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for Damned If You Do

12/23/2019 c23 Deep Sorrow
This was a well thought out, well written story. Thank you for sharing it.
5/21/2019 c23 FellowIrrelevant
I know this is an older story but truly one of the best! Thanks so much!
7/13/2018 c23 4flexingrhetoric
I have thoroughly enjoyed your story. I love John whump, but in addition, you have great scenes between John and Harold, great use of Sameen in hero mode, and excellent writing (other than a few typos). I've already read everything else you've written, so please write more! Keep the John whump a'comin'.
5/18/2018 c5 Talmira Starr
I am late coming to the show and to this but I fell across POI on Netflix and then looked for some stories here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and the way you capture all the characters and bring them forth in such engaging riveting stories! :) You are so talented! Please keep sharing this gift with us!
4/17/2018 c23 2nomdeplume30
Really great story! Maybe felt a little rushed at the end, but overall I enjoyed it very much. I was glad the kid lived. John had enough angst to deal with. Both our boys took quite a beating in this one. I don't usually see Harold taking this kind of abuse. I felt for the poor guy. But I've always thought he was made of pretty stern stuff.
4/17/2018 c13 nomdeplume30
Poor Finch. This story sure isn't playing to his strengths. :) But I'd say he's holding up pretty well.
What a great story! I'm really enjoying it. Lots of action and intrigue. It'll be interesting to see who's behind the attempt on Finch and Reese.
3/29/2018 c23 Guest
Freaking amazing. Grabbed me in. Well written. I was enthralled. Thank you so much for sharing
2/25/2018 c23 1brokenheroes
This has been a very satisfying experience throughout. What fun! Being with our boys again, as well as Shaw and Fusco, following them through an absolutely convincing, galloping-fast adventure. Yay, you!
2/13/2018 c23 imo126
So sad that the story ended though it's a good end. I hope there're lots of new ideas in your head and other stories coming. Dare stop writing, lol. Thx for the lot of fun.
2/12/2018 c23 Edith Bodin
Alas, even a very good story must end. And what an end! The one that every member of John Whumpers Support group was waiting for: the return of the hero to a (almost) normal state (harold could not do less) and a happy ending for the secondary characters but nevertheless dear to our hearts ...
What a treat it was to read this story as weeks unfold. Again I say congratulations for the quality of the "script" and hope that other fantastic ideas will tickle your imagination quickly.
Hoping to read you as soon as possible ...
2/12/2018 c23 Mottara
This was an amazing story. Truly one of the best fanfics I’ve ever read. You had me checking every day, impatiently waiting for the next chapter. I hope to read more of your stories in the future. Keep ‘em coming!
2/11/2018 c23 9McMoni
I've said it before, I'm a bit sad that it's done, because it's been an extremely enthralling ride, entertaining and truly well-written.
But all good things must come to an end.
I just hope that you're going to post something else soon.

Thanks for this amazing tale!
2/11/2018 c22 McMoni
I'm so glad you didn't kill Juan after all! It would have been one death too many on John's conscience, and one very difficult to bear.
I liked the few moments between Shaw and John. She is what she is, but she's trying and doing her best.
2/11/2018 c1 Findus
Sorry to see this one end. Been sometimes farfetched- but a great story well written nonetheless. Is there a new POI story in sight? Hope so!
2/11/2018 c23 Souhashi27
Here comes that bittersweet feeling when a good story comes to an end. It was an amazing ride, well written characters and lots of twists and turns. As much as I loved the whump and the angst I'm glad the story ended on a happy note for the team. I'm looking forward to more of your stories :)
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