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4/9/2020 c1 Guest
6/9/2018 c7 possumquills
I don't understand the potion... Is it permanent or wah?
1/25/2018 c7 justsayin75
12/16/2017 c7 Felicia123
Does that mean iv she takes 3tsp of the potion she will never have children?

Great update. I love this story.
12/15/2017 c1 Classy butter
The story line is awesome. I love it. Please update soon.
12/12/2017 c6 sherylb
He is going to have a surprise when he finds that she's still a virgin.
12/12/2017 c6 deadliestdistractionRN
I think Bella may have possibly lied about having sec with Jacob, or maybe her perception of what sex is might be a little off. or something.
12/12/2017 c6 HiraFrance
She's fierce :)
For now you got me hooked hun :)
Can't wait fir the next update!
12/12/2017 c5 HiraFrance
Man, J was rude!
I hope B will realize that E was meant for her...
12/12/2017 c4 HiraFrance
Oh crap, did she really loose her innocence or is it just to infiurate E, haha!
Let's see how he'll react ;)
12/12/2017 c3 HiraFrance
Maybe I didn't catch how old is E... So?
It's not a problem for me as I love Older/possessiveWard :)
Woot woot, he finally asked for B's hand ;)
12/12/2017 c2 HiraFrance
I've fear he was to marry Alicat instead of B, but hey, it's not in the pocket for now, cause she wants to stab him ;)
12/12/2017 c6 tas62
Love the banter between these two. I think Bella might still be a virgin!
12/12/2017 c6 Icewomen
I like your Bella she just wanted love I hope she keeps giving Edward a hard time I always like hea but not sure about Edward cause of what seen of him so far wish Bella would of told Jake off more please update soon
12/12/2017 c6 Cindylee99
Can't wait to read the next chapter!
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