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for The Red and White Dragon Overlord

1/21/2023 c2 Guest
It is good but what Does OC mean if it is What if Don't that Mean All of them are OC ?
1/20/2023 c2 Alasto Crowley
Well I say let him have his autonomy...After all having him being outside a peerage would be a change. Also are you even planning on making more chapters?'s been 6 are long overdue in updating...get to it so we can know where the story progressses.
9/10/2022 c2 Charles
Please keep writing this story is getting good I want to know what happens next please keep Continuing
1/10/2022 c1 Gear master
The grammar is horrible
12/28/2021 c2 brentonlensley0
This is my first time writing a review so sorry if its not good. This is the best fanfic i read that issei is in sona's peerage so i cant wait for ch 3 but i will be UP THE HARD WORK
11/15/2021 c1 supriya700000
Hey did you stop releaseing update
11/11/2019 c2 highdogschool
please update this story it is really good
8/1/2018 c1 chilldude83
please do more
4/19/2018 c2 Blake2020
Interesting and update soon in 2018?
4/19/2018 c1 Blake2020
great start
2/28/2018 c2 4Shiwftie
Please update this story i can't wait to see issei kicking the yakitori's ass
12/22/2017 c2 deathformen
A question that came to my mind, what sets it apart from your first story? I would like to know if I continue reading this or just concentrate on the first one you created.
since in my current view I do not see any noticeable difference or get something other than what I can get in your first story.
I say if you add a male vali or male friends that are not left out I would be interested, but as I do not feel that I will stay with your first story.
12/21/2017 c2 Uzumaki Shadowfox
please continue and complete this fanfic series
12/14/2017 c1 ghostmarine51
You contradicted yourself so much. You said he overcame the curse but apparently he didn't because he didn't achieve the new form. also your pacing and coherence is shit.
12/7/2017 c2 Guest
God the OC thing is so cringy, I just honestly skip anything that has to do with it but it's a short read when I skip half a chapter.
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