me admire Dally so much. And I loved this story because you didnt leave out the strength of their friendship. I knew right away when I started this story, that I would love it.
3/27/2015 c53 Guest
This was an AMAZING story! I enjoyed all of it, every twist and turn, every little thing.
You wrote it so well, and it kept me engaged throughout the whole plot.
Thanks so much for writing this! I loved it so much I read the whole fifty three chapter shebang in two days!
Again, thanks so much for writing this! I love it, and I think you're an amazing author!
Guest(but an extreme Outsiders fan)
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