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for ANBU boot camp

7/8 c35 3Yuzuki476
That uchiha never learns .
7/8 c34 Yuzuki476
Yes finally Tsunade and shizune will be coming home.
7/8 c33 Yuzuki476
Naruto got a devil luck.
7/8 c32 Yuzuki476
Hahaha things are getting interesting.
7/8 c31 Yuzuki476
Great job.
7/8 c30 Yuzuki476
Will chief and rest of rookies Convince zabuza and Haku to join konoha and destroy goto.
7/8 c29 Yuzuki476
Looks like rest of the rookies are having fun.
7/8 c28 Yuzuki476
Hahaha poor naruto and konohamaru.
7/8 c27 Yuzuki476
Temari and shikamaru are perfect and sasuke needs to grow up.
7/8 c26 Yuzuki476
7/8 c25 Yuzuki476
Please update this interesting story.
7/8 c24 Yuzuki476
Great job team konoha.
7/8 c23 Yuzuki476
Temari is the smart same for shikamaru.
7/8 c22 Yuzuki476
I hope that sasuke realise that the world shinobi doesn't Revolved around him and his clan their are people who lost their love ones too.
7/8 c21 Yuzuki476
Love. It.
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