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4/23/2022 c51 arata7kasuga
see that's the Ichigo that shoulda been there to rescue his kid. that's who should have been wiping out the espadas the entire time. what happened to halibel apparently forsaking her identity? that seemed like halibel to me, no?

that said, I think stark has always been the espadas I respected the most. I truly liked him as a person.
4/23/2022 c50 arata7kasuga
and so why didn't Ichigo do that like 5-10 chapters ago? also, that's sad, was hoping halibel would still be halibel. kinda pointless to lose yourself just for a power boost...rather disappointing.
4/23/2022 c49 arata7kasuga
meh you really made Ichigo weak this story when I thought the opposite woulda happened being trained seriously earlier than in canon. and halibel losing so badly even after spouting about overcoming her limits.
4/23/2022 c48 arata7kasuga
well done nel
4/23/2022 c47 arata7kasuga
uhh kisuke should easily have been able to deal with that guy.
4/23/2022 c46 arata7kasuga
uhh just reconstruct her body back into how it was before she was captured.
4/23/2022 c45 arata7kasuga
eh so nel really couldn't perform?
4/23/2022 c44 arata7kasuga
well I guess kisuke not ending him last chapter makes sense. I had forgot about the little rebirth thingy. well played kisuke! definitely a badass for sure, and he can simply reconstruct yoruichican't he deconstruct anyone tho? why not deconstruct all of the espadas? or deconstruct the modifications to ichigos spiritual energy?
4/23/2022 c43 arata7kasuga
why'd kisuke give up the element of surprise when he literally could have just killed him then and there?
4/23/2022 c42 arata7kasuga
Mehhhhhhhhh. at least orihime seems to have improved. weak ass halibel and uryu tho. even nel having issues? lol?
4/23/2022 c41 arata7kasuga
wouldn't kisuke have contingencies? also, kinda lame having the espadas have additional power ups using ichigos power .-. this story was good and I did enjoy the romance, but this wasn't listed as angst or tragedy no? why make it exponentially more difficult than in canon? was hoping to see the espadas wiped handily. I enjoyed seeing this new side of kisuke And orihime to be honest.
4/23/2022 c36 arata7kasuga
why would Ichigo put saving a random being from a work over saving his daughter?
4/23/2022 c34 arata7kasuga
I mean stabbing halibel and kidnapping asahi is just as much a betrayal as the captains...
4/23/2022 c27 arata7kasuga
dramatic on rangikus part. that was at least what 16-20 years ago? one slap was deserved yes. Also, that side of toshiro was oddly wholesome and heartwarming. I always did like the guy as a person.
4/23/2022 c26 arata7kasuga
why couldn't he be in there with her, at least hold her hand and support her no?
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