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4/22/2022 c17 arata7kasuga
couldn't he have just given her a younger gigai?
4/22/2022 c1 arata7kasuga
the fact that she was gonna let him die makes me feel she doesn't deserve him. although, that she would ensure he still had his sister's near us endearing. but still, to purposefully let your prospective companion die when you come coulda prevented it is messed up.
3/22/2022 c34 1LordDeCypher
I may be a genius but I am a dumb geniusaizen
3/8/2022 c58 2Castanera
Nothing better than re reading this story for a third time, one of my favorites in this site.
2/28/2022 c20 2RedTheVariant
people tend to forget that orihimes ability isn't healing. it's rejecting reality in a set area. you could have gave uryu his powers back if you had orihime reject evelosing them. you forget that. she healed Grimmjow and restored his reiastu. sorry energy. at the same time
2/7/2022 c58 5cg037
A spectacular story. It has been a blast to read it.
1/5/2022 c59 1setokayba2n
Well, I guess there is no Yhwach... Also Yamamoto did the good thing, even tired Ichigo and the others could give a good battle and even if they lose, if they survive the Soul Society could end very bad in their revenge if they decide to go to war.
1/2/2022 c58 Theflyinghans
12/24/2021 c1 biob1
12/20/2021 c8 Hellkite
I am loving it so far.
11/30/2021 c58 mattmeisterds1
Also be funny if the original bleach encountered this one like an alternate dimension, it be like...

Ichigo - I marry tia harrible!
Orihime - I become a lesbian!
Uryu - not only do I not get orihime here but I'm still single
Renji - My wife is a lesbian in this dimension
Rukia - I marry orihime... So what's that like
Renji - RUKIA!
Rukia - what I'm curious!
Yoruichi - oh wow I become a sexy cyborg
Isshin - son why couldn't you be like him
Ichigo - oh shup up dad ( kick him in the face)
Hitsugaya - maybe I should retire so I don't have to deal with paperwork
11/30/2021 c59 mattmeisterds1
You really know how to make a great story, I wishes I could write stories like you, My idea involves Ichigo having amnesia causing everyone else to go after him and try making a Ichigo x matsuri since no one else is doing it?
11/17/2021 c59 8The Keeper of Worlds
Loved this!
10/30/2021 c21 ggg123666
No way is he getting out of this alive.
10/29/2021 c14 ggg123666
I may not be an expert but it should be impossible to know that soon.
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