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11/16/2017 c1 gonn
That got dark pretty fast, good story nonetheless. Although i dont get how that and Diana's afterlife come together since she should have had contact with tartarus and to a lesser degree with the elysiums fields and the souls there. Either way hope you keep on writing!
11/11/2017 c1 9The Sulkier Clown
Well... Cheery was certainly the word there, 'sweetie'!

Seriously though, dude. Though this style isn't really my sort of thing, I thought your writing of it was pretty darn good. And the best summery of it of all? It made me want to see what you'd come up with with a completely blank slate. Your own world, own characters and all that, instead of dipping into the play pit of worlds and characters we already know and love. Genuinely buddy, I reckon you could pull out a blinder if you ever did one, be it a string of shorties or a properly long 'un.

Anyways, until next time matey. Keep that warm, merry, summery glow about you, eh?

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