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7/1/2018 c1 140TheDrunkenWerewolf
Hey, its me from Shut Up and Write! (totally not stalking you on here at all)

*watches you sail ship*

Firstly I love your writing style. Secondly:
Aww I love this! The banter between Sephie and Louise was perfect and I like the fact that Persephone being queen doesn't affect the relationship she has with Louise. I think its nice that Persephone gains more confidence around Louise and feels, gradually, that she can act like herself and not the way a queen is supposed to act. Thats really lovely.

lol 'boulderdash' and 'poppycock'. Dunno why but those words make me laugh. Maybe because they're so old fashioned and I so rarely see them used.

Anyway great work :) And now off to read your other stuff.
3/18/2018 c1 20Chaosmaiden07
That was so sweet. Louise helping out the cat queen, aww.
11/19/2017 c1 delilah hunter
I seen this ship. I'm on the ship and sailing away~
with warm feelings and a delightful grin on my face~ super cute!
11/13/2017 c1 sekaihatsu
It was great to find something from you in my inbox! I think it's the small moments that carry as much weight if not more than the greatest of adventures.
11/11/2017 c1 Cecily Mitchell
They. Are adorable. Sephie...I love it :)

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