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5/14 c18 Guest
So,... when exactly was the gender thing resolved? Is it going to be at all or just swept under like that?
5/14 c1 Guest
...was all that rly necessary?
How does he (she?) know? Define “a bit chakra heavy”...
I’m going to refrain from criticising the, for now, seemingly random and completely irrelevant gender thing at the moment.
5/12 c41 angelnixx
This is an amazing story. Can’t wait to read more
I really really like this fanfiction.

Are you still writing for this fanfiction?
5/8 c41 Omkar
Can't Wait For Pain To get his Ass whopped alongside the complete joke Akatsuki is gonna be made of. Though Obito might be a problem even with Roshi becoming second comin of "The great sage Equaling the Heavens". And Sasuke should definetly be a lot more stronger than his Cannon self since he was trained by Hiruzen instead of Orochimaru
5/8 c40 Omkar
Makes you wonder how much of a idiot Nagato was
5/4 c10 Zera Of The Damned
Not gonna lie, I half expected the conversation with Fugaku to trail towards a potential engagement with Itachi. And Yuriko's complete and utter horror at the prospect.
5/3 c41 Guest
I want another chapter. I won’t wait
5/2 c8 Guest
Why do MCs in gamer fics always end up telling everyone
4/29 c1 Daisy
ah welp female mc gender bendy shit I'm out
4/29 c41 3Ricee
oh wow it's already over, just started reading it yesterday and really enjoyed it. personally I usually avoid SI or OC character fics because they usually don't focus on naruto but I still really enjoyed this, I've read alot of SeerKings fics and decided to read this one when it came up in results with seerking
4/27 c41 Lorel
I absolutely LOVE this story, and I hope to see another update soon! Keep up the amazing work! Your chapters make my day, and I can't wait to see Yuriko kick Akatsuki's ass!
4/21 c41 14Guestspirit
Please update soon
4/21 c17 Mr.Almond Brown
BsixnkzixsjsjbzjN xjdnakNzbbfis s J hfb shJnndisnb I cannot stop reading it!
4/20 c41 Mr.Almond Brown
This is the best gamer Naruto fanfic ever! Oh my god, honestly this is the best one i've read so far like seriously! He-turned-she is a Hokage! And also has a Roshi and one that I totally agree on. He looks pretty hot with that rugged look of his! I can't wait for the mexg chapter! And also good job on this Author-san!
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