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10/29/2022 c40 GloriouSin
Why do authors have to go full on OC crossover fixamix madness when writing a what-if?
I mean dude where in the anime did they get a third level of ressurection?
This is not a Bleach fanfic, it's a fanfic loosely based on Bleach, otherwise all this training with Halibel would have some purpose instead of
putting us in a weird whacky world where somehow despite being way more powerful and much better trained, Ichigo ony seems weaker than in canon and all the enemies are stronger... thanks to him?
Boring. If you are going to change the rules so it's not even resembling Bleach anymore... Might as well just write a new story instead of bastardizing the old one. Amateur moron.
10/27/2022 c22 GloriouSin
Yeah any normal real person after this scene and their loved one being threatened would do the most logical and obvious thing here. Go and fucking join Aizen, he seems to have the right plan, the last 22 chapters was just us reading how really fucked up and broken beyond repair soul society is culminating in this moment. I hope he kills them all in the end.
7/10/2022 c5 taiwoeretan1
Pretty sure the hoods were just to add dome kind of mystery factor to them, they were cool tho.
7/10/2022 c1 taiwoeretan1
This seems interesting.
6/19/2022 c1 Geurtg
Muy bueno
6/16/2022 c30 Warriorking22
Why would Ichigo tell her about his double life as a soul reaper? It's kind of stupid and why not make an excuse
6/6/2022 c35 1Animefan1912
Soi Fon is like the Sakura of Bleach except in Shinigami form, minus noticeable fawning over Yoruichi as much as Sakura fawned over Sasuke.
4/24/2022 c36 Cydi
4/24/2022 c58 arata7kasuga
this was honestly a good ending. I didn't like some parts but that's okay, most of this story was intriguing and quite unique. Honestly, poor yoruichi but damn is she strong. I have some serious respect for her. anyways, thanks for writing :3
4/23/2022 c57 arata7kasuga
honestly, kisuke still hasn't deconstructed than reconstructed yoruichi? I'd he can to himself as he pointed out in that fight, he should be able to others. also I'm glad toshiro came through bad won't be punished harshly. I enjoyed his character alot. also, atta girl halibel. loved that ending bit :3 altho why deed her from a bottle instead of her own breast?
4/23/2022 c56 arata7kasuga
huh, really didn't think halibel was that weak, way too go tho asahi!

also, may you find peace gin.
4/23/2022 c55 arata7kasuga
honestly, she should have been more than enough to deal with barragan without the potential of actually not coming out alive, kinda spits on her sacrifice if you think about it. anyways l, why'd Ichigo not just do that from the get go instead of letting aizen. get under his skin?
4/23/2022 c54 arata7kasuga
I thought Ichigo had lost the chains holding him back? was that a lie?
4/23/2022 c53 arata7kasuga
barragan really shouldn't be there. Also, can orihime reject people's existence? like poof, tosens gone? Or reject his weapon
4/23/2022 c52 arata7kasuga
huh, sure barragan, sure.
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