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6/26/2021 c52 Elmocha
Cuando vas a sacar nuevo capitulo.
6/14/2021 c52 worom001
It's official. I fucking love Barragan. God complex, sure. But he literally just became an ascended being, similar to Hogyoku Aizen and Final Getsuga Tensho Ichigo. I'd love it if this whole fucking story just turned out to be about Barragan and his rise rather than about Ichigo and Halibel. Barragan main character. Yes.
6/14/2021 c51 worom001
NO! Ulquiorra!
YES! Barragan!
6/14/2021 c51 worom001
God I love starkk
6/14/2021 c47 worom001
Is Barragan alive? Did he eat the cleaner?
6/14/2021 c42 worom001
Wow wo wow wow wow WOW hooooo boy. I wasn't expecting THAT from Rukia and Orihime Holy shit!
6/14/2021 c37 worom001
Oh god Ulquiorra will have 3 resurrecion releases now
6/13/2021 c35 worom001
I'm surprised Urahara hasn't called the Vizards. You'd think with all of them hating Aizen they'd be more than willing to have a gander to Hueco Mundo.
6/13/2021 c28 worom001
I'm curious. Will he need final getsuga against aizen? Will he become a fullbring?
6/13/2021 c22 worom001
'if aizen made you pick between your child or your friends and family'.
BITCH, the child IS family!
6/13/2021 c13 worom001
Tensa? That's a merge between quincy, shinigami and hollow. How the fuck did he get Tensa on 2 days? I'm assuming this is a mistake rather than him actually getting Tensa.
6/13/2021 c52 Forlane07
Wow! Amazing work! Can't wait to read the rest! Great job!
6/12/2021 c52 FuryJoe
great story
6/12/2021 c51 Random-Fan-2017
Damn it, why didn't those two run for it while they had the chance. Oh well, too late now. Love the descriptions on Ichigo & Halibel's new forms, and its good to see them kick some ass after getting smacked around by those jerks for so long. Stark's thoughts on what's going on honestly sounded kind of depressing for him, because its like he knows that its over for him no matter what he does now. Though hopefully this also means he might switch sides to the neutral faction and both he and Lilinette might survive. Because lets face it, if the Soul Society doesn't like Ichigo & his company now, they won't lose any more respect for him for befriending another arrancar, especially now that he's the father of a soul reaper/hollow hybrid.

This also makes me wonder something. When did Aizen get this idea in his head? Was it when Ichigo was born? Or when he discovered Halibel? Or was it when he learned their personalities and knew that they'd be drawn together like moths to a flame? Its fascinating to wonder.
6/8/2021 c52 Xaax
So, did a bing reread today... got to say that I'm still liking this.

Now all things considered, is Coyote Stark CFYOW form going to show up? As that seems to be what your new forms are closely based on...
I'm kinda divided on Stark. I could see him choosing to join Ichigo and Tier as they might be the only ones who can be around him. Stark as the last, but extremely epic powered uncle of Asai.

Now for a few questions.

Considering that the power up is made from Ichigos power, is it part Quincy? And if so... Could those left over from this arc, aka so far Stark and Old Man grumpypants, be able to be either immune to Quincy soul destroying or at least be able to resist their powers? Like Zombie girl tries to control Stark, but even unpowered, he has just a bit of Ichigo power in him so he's immune to Zombie power, but not normal attacks?

I ask as it make sense to me that Ichigo being a full hybrid of all three is an anomaly. Aizen has spread this, so Stark could just nosell that zombie power.

It would be funny to me that Ichigo with help from Orihime(the one true goddess) brings back most of not all Arrancar after SS stays stupid about him and his kid. He and his friends and family go-to Hollow world and with Urahara help become changed with Ichigo power. This there is now an Arrancar kingdom that help Earth while being immune to Quincy crap.

Or you know Ichigo could just eat Ywach.
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