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I’ve been missing FT so much that I ended up reading fanfictions and stumbled onto this! Not usually a fan and never read ffs but this was too good! I was very absorbed and the portrayal of Natsu and Lucy were v accurate. Thank you so much for writing this. I had a great time <3
12/27/2023 c13 5TaraPasty
This was a great fic! And i really think the way youve got Lucy and Natsu acting is so in character for them (if they ever fess up that is!). Really awesome story, had me binge reading to the wee hours!
11/1/2023 c11 Shioplet
That was perfect! I can never imagine Natsu saying they are ‘dating’ and was never much of a fan with the dragon approach of being ‘mates’ for non-ooc fics cause in canon, Natsu chose to be Natsu, a human (plus in 100yq FT dragons didn’t have a system like that ie. Igneel having Ignia with no mention of a mother yet). I love you author! Huhu

I knew they will be interrupted again (didn’t make it less painful tho) lmao
10/30/2023 c8 Shioplet
Loved the confession! I was unbearably anxious that Natsu’s misinterpretation would ‘cause a prolonged unneeded misunderstanding. Thank you so much for not going down that road!

Binging this for hours now… hope I won’t regret the decision later and I’ll be out searching for hours for another great FF to read.
10/30/2023 c4 Shioplet
I'm late to the party but... I love it!

I like to think Natsu had a crush on Lucy early on (forming a team, teasing her a lot, Sakura tree) but he didn’t realize it or put much thought into it. By Tenrou Arc, he was already in love but he only fully realized it during Future Lucy’s death.
Lucy is the hard one for me… All I think is that she was already in love with him by GMG or more towards the end of the arc after Natsu ‘saved’ Future Lucy’s future. I think it only became clear to her by the end of Tartaros’ arc when Natsu and Happy left. But she was definitely crushing on him early on too just based on her reaction with the teasing and “close” moments.
10/8/2023 c13 MelodicLove
Stooooppp! This was so good! Cute, steamy (pun partially intended, bc there isn't a better adjective), and I just love this!
8/26/2023 c4 Phoebe-Batchelor
You write intamate scenes SO WELL im literally kicking my feet right now

I personally think lucy fell for natsu when he sent that cherry blossom tree down the river outside her house. He liked her already at that point but I don't think he had realised it himself. I think he realised it tenrou when she was getting beaten in front of him, I've never seen him so scared like that my boy was STRESSED.
8/22/2023 c11 108moeruhoshi
LMAO the ending omg i know it's gonna be Gray!
8/22/2023 c8 moeruhoshi
In love with that confession!
8/22/2023 c7 moeruhoshi
The tension omllllllllll
8/22/2023 c6 moeruhoshi
UGH it took me a sec to cone back to this story to finish it, mostly bc i don't want it to end! AH! Seriously I'm so obsessed with the way you write the tension between them!
8/16/2023 c12 FrostyKat
I love you how you portrayed their relationship. This was so well written.
8/13/2023 c5 Carla The Wizard
8/13/2023 c4 Carla The Wizard
"You're going to be my life jacket because I'm tired and I don't feel like holding myself up." She told him matter-of-factly.

"Am I?" He rolled his eyes when she nodded sharply. This girl was going to be the death of him.

"Yes, you owe me. Besides, it's not my fault you're a giant and you can stand up in this. I had to even the playing field." She explained, as if it were the most logical thing in the world.

"I'm not a giant, you're just short." He snorted.

"I am not!"

"Yes, you are. You're shrimp sized." He yelped when she dug her nails into his neck, though not hard enough to break skin.

"Listen here buddy, there's only room enough in this guild for one shrimp. And I will personally murder you in your sleep if you start calling me that...At least I will if Gajeel doesn't reach you first." She chastised, lifting her head so they were nearly at eye level.

"Aye sir." He chuckled, letting the jibe about the iron dragon slayer slip by. As if that oaf could take him on. The vibration of his voice washed through her as he leaned down and nosed her affectionately, bringing their faces millimeters apart.

Pfft I laughed at that but ahahahhahah


Did not expect that ahahahahha!

Amazing chapter as always:D
8/13/2023 c3 Carla The Wizard
Amazing chapter! I love the fighting scene and the tension rising in the team from rivalry to sexual tension ~

This mission was a disaster.

