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for Harry Potter and the Colorful Heads

12/20/2018 c5 Booshes
I like the premise, wizards messing with time through the time-turners is certainly cause for concern for Setsuna. And everyone seems to be in character for the most part, though I'm not sure if Snape would've actually docked off points from his own house, maybe Ami and whoever was there but not Mamoru. Btw please keep the UsaMamo pairing, and maybe do Rei/Minako?
11/13/2018 c5 James Birdsong
Good chapter. The plot is progressing.
11/12/2018 c4 PenguinTiff
Are you going to update this?
9/20/2018 c4 3Gerbilfriend
Shipping with Harry is kinda overrated (in my opinion, it could be really cool as a duty vs love thing, maybe?) The idea is pretty interesting, looking forward to more!
9/19/2018 c4 James Birdsong
Nice two chapters
8/28/2018 c2 david.teague.3950
Who are the current shippings? I know a little about Sailor Moon, Usagi is the reincarnated Moon Princess Serenity, while Mamoru is the Reincarnated Earth Prince Endymion. Then you have Ami, Rei, Makoto, and Minako who are the Inner Senshi of Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus who are the closest in age to the Moon Princess. Then you have the Outer Senshi of Haruka, Michiru, Setsuna and Hotaru. Haruka and Michiru or Sailor Uranus and Neptune are a year older than the Inner Senshi, while Hotaru or Sailor Saturn is the youngest original at the age of 10 or 12 I think before Setsuna aka Sailor Pluto who's the Guardian of Time used her powers to make Hotaru regress in age until she was a baby.

Anyways I recall Usagi and Mamoru being a couple, and Haruka and Michiru are lovers and adopted Hotaru. Aside from those four I don't know anything about the others in terms of relationships. Going by the first chapter it appears that you're having Ami interested in Makoto, so that leaves Rei, Minako, and Setsuna unless Hotaru is at Hogwarts.
7/22/2018 c1 AceStarKnight
Geez so short...Well having those three infiltrate hogwarts easily is quite the bold move...here's hoping they are stopped.

Also here's hoping for a happy ending for Harry and a sailor scout. Harry x Ginny is cool, but its sooooooooooooooo done.
6/27/2018 c2 AceStarKnight
Overall, short and leaves a lot to be desired in terms of content, but still great and I hope to see more.
As for pairing...Well ill be happy if Harr is paired with any of the scouts(Rei, Minako, Ami, or Makoto I guess.)
Also, where is Chibi staying outside of Hogwarts?
6/27/2018 c3 AceStarKnight
usaxharry please
6/3/2018 c2 ms.meow1968
Nice sorting out very good.
6/3/2018 c2 god of all
Great chapter and story so far please continue this story soon.
5/31/2018 c2 5Princess Moonie of the Moon
please do make this an Usa xHarru fic
5/29/2018 c2 Guest
Oh I really like your suggestion that Harry will like Usagi but she'll still end up with Mamoru! That means there'll be at least some bit of romantic drama, which is my cup of tea, definitely! I love romantic triangles, one-sided crushes, feeling town between two people at the same time, break-ups and new relationships etc. I don't mind who they end up with as long as there is any type of Harry/Usagi thing in the process.
5/29/2018 c2 James Birdsong
Good two chapters
2/13/2018 c1 Princess Moonie of the Moon
Good story :) Request for an Usa x Harry pairing ;)
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