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7/13/2021 c31 Aby001
la transformación de Chad y el como la obtuvo? 10/10 me encanto! es muy original!
7/13/2021 c54 Prometheus-777
LOLOLOOLOL! How does one bring a blind Kaname, who's, ACTUALLY lostbin real darkness as he's blind, into the light, by "opening his BLIND EYES?! TOSEN CAN'T SEE! All these blind jokes lol. Such dark humour... No wonder Kaname wishes revenge against them all lol! How insensitive...

Holy shizzzz... Gin opened his eyes... Shit just got real~!

Why didn't Him impale Rukia the head? Plot armour I wonder? Or does he mean to ravage her now defenseless orifices after the destruction of her Zanpakuto and her debilitating pain in her now disabled form? I would personally not put it past him... To the victor go the spoils and all that...
7/13/2021 c53 Prometheus-777
O don't like how you're making Aizen evil for the sake of being evil. Doesn't he have an arguably "grander" goal of killing the Soul King and such...

Wait... Does this mean Aizen has decided NOT to TRANSCEND?! Whaaaaaaaaaaaat? I mean, sure he said he will take back the Hogyoku, but won't this mean he's vulnerable until he possibly transcends?

Wait... Why are the villains revealing their "evil plans"?! That's so dumb! That's so trite, so cliché... I can't even... That's like telling a police officer that you're gonna Rob a bank in broad daylight and you actually follow through only to be "surprised" the local police force is there to stop you lol...

Please stop making the antagonists into stereotypical Saturday morning villains... It's making this story become too predictable... That's as boring as anime villains and hero's revealing their HOW their SECRET POWERS and ABILITIES work to their ENEMIES... Like WHHHHYYYYYY?! If anything, they should do it like how Aizen does, which is to reveal the "evil plan" in the "final-ish" fight like in canon, IIRC, like how he confessed he engineered Ichigo's life from birth...
7/13/2021 c52 Prometheus-777
Everybody: Holy shiiiiiizzzz! Skeleto-samais back~!

Barragan: I am. DEATH! Destroyer of WORLDS, nyah~!
7/13/2021 c52 Prometheus-777
Why did Ichigo destroy the Mejorada Cube when he could have simply gave it to Harribel as an extra Power Up Buff?! What a waste. Moore's the pity...

Nice pun with Ichigo "batting" away the "BAT" Hollow's Gran Rey Vero lol!

Oh shit, King Barigan or whatever the Skeleton is called, is back! Enter DEATH incarnate~! Kekekeke~!
7/12/2021 c5 Aby001
supongo que la usaron para efecto dramático?
7/10/2021 c50 Prometheus-777
This chapter in a nutshell:

The ESPADA and Hollows: Yaaaaay~! We defeated Ichigo and Harribel~! Puny weaklings, Gehehehaha~!

IchigoHarribel: How about no...?

ESPADAHollows: N-nani?!

Aizen not so secretly on Team Ichigo: That my boi~... Muahaha-Ahem~! Oopsies, broke character for a moment their in pure unadulterated immesureable exhilaration at ma boi and his waifu gaining proverbial 2nd winds respectively there...
7/10/2021 c48 Prometheus-777
Zommari is... an utter Baka... Why did heor rather why you make himstop Uryu from committing suicide by mini bow and arrow directly underneath his chin for... He coulda had them hurt themselves little by little culminating with eventual suicide... That's what I woulda done were I in Zommari's position...

But alas, what a pity... So much potential wasted at the proverbial 11th hour...

Zommari couldn't and SHOULDN'T have reasonably lost... Why was he written this way? He could have ended the battle by by playing "the sand is lava" game with his prey, and then forcing suicides from all his puppets one by one...

And didn't Rukia get marked by his eyes?

I call bullshit on that. And how can Zommari scream when Toshiro just said if you're frozen all functions stop"... Illogical!

And SHOULDN'T Urahara's Bankai have been the game changer... He coulda rearranged Zommari's eyes or something with his Bankai. He coulda used his doppelgangers to gain advantages... No wait... nevermind... That Bankai is quite immobile and Zommari's eyes can control it... damn... Nevermind, that plan is a dud lol.

And the sand... the air particles... Zommari can SEE ALL and CONTROL ALL... He can control sand... an amalgamation of atoms clumped up into small rock rock fragments... What air, the vey atmosphere of Hueco Mundo as NOTHIIIIIIIING moar than ATOMS he can control just like the sand...

How did he lose when he can suffocate everyone in his VICINITY by quite literally "sucking the air/life out of them all", eh?

You can't stand on the sand because he controls it ALL. You can't float in the air because how eyes can control it all. Hell, not even the Head Captain can defeat him since he can control JIS BANKAI FIRE like Toshiro's Ice and reduce the Head Captain and ALL CREATION TO SH lol!

So I call bullshit on Zommari dying like this... This ONLY WEAKNESS should be MENTAL ATTACKS like Aizen and the Blind Captain. Aizen can relate an illusion with his Perfect Hypnosis that leads to Zommari killing himself or leaving HIMSELF wide open. Blind ex-Captain can deprive Zommari of his sight... Of course those two would not likely kill Zommari without him outliving his usefulness 1st...
7/10/2021 c47 Prometheus-777
Heh, Zommari done fucked up. If He just told Urahara that he's so wary of him as to not fight him himself, then why did he NOT use his Power to control him AFTER he "defeated him" and had him LITERALLY in the palm of his hands...

So Zommari outta death I see... Imma wait for when he recovers and backstabby stabs him and lectures him on his monumental fatal error in judgement...

That, or he's been deliberately made dumb to further the plot... I mean what other reason would any he refuse/neglect to control Urahara. for...
7/9/2021 c54 2Mike Kromer
Must have more asap. Love it so far, keep it up. can't wait to see what happens next.
7/7/2021 c54 Black Cross0
I believe this story is reaching it’s end now and I’m looking forward to it!

Koname’s line about the mountain of body sounds like a line I’ve heard from another character in another series I just don’t remember.

….And rukia you should get to orihime and FAST or your no longer gonna have a thigh anymore and in tern no leg, you know because of what gin’s bankai ACTUALLY does.
7/7/2021 c54 2A10riddick
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!
7/7/2021 c54 Mr. Marston
The fights are excellent and sure heating up. Still it's not good that Rukia is at Gin's 'mercy' someone has to save her and fast! Kisuke turning Yoruichi into an Arrancar may tip the balance in this side struggle, Orihime trying to get to Tosen's remaining morality was gallant but foolish since his sense of justice has long been distorted even if by Soul Society's corrupt system. Keep them coming whacky, 10/10.
7/7/2021 c54 epantoja521
Dam this is a great chapter
7/7/2021 c54 fallendemon248
Damn Things aren’t looking too good so kisuke got the hogyoku from asahi, I was kinda hoping she’d do something with it but i guess she is just a baby, hopefully everyone makes it out ok
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