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7/20/2021 c55 BlackDragonShinigami
interesting. too much power, eh?
7/20/2021 c55 13Mokushiroku115
I like it so far and I have a small request.
Can you have aizen survive.
I have seen too many fanfics of him never winning and I want to see that change. But that’s up to you.
I also hope that aizen reveals his reason to ichigo why he wants to kill the soul king and tell him of a bigger threat.
Juha bach. The king of quincys.
Ps. Look up aizens newest form for bleach brave souls 6th anniversary. it looks badass)
7/20/2021 c55 Prometheus-777
Holy shit! Your Aizen is written so engagingly~! Alas he got KO'd...

I wonder which side Starrk will choose along with Lilynette.

GETSUGA GRAN REY CERO seems like an really COOL and awesome ability.

Heh... So Barragan REALLY wants to use Asahi's skull huh...

Bullshit... Barragan's Senescence can AGE AWAY a Cero of any kind into non-existence even when it's travelling at the speed of light. He can dodge SPEED OF LIGHT Ceros and CUT CEROS with his AXE... But when puny water that doesn't EVEN travel at the SPEED OF LIGHT comes at him... He suddenly forgets that Hollows can use super speed techniques and he gets hit by...water... REALLY?! WATER?! How was it so fast? Or why was he so slow? Why couldn't his Senescence "erase" the water in time but it can "erase" CEROS just fine? Hmmm... Not sus at all...

But I digress... Anyways, sorry for the rant... Ahem... Uh, umm, errrrr... That ending was melancholic though...

Badass Harribel: ...I am Sacrifice!

Baby Asahi: Mama?!

Milf Harribel: ... *baby Asahi's mama has left the chat*

MeTears* Damn onion ninjas... *sniff* I'm def not cryin' at all, Baka...

Dasvidaniya O Author mine~.
7/20/2021 c55 15Leaf Ranger
I would say "no way she's dead", but considering the amount out stuff you've put the heroes through...I'll wait and see.

otherwise, pretty good chapter, and nice conclusion to...well one of the fights. The other three either don't have good conclusions or are still going.

Keep it up.
7/19/2021 c55 epantoja521
Oh crap this is tense
7/19/2021 c8 1DeOPOrange
What. That came outta nowhere. Can't say I like the lemons too much but the rest of the story makes up for it
7/18/2021 c55 2A10riddick
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

I hope that Harribel is alright!
7/18/2021 c55 Uday Sra
7/17/2021 c55 Random-Fan-2017
Sounds like Stark is finally about to do something...but what? Tosen just went full monster, Gin got shanked, Aizen is about to experience a 'new move', and did Halibel just take a nuke to the face? Things are still going haywire and I don't know whats happening anymore! DX

Excellent chapter, please keep up the amazing work! :D
7/17/2021 c55 2Mike Kromer
Must have more asap. love it so far, keep it up. can't wait to see what happens next.
7/17/2021 c55 Black Cross0
Damn the final moment in hallibel and baragan’s fight gave me castlevania vibes, so much so I listened to the theme of Trevor fighting death just for added effect and it was awesome!

And now…. I don’t know what’s going to top this.

Let’s see in the next chapter.
7/17/2021 c55 TheHiddenLettuce
I'm hoping that stark and lilynette survive, they were always my favorite espada
7/17/2021 c55 27darkmachines
Not way Aizen died, he most like badly injured. Also no way Gin going to take out like that. He just going to be badly injured too.

Wow so the cube was used to take out Baraggan once and for all, but did Harribel survive? Have to wait and see now.

Also can we see if Dordoni, Cirucci, and Gantenbainne survived please? The three of them and I guess Luppi are the only ones I can see survived. Along with Wonderweiss too, be interesting if Aizen modified Wonderweiss to fight against Ichigo this time instead of Yamamoto.

Well, what will happen what will happen. Soul Reapers are no long allies, yet watching from the shadow Yhwach wait smart to plan to have Ichigo and his friends join him. Can see him give Ichigo a reason to hate the Soul Reapers more and why the Soul King is a threat or need to be replace.
7/17/2021 c55 Mr. Marston
Oh man. Harribel's aspect of sacrifice possibly plays out literally. Hope she somehow turns out ok even if it's looking grim. I expect Ichigo will go all out now. Still it was great seeing Rukia get one on Gin, he sure likes to babble a lot. The others should be very careful since they are dealing with an opponent who doesn't see himself living through this conflict. Great and intense chapter there whacky, 10/10.
7/17/2021 c55 fallendemon248
I really hope that wasn't the end for halibel I mean she went out sacrificing herself for her loved ones but I had hoped she got her happy ending
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