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for The Youngest Russo: Emma

2/10/2020 c3 Guest
i like this story
12/16/2017 c3 1guincaldwell
Okay. What. What. Really. What! They know. They don't just figure these things out. That's stupid. They need to know. Like, for real? What happens if they don't know and basically the whole world knows to because woopsie dazie some accidental magic over here. Your story makes no sense. I'm sorry. You write good (a lil boring) but there's just that giant plot hole that sticks out.
12/16/2017 c2 guincaldwell
Why are they hiding it! I would think that even if she were mortal, she'd be allowed to know specifically because of the fact that it's unrealistic for them to not be able to tell her.
12/16/2017 c1 guincaldwell
Why tho? Like how does this make sense. I mean I'll continue but I can't promise that I won't be harsh.

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