She and the team had set out from Magnolia a few days ago, though Wendy was unable to accompany them. When Charle had offhandedly invited Happy to go with them as well, the cat had flown off without a second look at his usual comrades. She shook her head. Looking down at the shallow gash on her arm, she wished they had waited for the younger girl to tag along. She was battered, bruised, and 99% sure she had managed to cut open her bottom lip earlier on in her fight.

She had been separated from the rest of her party when they had come across the abandoned town where their mission originated. Finding a set of hastily drawn markings in the main square, Erza had suggested the blonde try and translate while the others began to explore. Unfortunately for Lucy, that left her wide open to attack.

She had considered calling out for her friends, but the sounds of shattering ice, gliding steel, and the telltale heat of Natsu's magic stopped her. They had problems of their own to worry about. An hour later, she had managed to overwhelm her opponent before running towards what she hoped were her guild-mates. She had only made it a few blocks when a fireball smashed into the storefront next to her.

Smoke burned in her eyes as she scrambled up from the ground. Coughing, Lucy edged towards the blackened crater that had appeared where the building once stood. Frantically, she squinted through the ashy haze surrounding the now crumbling ruins around her to spot a familiar face.

"Oy, Lucy! You alright?" He called from atop his perch on a broken church spire. He peered down towards the celestial mage who had her hair tied high on her crown in two ponytails. The twin blades of her Cancer form were both held in her left hand while the other was curled up against her chest. He squinted, noticing the dark liquid blending into the ebony fabric of her shirt. Anyone else would have missed it, but the coppery tang of her blood was heavy in air as he followed the scent to her.

A crash sounded near by and Lucy ignored his question in favor of a scream.

"Natsu, watch out!" She screeched as he jerked to his left instinctively as a boulder smashed into the rooftop. He flipped backwards, bracing a hand on the remaining shingles as he twisted, landing on his feet in a crouched position. He glared through the dust as a figure landed softly on the edge of the devastated turret. His bangs fanning across his eyes as he tensed.

The dark mage smirked at him, her dirty blonde hair cropped short by her ears and her eyes slanted in amusement. Her long-sleeved, brown bodysuit clung to her like a second skin – the front zip pulled up so it was tucked under her chin.

This bitch had been running circles around him as she dodged his attacks, blocking the fiery blasts by throwing wayward rubble up to hinder them. Judging by her over-reliance on telekinesis, he was sure a well-placed hit would take her down – but she was just so damn slippery.

"Now now Salamander, we weren't done playing yet. If you like blondes, you'd be better off with me anyways. That little thing looks like she could snap any second." She purred as she levitated more debris around her in a cyclone.

The dragon slayer could feel the growl ripping out of his chest before he could stop it, rage snarling out of him as he bared his teeth.

"Fuck that, Lucy could pound your fat ass into the ground!"

The woman raised a brow at his outburst and was now fixating on the celestial mage below. He grit his teeth in frustration as he realized his mistake.

"Really now? Let's test that theory out then, shall we?" She drawled, stretching her hand out in Lucy's direction as the building below them groaned. There was a shatter as the colorful mosaic in the cathedral crashed by in a jet of broken shards, heading directly towards his guild-mate on the ground.

He turned quickly, regretting his words as he pivoted on his heel to launch himself towards his partner. One look at her fierce eyes though, and he switched directions. Their opponent was momentarily blinded as the celestial mage released her magic, signaling a switch in her star dress. When the light settled, she was wearing a chevron print top and her short-ruffled skirt tied off on her right hip. Natsu couldn't help the stutter in his pulse at the sight of the garter hugging her thigh just below it. He bit his lip hard, furious at himself for getting distracted.

Luckily, his self-loathing was short lived. The corners of his mouth turned up in a shit-eating grin as Lucy called up a water barrier, shielding herself from the fragmented glass. The pieces bounced off harmlessly creating a lethal halo around her, glittering in the haze of afternoon sun.

An angel of vengeance.

