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10/28/2023 c7 Evgenij
Great Book, more Sequels!
10/23/2023 c1 Kira no Shinigami
Oi por favor continue é muito legal.
10/9/2023 c7 danlocke7
I do hope you plan to continue this story someday as I would love to see Eris fight the Horntail I’d also love to see her following Harry into the lake during the Second Task.
5/21/2023 c7 wolfy1000
great story. Please continue the story. I have read several of stories similar to this one. You have gone in a direction that no one has not gone in. IF there is please send a pm to me about it.
2/4/2023 c5 35Annie Matsukaze
Hi. Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom came three years after Jurassic World. Plus I was fully wondering if the Titinaboa, an ancient large snake, was going to be in the story in the future?
1/10/2023 c7 Callum Runchman
Why was this abandoned? Seriously the whole crew had just gotten dinos and next year we'd likely get to see Eris vs the horntail. This was so good and has been wasted forgotten like it is. I was really looking forward to seeing the Dino pack rip the death eaters apart.
10/25/2022 c7 Multyfangirl
I hope you'll return to this story.
10/3/2022 c7 Adrienanna
Please update
8/17/2022 c7 2A10riddick
Great chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

Loving the set up!

I wonder how many people will try to become their friends to get their own Dinosaur?
8/17/2022 c6 A10riddick
Great chapter!
8/16/2022 c5 A10riddick
Great chapter!
8/16/2022 c4 A10riddick
Great chapter!

Loved the CoS battle!
8/16/2022 c3 A10riddick
Great chapter!
8/16/2022 c2 A10riddick
Great chapter!

Might I suggest that you label any pov changes because it is a little annoying when switching.
8/16/2022 c1 A10riddick
Great start!
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