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for Where's my Mate?

9/13/2019 c9 monay9e
6/4/2019 c9 FairyMaster23
11/21/2017 c9 jessa76
I enjoyed this wish there was more
11/20/2017 c9 marlastiano
Thanks :)
11/18/2017 c8 1AHealingRenaissance
Hehehehehe! Built-in their own choice :D I love this! Makes me wonder what's coming, because six wolves and nine vamps...pretty awesome! :D
11/18/2017 c8 marlastiano
WOW :)
11/18/2017 c1 simbacurls
Yay! Her pack's bigger. So surprised Embry, Quil, and Jared decided to join her as well
11/18/2017 c7 AHealingRenaissance
Woohooo! I like this girl! That arrogant "we are the stuff" attitude is why I'm not a wolf girl. Actually, Jacob is why I'm not a wolf girl, but isn't that the same thing? ;)
11/18/2017 c1 simbacurls
Exactly what Jake gets. Can't stand his py a**
11/17/2017 c5 Griezz
We all know that that's the EXACT kind of impulsive thing that Emmett would do; Em would certainly jump in with both feet into just about anything, often just for excitement or just to stave off boredom. However, when it's his mate asking him to do something like that, there's no way that he'd tell her "no".
11/17/2017 c6 marlastiano
Nice :)
11/17/2017 c6 AHealingRenaissance
I totally agree. What does she have holding her there, and what does she owe them anyway? She wasn't raised there, they aren't really "her" people, except through blood alone, (certainly not through relationships), and her only blood tie is nothing to write home about. What does she owe the pack, the elders, or even the tribe? Maybe if Paul had been less of a jerk and more of a brother, he'd have a hold on her...not that they even need her, by the way. There are plenty of wolves, all of whom grew up there, have family that cares about them there, and actually have reason to care what happens to any of them...and who do have to obey an Alpha order ;)
11/17/2017 c5 Matzy
I love it :D
11/16/2017 c5 AHealingRenaissance
With a brother that doesn't care and a tribe she didn't grow up knowing, what's to hold her there really?
11/15/2017 c4 simbacurls
Love it! Can't wait for more
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