The thought hit him hard in his gut. Black eyes met brown and he beamed, seeing the gears in her head turn as she smirked back at him. Lucy gestured minutely with her hand, holding out her index and middle fingers and pulling them back. The movement was small, and he doubted the dark mage noticed it – she was too busy staring with her mouth gaped open.

Natsu snickered and winked back at his partner with a small nod. Still on the edge of the church gable, he bent dropped down into a squat and shot his leg out to hit his opponent's shin. She groaned, but before she could topple over, he angled his foot higher so that he made contact with her stomach, launching her in reverse into the air. She was bent backwards, clutching her abdomen as he reached out, grasping her torso and holding her it in a vice grip.

She clawed at his hands but his hold was relentless.

"I know that I said I'd be better company than the bimbo, but don't you think you're moving a bit fast?" The woman asked breathless, still trying to wriggle away from him. He ignored the jibe before calling out.

"I think you've got bigger problems, lady." He chuckled, amused by her confused expression before calling out a bit louder. "Ready, Luce?"

"Ready!" Her voice rang clear as she shifted once more. Her hair gathered together in a singular ribbon as a bow materialized in her waiting fingers out of thin air. Within the space of a second, she summoned up an arrow of light, aiming for the telekinetic before letting it loose - flying true. The beam hit just under the woman's collar and her eyes rolled in at impact. Her body went slack, her breaths shallow in unconsciousness.

With a grunt, Natsu dropped her dead-weight, satisfied that she'd remain unconscious long enough to regroup with the others. Lucy's stun arrows packed a punch…he'd found that out personally a month prior when he'd tried to make away with her novel draft. He hadn't made it a block before she was on him, eyes afire.

Speaking of those eyes, he slid down to the edge of the building before pushing off and landing on his haunches. He stood up gracefully, his movements nearly feline as he slunk over to his friend.

"Nice team work." She giggled as he approached, letting the bow hang loosely by her side before she released it all together – letting it fade to the nethersphere.

"Well duh. She didn't stand a chance against the two of us." He grinned, eyes bright. She wiggled her nose, trying to hold back a chuckle before she swayed slightly. Natsu's arms automatically came up to brace against her biceps, helping her stand.

She reverted to her original outfit as she released her summoning with a shudder, exhaustion hitting her like a brick. She let herself lean forward a bit so that her weight rested against the dragon slayer. Sighing at her sluggishness, he readjusted her hold to go around his shoulders as he knelt on the ground. Off balance, Lucy peered at his face in a daze.

"Get on, weirdo. You're literally falling asleep standing." He snorted and waited until she complied. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he hoisted her up, hands flat against the back of her thighs as she leaned her chin against his shoulder. Their cheeks pressed together. Warmth pooled in Lucy's gut as she snuggled into him, grateful for the help. She had overdone it on her casting. She shouldn't have used so many of her star dress forms so soon after her last battle.

"I'm sorry." She exhaled softly against the pinkette's ear. She felt his muscles tense slightly in response.

"What are you apologizing for?" His voice was deep and she could feeling it vibrate through their close contact. She nuzzled him with her nose instead of answering immediately and he glanced back at her, irises gaining a gray hue in the afternoon light.

"Thanks for helping me with her." She said after a moment, ducking so her forehead was tucked into the juncture of his shoulder. He squeezed her thighs lightly.

"You're kidding right? I'd been trying to pin that idiot down for the last hour but she kept hopping away like some deranged kangaroo. That ass kicking was all you, Luce." He murmured, a grin stretching his cheeks as he felt her lips quirk against his throat.

"It was, wasn't it?" She finally pulled away from him, drawing herself closer so her head was hanging down in his view. Her heart gave a lurch when she saw his slanted eyes crinkle at the corners. He hummed in agreement and began walking to what she assumed was their teammates' location. She let him do so without complaint, enjoying the piggyback ride – especially since Natsu hadn't ridiculed her about how heavy she was.

"Yup." His lips smacked together in an exaggerated pop as the air around them grew cold. The girl behind him shuddered and huddled even closer to the warmth of him. Turning the corner, they found themselves in what must have been a courtyard, icy membranes fanning out from the center. Gray Fullbuster sat against a pillar of ice, his arms thrown over his knees as his head leaned back. His lids cracked open as he watched the duo approach, cocking an eyebrow.

