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for Wolfenstein: The Rising Run

9/7/2020 c3 Guest
I still want to see more
10/19/2019 c2 1Tycoon126
I just feel that the end of this chapter, with the War department dismissing soldiers of Japanese ancestry, to be very much unrealistic to what would have actually happened. The War Department never questioned the loyalty of its Asian soldiers, and even if it had then it would be a very bad idea to send thousands of well-trained soldiers, ones whose loyalty was in question, into internment camps.

Aside from that, this is extremely well written. I love it and can't wait for more.
10/17/2019 c1 Tycoon126
Hm, pretty good. I will look at this when I have time.
6/10/2018 c1 Guest
You lost me at donald trump
12/23/2017 c2 7Kanuro5
What a chapter. I enjoyed it. And to your introduction, that was a VERY thorough history of the Italian peninsula. You really did your research in detail, Borat!

Enjoyed the references to John Dahlquist. The man really brutalized the 442nd in real life with his extreme tactics.

You introduced a whole lot of characters in this chapter, hope we get some solid characterization later on. But it seemed that you managed to convey the several mixed emotions that members of this regiment felt to the prejudice they endured back in America to a very good degree.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Borat!
12/6/2017 c2 36Shockeye7665
Well, so far, so good!

This will be an interesting read, as I myself have high respect for the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, and one of my favourite war films is Go For Broke!

Very great to see that you're introducing weapons and tech that will help the US and the allies in at least being able to keep up with the technology gap between them and the Germans, who now have Deathshead's technology, and nice to see that it's not too outlandish and you're grounding it in this Wolfenstein world.

I will be very much looking forward to seeing this story and it's characters develop.

So, good luck with the next chapter!
11/30/2017 c1 18KV1789
Oh so you're EddyVance! I knew you were familiar.

It's nice to see someone else do their own take on Japan in Wolfenstein. Can't wait to see what you've got in store, kababayan!
11/13/2017 c1 foxtrot813
I like how you're taking elements from resistance if you need any more ideas I would suggest looking into 'Dust Tactics' a table top game and 'uber' a comic book but keep it up I can't wait to see where this goes
11/13/2017 c1 1Bob the Turtle
Nice, I wonder what's Malaya and Borneo gonna be in this fic
11/10/2017 c1 61C V Ford
Hmmm ... Der Fuhrer must have woke up early that morning. Good intro.
11/10/2017 c1 4Skootmeister
Aboot bloody tiem someone made something about Japan in Wolfenstien.

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