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for Naruto the Hollow King with a Hollow Queen

5/18 c5 JustLetMeEatFree
SO COOL! This story is really awesome! I’m glad your wrote this! Thank you so much! Are you planning on writing more soon? Because if you do I would LOVE to read it!
Thanks, this is so cool!
5/2 c5 Guest

Also how the hell do you write so many stories and not forget them all?
4/7 c5 1trex0428
Cant wait to read more
3/27 c5 SonicBlast4444
Huh...neat. hope for more.
3/23 c5 Tsukoblue
This is a great story so far

It would be cool if It gets updated soon

and Please add Neliel to Naruto’s group
3/19 c5 Guest
I Like this story I don't read many stories that are good please update
2/13 c5 os alwc
ey actualiza este que es muy buena
2/11 c5 Shadefyre
Bwhahaha please continue this story it's amazing
2/8 c5 Guest
Wishing their was more chapters
2/6 c5 Gamma-X
Very nice! I love it! I can't wait for the next chapter!
Keep up the good work!

Ja Ne~!
2/1 c5 5plums
Didn’t realize you’d updated this one again. When you come up with unique concept ones like this, that drift towards character studies more than plot, I really wish you’d stick with them.
2/1 c5 NoaRien
Great job please update soon
1/24 c5 hiraishin101
Nice, definitely interested in seeing this continue
1/19 c5 ewertonribe
não sei se voce vai me entender ou não mais amigo voce esta fazendo uma otima historia espero que voce continue.
1/19 c5 Guest
Me encanta y aunque sé que seguramente no me entiendas aunque no sé si hablas español quiero decirte que tu historia me encanta y es una pasada y espero que la continúes tengo muchas ganas de leer el siguiente capítulo
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