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6/6 c58 Guest
This was one of the best bleach fanfics and you actually competed it so I appreciate you alot as a Bleach fan and as someone who ships Harribel and Ichigo
6/2 c12 kageknuser2710
I am very thankful he didn't give in to Yoruichi's advances. I would have stopped reading then and there.
ok so i think i may be giving up on the rest of this story, this chapter in particular, has just about sealed the deal on my high distaste and annoyance on how terrible and downright deplorable you've written ichigo in this entire fucking story. I was on the fence for a while and thought that the few previous chapters that solely focused on his friends/other damn near broken enemies, would balance out the progression of this story as well as give more nuance to the plot which it has in some capacity, but overall at this point it just seems like your grabbing at straws with such an unnecessary butchering of ichigos character in every other fucking chapter. First of all, the biggest fuck up with ichigos character has been undoubtedly his lack of power and overall growth as a person here. I don't understand how the fuck you made harribel his companion, teacher and trainer in the first place whilst also giving ichigo his vasto lorde form on top of that, and yet you completely skipped or just overall factored out ichigo ever obtaining any more power or having any kind of resolve to begin with! On top of that, this entire story feels like it could've gone on completely without ichigo, all the other characters feel like they belong in this story separate from ichigo. You've literally made him a side character in this and have also regressed him to such a point where it doesn't even feel like he belongs in this story at all. Not to mention where the fuck are the other captains and the rest of ichigos family here? You've completely left them out as if they're also a non factor for a majority of this story now and at this point idk how you even bring em back into the fold with how much bullshit you've dropped onto ichigo and his friends already. There's no plot continuity with that either...i hate to say it, but good lord you actually made ichigo so much worse off than he was in canon and that's crazy given how much potential there is in this story.
ok so while i do like the structure of this story and some of the well written fights, unfortunately im starting to see how pitiful you've made Ichigo's character throughout this story so far, while i enjoy the creativity in the battles and overall new powers of the espada and the occasional banter between his friends and even the captains to a small extent, in my humble opinion, you've completely made ichigo an absolute bitch and sorry ass crybaby fucker in this story so far. Nothing of significance has been made with his character NOR his powers OR resolve not once, im sorry if im harsh here, but goddamn i usually love the way you write ichigo in most of your stories but this is absolutely terrible. First off, Why is ichigo constantly trying to figure shit out between his enemies when he CLEARLY knows what's at stake for himself and family at this point and WHY wouldn't ichigo not have more power here already? despite you giving him his full vasto lorde form? It just feels like huge regression and i get that hes supposed to feel some level of hopelessness and despair even despite facing slightly mor epowerful enemies but for fucks sake, it gets to a certain point where your just beating a dead horse at this point and a turnaround has to come in at some point right? Like ichigo SHOULD be smart enough to know hes been played by aizen, he also should more than certaintly know already that soul society will never trust him again and will more than likely kill him on site at this point which he SHOULDNT still be questioning at this point either smh, and also, hes just weak af. Seems like everyone else in this story has had far more importance or actual usefulness in their capabilities and actual growth than the MAIN fucking character himself and that is just annoying as hell here...Im gonna finish this story cause i will say, i do really enjoy ichigo x harribel parings as they're honestly both rare af on this site and also very scarce in quality, and ill give you the fact that you have written their relationship and interactions very well here, but unfortunately the big contrast with how sorry ichigos character has been here, its only created more of an imbalance between the two imo.
ok so far this stories been great, but I do have a few major gripes with how things have panned out so far with ichigo and his family as well as their interactions with aizen and the captains, though. Mainly being that i find how you've written ichigo, to be somewhat pathetic and in a downright annoying bitchmade manner in these last couple chapters. I personally think ichigo or even isshin at this point should've mopped the floor with at least 1 or 2 captains at this point, which they should definitely be able too seeing how you've already given ichigo his full hollow form, and also in doing so send a message to yamamoto regardless of his already ordered execution, to not fuck with him or his family. I think that would've at least made things clearer between the 2 parties at this point and also not make ichigo look like such a bitch especially in front of his friends and family smfh. I also kinda feel like you've made isshin quite weak here as well, as i just don't see how in any way that he is weaker or at a lower level of power compared soi fon, byakuya and toshiro. Given ichigos insane growth in power and him being of noble heritage, i kinda felt as if you didn't really give isshin as much respect in his base power as he should have as a captain seeing how hes had far more experience than those three, i also firmly believe his shikai release alone, is at least on par with the much higher level and far more experienced captains like shunsui and jushiro, so really unohana should've been the only real threat to him imo. Another thing i kind of hate is how you've written ichigos hollow powers here, while i think its great you've given ichigo his full hollow form, i also just feel like you've kinda shafted his hollow powers as well because not once has ichigo used any other hollow techniques outside of cero, i don't understand how he wouldn't already instinctually be able to access all his other powers or have at least learned to master them here and it really just feels like he only unlocked his hollow mask like in canon where he barely knew shit else and that's honestly an underwhelming factor in this story so far, especially since you have him goin up against the espada earlier than in canon.
damn! I am kind upset i never took the time to actually read more of this story while you were first writing it. But this story so far, is really super fucking deep and actually very well thought out so far. I personally was of the belief for a while, that this was just gonna be another one of your random smut fics where another random chick in ichigos life gets knocked up (which btw i was also kinda turned off by the idea of you making halibel pregnant as well at first cause it just felt like quite an unnecessary act at in the story at first) but so far you've made it fit and i actually like the idea of them being an actual family alot, i also REALLY love that you've made ichigo not blind or arrogant to his inner hollow here and THAT is very fucking great to see as i absolutely despised how ichigo ran away or became such a bitch when he wouldn't come to terms with his inner hollow in canon. One thing in addition i will say, is that i do hope that ichigo kicks some of the captains asses tbh, soul society has always been arrogant and overly authoritative in their ways even in canon, also cause i do feel like your kinda giving ichigo such a bad hand here with aizen on his ass as well. So hopefully we see things come full circle before aizen tries to make a move. I also really just wanna see ichigo tear some of the more arrogant captains a new asshole for basically threatening him and trying to fuck with his family despite the circumstances hes in.
4/18 c56 1Pinkypi
because baby's strongest wish was for it's mother in that moment.
4/18 c17 Pinkypi
it's not that she's too old. rather that she looks to old to convincingly be a highschool student. Just like shinji was xD
2/27 c8 Mr-Luca-Wolf
1/31 c5 Guest
The point was to give a sense of suspense. We didnt know much about the soul society at that point and they just did it to make them much more mysterious. At least thats what im guessing.
11/28/2022 c22 Helpful Old Man
The soul society seems to be doing a great job of pushing Ichigo over to aizen’s side lmao.
11/7/2022 c58 18Dragon and Sword Master
A Friend of mine brought this story to my attention and I have to admit that I'm quite glad that he did, especially since this story was so good! I enjoyed both the up's and down's of the story (and you had me worried with the fake kill off of Halibel there) but I also do admit that I like the pairing for Orihime/Rukia here.

