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for Like Father, Like Daughter: Omakes

12/20/2018 c1 The Book of Eli
Love the idea of mini in story stories...
11/14/2018 c8 Luiz4200
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Tom really didn't know!
11/14/2018 c8 Genos13
WOW! I wish someone make a devian art out of it! w I want to see tom face when he find it out! hahahahahaha! O
11/14/2018 c8 unknown
Ha! Can't believe he didn't figure it out sooner
11/15/2018 c8 17kriitikko
Oh well... at least it wasn't more humiliating than that to Tom. XD
11/14/2018 c8 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Heh, this was just so funny.

Keep the good writing.
11/14/2018 c8 9ravangel
XD i was hoping something like that, very funny, see you next one!
11/14/2018 c8 2Mr. Haziq
Ah... when you realize the girl you like is a trap...

Hilariously tragic.
11/13/2018 c8 4Gamelover41592
this was very funny at the start and very sweet at the end well done :)
11/12/2018 c7 unknown
Welp, this is a disaster waiting to happen
Good job!
I'm gonna start bracing for the eventual chaos this would start up
11/13/2018 c7 17kriitikko
Marco just appreciates a nice gift, doesn't even question the motives behind it. XD
This was a fun little side story. Good job.
11/13/2018 c7 LonefireBlossom
why did i ever think the crush would be seraph lol
11/12/2018 c7 50acosta perez jose ramiro
Heh, Tom really is unlucky with love.

Keep the good writing.
11/12/2018 c7 9ravangel
Will see more of this funny Tom and Princess Marco? XD
11/12/2018 c7 2Mr. Haziq
Oh my god.. I was worried it was Seraph for a bit there! The fact that it's Marco makes both better AND worse!
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