"You alright there, Lucy?" The ice mage asked as he hauled himself up to his feet. Squinting up at him, Lucy realized there was a man encased in the pillar behind him, frozen except for the rapid movements of his eyes. Well, that explained what happened to his opponent. She wriggled her fingers at Gray in greeting with a smile, but otherwise did not respond.

"Luce just beat the crap out of this lady, but apparently now it's nap time." Natsu answered cheekily when she stayed silent. Lucy pinched the juncture of his neck and shoulder in retaliation, satisfied when he yelped.

"Shh," She motioned quietly in a sleepy drawl, "Pillows are 'posed to be silent."

Both men chortled at that as Natsu readjusted his hold, his fingers brushing against her skin where he held her. She squirmed, trying to get him to stop as she burrowed into his back. From the lack of explosions around them, it appeared that the battles had ended. Erza hadn't arrived yet, but she had no doubt that the Titania had matters under control.

"Quit moving, weirdo." Her pillow complained. She just pinched him again.

"Do you want me to carry her?" Gray offered, as he edged closer to them and swiped her hair off her face. His fingers were felt like icicles but she hummed in thanks, not realizing the strands had been itching her until he had brushed them away.

"Naw, I got her." Natsu took a step back, his voice dropping ever so slightly as the vibrations buzzed through her. His fingers on the underside of her legs tightened again, climbing a tad higher until they brushed the hem of her shorts. Lucy hid her face against his shoulder as she tried to ignore the sudden heat spike around them, Gray's cool touch all but forgotten.

"Didn't think so, flame-for-brains, don't know why I bothered offering." The man across from them snickered.

"Oy, what's that supposed to mean?" He growled as the noirette crossed his arms over his bare chest. Mavis only knew where he'd abandoned his shirt this time.

"Do you need me to spell it out for you, dragon boy?" He gestured to the girl draped over him. Her brow furrowed in annoyance at their loudness, but otherwise stayed relatively comatose.

"Shut the fuck up, stripper!"

"Make me!"

"Wanna go?!"

Lucy groaned and reached her arms out, grabbing a fist full of black and pink hair. Giving a firm tug, the argument quickly turned into whimpers.

"Do you two really need to fight 24/7? I don't get how you have such an endless supply of energy!" She whined, releasing them. Natsu grunted and moved back, not realizing he'd crept closer to his frenemy in the midst of their spat. He rubbed the sore spot on his head where Lucy had yanked and resisted pouting.

"Geez Luce, yer starting to get as violent as Erza…" He told her gruffly. She just grumbled as she burrowed back into him, the arms she had wrapped around his shoulders tightening.

"What did you just say?" A sharp voice cut through the air like a blade.

Turning at the sound, Lucy tilted her head – scratch that, forget the metaphor - there was an actual blade pointed inches from Natsu's nose. The man she was clinging to stiffened as the blood drained from his face. From beside them, she saw the normally pale Gray turn bone white.

"I, ahhh… wh-what I meant was…." The pinkette gulped, shrinking at the glare the red head leveled at him. Hearing a tinkering laugh by his ear, he cut his vision up to the blonde who was now wide awake and watching him with childish delight. Figured Lucy would take pleasure in his misery.

The popsicle wasn't doing much to help either as his mouth flapped open and closed silently.

Now, in the backs of their minds they knew Erza wouldn't inflict any true lasting damage, but they had all grown up together. They figured their response to the older woman was reminiscent of the fear most boys had of their elder sisters – granted theirs was lethal... but still…

Plus, she was part dragon. It must be an instinct thing for him.

He shuddered involuntarily at the thought. Apparently, that was enough to earn him some pity. The blonde stretched her hands above her as she straightened out her back, gripping his waist tightly with her legs. As she settled, she folded her arms onto on his hair and rested her head on her interlaced fingers.

YESSSS! I love love love ! That you mention star dress , it’s so hard and rare to find content of it especially when she uses it in a battle ! (You done amazing job )

Also like that you mention Erza part dragon since it makes sense why so many people especially dragon slayers tend to be on edge around her especially when she’s angry

I think natsu fell for Lucy on Tenrou island , for Lucy I think after gmg she fell for him :D
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