Definitely enjoyed this and thank you for writing and posting it.
10/29/2022 c59 GloriouSin
Story ruined as fuck by author making the story go just in a shittier more boring bastardized version of OG events.
Kiddie lemons (as in you read them and cringe; author READ a lot about sex but that's all on that subject).
Everyone is even more whiny and Ichigo is actually even more of a pushover and doesn't even get a badass moment one single time during the entire story.

At the same time the author who apparently thinks badass is bad, makes us listen to how awesome are his third forms and how they utterly DESTROY the entire pathetic mismatch team that goes to Los Noches (they genuinely go after 100x stronger enemies with a team thats about 10x weaker than in canon; omg) honestly it's REAAAALY boring to read after short cos you know how it's gonna be: "Ichigo get's his ass kicked, again, then get's James Bond levels of lucky and wins).
Most pathetic "hero" ever, yay. And then they somehow win cos... uhhh... no idea, it really makes no sense.

Team all way weaker except Chad, Ichigo... maybe stronger? But doubtful. But sure they fight your finky third releases...
This story is nonsense... it's painfully hard to read because it has a great romance plot but.. the way the author changed the other plots is... well minimal changes all for the undisputed worst... baaaad.
10/29/2022 c40 GloriouSin
Why do authors have to go full on OC crossover fixamix madness when writing a what-if?
I mean dude where in the anime did they get a third level of ressurection?
This is not a Bleach fanfic, it's a fanfic loosely based on Bleach, otherwise all this training with Halibel would have some purpose instead of
putting us in a weird whacky world where somehow despite being way more powerful and much better trained, Ichigo ony seems weaker than in canon and all the enemies are stronger... thanks to him?
Boring. If you are going to change the rules so it's not even resembling Bleach anymore... Might as well just write a new story instead of bastardizing the old one. Amateur moron.
10/27/2022 c22 GloriouSin
Yeah any normal real person after this scene and their loved one being threatened would do the most logical and obvious thing here. Go and fucking join Aizen, he seems to have the right plan, the last 22 chapters was just us reading how really fucked up and broken beyond repair soul society is culminating in this moment. I hope he kills them all in the end.
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