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for Haruhi Suzumiya and the Sisters of Serenity

4/4 c5 Pikanet128
They are the only two people I could ever see having this conversation
3/19 c5 Saiki Kusuo
That's it?
2/8 c5 Mr Miliardo
In this timeline a younger Haruhi met a nude girl in a park with a chaperone?

Hmmmm... something tells me the travel back in time to Tanabata three (was it three or more? Can't remember) years before Kyon'll have to do, or has done, will be, or was ... much more interesting this time around.

Tenses, when time-travelling is regarded are never a given.
11/25/2017 c3 Mr Miliardo
All right, this is odd. Haruhi rewrote reality and inserted enough exceptions in the new reality so she could streak without fear of reprisal, this begs the question "why".
11/16/2017 c2 Haruhi haters
That brat, Haruhi Suzumiya gets away with everything. She's a nightmare.

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