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7/7 c5 3Yuzuki476
Mai went through a lot and I hope that she and anko and Kurenai and Yugao beat the living crap out of those fangirls.
7/7 c4 Yuzuki476
Yep loving this .
7/7 c3 Yuzuki476
Good job.
7/7 c2 Yuzuki476
Well done with this chapter.
7/7 c1 Yuzuki476
THANK YOU ! I LOVE THIS TYPE OF NARUTO STORY with no romance parings just friendship and Adventure and Humour and very serious Anbu commander Kuzai and serious naruto version.
6/26 c1 blasterscope
Hope you continue this story
6/12 c9 DarkHunter10
Still MOST of the chapter, PRAISING the chief AGAIN!... Seriously?.. EVERY SINGLE CHAPTER? This is why OCs are hated... TOO MUCH EMPHASIS. (and in this one, WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY too much emphasis.. You don't need to keep PRAISING the same thing, OVER AND OVER every single chapter. -he's great, get over it... MOVE ON -... There are NO kids, ANYWHERE, ON ANY PLANET, EVER in history or in the future, that will CARE enough to keep looking into someone, that is helping them, DAY AFTER DAY, when it has absolutely NO BEARING on anything happening to them! They will just "accept" things and carry on... It doesn't matter how smart they are, or anything else.. That is just how people/kids ARE, it's a combo thing.. Of situation, attention span, threat assessment and environment (which theirs is currently "hostile")

So they already KNOW they are looking for a "medical nin spy"? Well shouldn't that KINDA make it EASY?! There is only one that failed 6 chunin exams! (seriously, kabuto has GOT to be the worst spy in literature, other than maybe Maxwell Smart and he's SUPPOSED to be an idiot, but even that's a "photo finish" on who is worse.)... I never understood how Kabuto wasn't caught even before the exams... Mizuki HAD to be getting orders from SOMEONE in the village... Not to mention someone wrote that whole "recipe" for a failed curse mark on his back (which they never noticed, while putting him in JAIL for years)... So wouldn't Mizuki getting busted KINDA blown what passes for Kabuto's "cover"?
6/12 c8 DarkHunter10
The whole "pack of clan kids", while cute, is getting a little monotonous... They don't HAVE to go EVERYWHERE as a group, in fact, it's a BAD IDEA... "There can be only one" protagonist... NARUTO... Not a group function...When the teams get "carved up" they are going to have to learn to stand alone anyway, without the group... 1 or 2 TOPS on a team after all... So I really don't understand going everywhere together... If it's protection in the village? Then HURRY UP AND CLEAN THE PLACE UP ALREADY! We're on 8 chapters and NOTHING has happened! Just threats, how "great chief is" for some reason, and vague, empty "plans"... GET ON WITH IT! You said your "oc's will be fixing the village"... Well, so far all I see is: whacking Hiashi past the point of humor... And training OVER AND OVER.. Along with LOADS of bluster. How about DOING SOMETHING?! ANYTHING! Next chapter is NINE and still NOTHING has happened! The groups and the adults "waking up" and all that is okay, but they are "SHORT TERM" solutions... They need "FIXES" not band-aids... The stuff you have here will last EXACTLY until everything "falls back to normal"...You need PERMANENT, long-term, CHANGES... Not just prancing around a practice field ad nauseam.
6/11 c6 DarkHunter10
Why CAN'T he just kill danzo "yet"? OTHER then "because of the plot"... Danzo is about the most USELESS character for the village (other then sasuke, who LITERALLY DOES NOTHING AT ALL for the village, in the ENTIRE time he was part of it).. Danzo's death, in canon, DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to the village... Not even a slight "hiccup" or "burp".. It's like nobody even NOTICED! Danzo is the one character from canon, that practically SCREAMS... "disposable red shirt", "meat shield" or "jutsu TESTING DUMMY for other characters".

"I know you have plans in case of your death"...? No, actually he doesn't... OR they don't mean anything and his plans, like the plans he makes for when he's alive.. Are kinda stupid and prone to falling apart quite easily. Think about it seriously... He's a 90 year old guy with the EXACT same dream as a 6 year old... That's gotta tell ya... He is REALLY STUCK IN A RUT mentally/emotionally. Even his ALLIES(and by allies, I meant JUST orochimaru... Because he doesn't seem to have ANY others) have GOT to be laughing at him behind his back!
6/7 c1 DarkHunter10
The one thing I always thought about this "academy" (that nobody learns anything in), is that they were trying to make everyone "ABOUT" equal in ninja skill.. Some more, some less... But in general everyone from clans and new ninja families to civilian born would be AROUND the same skill level. One major problem with that... THEY AREN'T EQUAL.

If this new guy knows that Orochimaru was going to be a problem, before he was.. Shouldn't he KNOW the uchiha is going to be a problem? No matter if you like or dislike sasuke... He's a MIRROR (carbon copy) of orochimaru at this point of the series
6/7 c50 Teloz
Finished... a pity really, I want to believe in the author's words... but it's been almost 5 years, we don't even know his current condition. Oh, even if he is still alive... a very interesting story, but another one that ends even before the chunin exams. Hopefully someday we'll have news at least.
5/26 c23 devilpest
love the joh Wayne reference in this chapter
5/26 c49 lulilafly
bonjour, cette histoire est ma préféré concernant Naruto.
J'espere que tu t'es remis de tes probleme de santé.
Et j'espere qu'un jour tu retrouvera l'envi de finir cette histoire.
Bon courage pour la suite.

hello, this story is my favorite about Naruto.
I hope you have recovered from your health problems.
And I hope that one day you will find the desire to finish this story.
Good luck for the future.
I'm French so I put my comment in both languages
5/21 c50 Guest
Can't wait for more chapters
5/20 c49 dianop27
Plz can you continue this beautiful story
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