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for Her Lotus-Eyed Hero

7/7/2018 c7 superpierce
glad to read another chapter of this story always a pleasure.
7/7/2018 c7 Epyon Legium
I must say, this is quite an interesting read. The use of Rama is unique and appreciated, though I didn't notice him listed as a character. He's portrayed pretty well all things considered. His interactions with Sakura and Kariya are heartwarming to read as canon is far more saddening. His interactions with Saber are also well written. Though, if I recall, Nasu states that his Curse of Separation was an actual curse from the wife of a monkey. Also, you should note Excalibur is not as slow as you state. In fact, it's listed by Nasu to be able to be utilized in less than a second, slightly faster than the charge of Iskandar's Via Expugnatio. I do like the use of Alter's sword length increase, but canonically it wouldn't be possible. This is because Excalibur Morgan is conceptually different from Excalibur. Instead of making a sword of light emitted from the tip, the sword is cloaked in what could be said to be a "blaze" of energy. Regular Artoria is unable to do this, because her Excalibur is conceptually different from Excalibur Morgan. However, in the world of FanFiction, rules are bent to the Writer as they are granted creative liberties. This review may sound harsh, but it's honest critique from a fellow Fate fan. In terms of enjoyablity your story is quite nice, so I do urge you to produce more work. Until further notice-
7/7/2018 c7 A fan
Glad to see this story has returned. Another great chapter.
One issue: If Tokiomi is still alive at the end of the war, he will likely just end up giving up Sakura to another family so s he can "reach her full potential as a magus," and possibly to establish an alliance with another family.
Looking forward to more.
7/6/2018 c7 klim770
Nice move with Excalibur, reminds me of how Richard used in f/strange fake
7/6/2018 c7 48reality deviant
nice development here for kariya ,and for saber.
having one heroic spirit feel humbled and impressed by jistory of another in same grail war is something nice, that i liked here.
7/6/2018 c7 Volfy790
Thanks for finally updating this story and on my birthday too. I hope you update soon.
7/6/2018 c7 1ZenoZen
Man your story is my most awaiting story update
7/6/2018 c7 4Arch-Daishou00
Riding A
7/6/2018 c7 3Jack vile Ripper
Excellent, I've been waiting for this new Chapter.
7/1/2018 c6 firedragoonknight
Hey great story I hope you continue this story keep it up
5/20/2018 c5 1EVA-Saiyajin
Mmm, a fun chapter. I admit, I expect Rams to gain some less than positive impressions of Iskander later. He may not be a monster (in this iteration) but he is a tyrant.
5/20/2018 c6 EVA-Saiyajin
Ah, I was a bit premature.

I’ll keep an eye on this.
5/20/2018 c4 EVA-Saiyajin
Mmm, a fun chapter, nice interactions. But rehashy at points though, I would expect Gilgamesh to be a bit more annoyed that one claimed to rule the world because a god did.

And I’m rather surprised that Saber couldn’t handle Berserker alone.
5/20/2018 c1 EVA-Saiyajin
An interesting story so far. I’m liking the details, and the technical writing is good too.
3/17/2018 c6 Killer Hamster
Just binge read this story and I am surprised that I did not find this fic sooner. Really like the premise here, Zouken is no longer an issue and Sakura is no longer suffering.
Also like the way you portray Rama. I would admit, FGO does not do Rama any justice. And he should be a 5 star on the level of Karna just by the weight of his legend alone.
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