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7/26/2021 c56 ENI G MA
Well that's all well an good but how do they get the G13 and C46 of their backs?

Personally i think they should rule Hueco Mundo
7/26/2021 c56 Tryndamer95
The end of the war
But not the enjoy of the happines of ichigo and halibel
See you later
7/26/2021 c56 Petrox
I was waiting for the. "Bankai: Rewrite Reality, kyoka Suigetsu." Everyone is cut down and Aizen saysThank you for saving my test subject. it would have been a shame for her to die before ripe. I may be prideful, Kurosaki ichigo, but I always have contingency plans
7/26/2021 c56 Xaax

Now, please don't run this. If Ichigo has to fight Soul Society or the Quincy, or whoever, can we please, please not go through that level of Angst and Drama? Please.
7/26/2021 c56 Pukb0i
Loved this chapter great writing
7/26/2021 c56 TheLoneSpartan117
YES! hte fucker is dead and they made it but nkw what about the assholes in soul society.
7/22/2021 c5 Nikkless
ment adjuchas and vasto lord
7/22/2021 c4 Nikkless
normal arrancar didint have a zanpakutou.
7/20/2021 c55 DRGUINEAPIG87
I’m calling it now Asahi is probably going to use the Hogyoku’s power to heal Halibel. If she is gone for good though I’m gonna cry. Honestly I could care less about Aizen dying. I just want the battles in Hueco Mundo to be over. Of course this is all up to you.
7/20/2021 c55 BlackDragonShinigami
interesting. too much power, eh?
7/20/2021 c55 13Mokushiroku115
I like it so far and I have a small request.
Can you have aizen survive.
I have seen too many fanfics of him never winning and I want to see that change. But that’s up to you.
I also hope that aizen reveals his reason to ichigo why he wants to kill the soul king and tell him of a bigger threat.
Juha bach. The king of quincys.
Ps. Look up aizens newest form for bleach brave souls 6th anniversary. it looks badass)
7/20/2021 c55 Prometheus-777
Holy shit! Your Aizen is written so engagingly~! Alas he got KO'd...

I wonder which side Starrk will choose along with Lilynette.

GETSUGA GRAN REY CERO seems like an really COOL and awesome ability.

Heh... So Barragan REALLY wants to use Asahi's skull huh...

Bullshit... Barragan's Senescence can AGE AWAY a Cero of any kind into non-existence even when it's travelling at the speed of light. He can dodge SPEED OF LIGHT Ceros and CUT CEROS with his AXE... But when puny water that doesn't EVEN travel at the SPEED OF LIGHT comes at him... He suddenly forgets that Hollows can use super speed techniques and he gets hit by...water... REALLY?! WATER?! How was it so fast? Or why was he so slow? Why couldn't his Senescence "erase" the water in time but it can "erase" CEROS just fine? Hmmm... Not sus at all...

But I digress... Anyways, sorry for the rant... Ahem... Uh, umm, errrrr... That ending was melancholic though...

Badass Harribel: ...I am Sacrifice!

Baby Asahi: Mama?!

Milf Harribel: ... *baby Asahi's mama has left the chat*

MeTears* Damn onion ninjas... *sniff* I'm def not cryin' at all, Baka...

Dasvidaniya O Author mine~.
7/20/2021 c55 15Leaf Ranger
I would say "no way she's dead", but considering the amount out stuff you've put the heroes through...I'll wait and see.

otherwise, pretty good chapter, and nice conclusion to...well one of the fights. The other three either don't have good conclusions or are still going.

Keep it up.
7/19/2021 c55 epantoja521
Oh crap this is tense
7/19/2021 c8 1DeOPOrange
What. That came outta nowhere. Can't say I like the lemons too much but the rest of the story makes up for it
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