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10h c32 Guest
really good story looking forward to reading what happens next
15h c32 4Eltyr
Yikes; I worry for any woman who Slyzal captures. Why do I get the feeling that Yoruichi is going to be subjected to a hollowfication experiment?
1/20 c32 casablanca1317
Looks fine
1/19 c32 27darkmachines
Well, there go Charlotte, but you know Ayon can always come back as long as the three ladies are still alive.

I still sad for Baraggan's fraccions, they didn't deserve this fate at all. I hope Grimmjow's fraccions would be put through something like that. Make me worry for the Privaron Espada and Rudobon too.

Well, let see how Ichigo will deal with King Baraggan's OP powers.
1/19 c32 Black cross0
Damn this was good!

Kisuke I believe this is the time to bust out your bankai.

Amd now barrigan is going release now... ichigo you’ve mastered instant regeneration right?

Seems like this current arc is coming to a close soon, wonder what’s coming next?
1/19 c32 Random-Fan-2017
Oh shit! So "reaching critical mass" means they blow up and take out everything with them!? Man, this is why we can't have jet-packs yet, because people keep on screwing up the prototypes.

Well, my boi Chad managed to take a win and survive, but now Ichigo is in huge trouble, and not even Kisuke or his father can save him from violently rapid aging. Though I am glad/surprised that the captains (besides Toshiro because he was already helping) actually got off their butts and DID THEIR FREAKING JOBS! None of that "Let them take each other out" bullcrap - they're supposed to protect innocent souls from this type of crap!

Plus I hope Kisuke comes up with some counter-measure for the pseudo-scientific magic nonsense that Zayelapporo just pulled on Yoruichi. That, and I hope someone deals with...you know, 'the brown-haired "elephant" in Asahi's room'. Somebody better go deal with that, like, right away.
1/19 c32 Arraia
Perfect and update soon please
1/19 c32 Uday Sra
1/18 c32 Mr. Marston
And Chad for the save there! Still this is NOT good, between the twin demons Gotei 13 and Aizen things are about to get ugly. Ichigo and company sure have their work cut out for them. Ichigo should end it quickly with Barragan and go to his daughter ASAP! Nice update as always whacky. 10/10.
1/18 c32 p6lishb6kser
Nice chap :)
I wonder when (if ever) he'll transform into vasto lorde :)
1/18 c32 bunnyxstar
shit shit shit this is going down! Amazing chapter I am loving this story! Now what the hell are Ichigo and Halibel going to do now that Aizen has their baby join him most likely but im seriously waiting for the visoreds to show up surly Kisuke would have contacted them and they would of been interested in Ichigo with his hollow powers? Also if/when they do join Aizen will the soul society witness it cause if they do I would love that it would be a big fuck up for not helping with this battle it's your fault this is all going this way. hopefully they don't join though and just keep to themselves.
Sorry that was a long one...so many questions...ANYWAYS amazing story definitely looking forward to more!
1/18 c32 15NinjaFang1331
1/18 c32 15Leaf Ranger
Really glad Appaci is safe, but I'm hoping Yoruichi isn't about to be kidnapped or something. She was one of my favorite characters.

And of course, the stupid old man just will not being a freaking idiot. Yamato, either get off your ass and do shit, or shut up since you're a moron. And that goes for the captains blindly following his orders.

Here's hoping Ichigo can finally put Barragan down.

Keep up the good work!
1/18 c32 4Antex-The Legendary Zoroark
Excellent work! Dang, this was AWESOME!
1/18 c32 28Imperial-samaB
Oh my
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