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11/1/2018 c12 1Leomae2.0
FINALFUCKINGLY! Omg yes! And no I’m totally with you, a fumbling guy is a total turn off. Entire reason I made sure my first was experienced lol. Anyway, I’m a little sad it’s ending but then maybe it will allow you to work on The Edge more. Hope you update again soon.
11/1/2018 c2 1kuro02
you can cut that seual tension with a knife lol
11/1/2018 c6 16CrazyZaika
Nawww, they're cute ... I think. And I really understand Natsus thoughts. Looking forward to the next chapter, to read what Lucy will do XD
11/1/2018 c12 Supergirl20155
keep updating! this is great!
10/31/2018 c12 3Raelin Thaon
Gods! About fucking time! I was stunned and ecstatic to see you had updated this story!

Until next time
10/31/2018 c12 valerioux
Well worth the wait and I liked the changes of POV every now and then. Awesome job
10/31/2018 c12 JAKEDSNAKE
Aaaaaaand you did it again...gosh and i was now tryna stop reading FFs... I still cant believe how vivid ur descriptions were...its like i was there myself...hehe wouldnt mindd that lol.
I may have said this before but i will still say it again...this probably my favourite Ft FF! Shhhhh dont tell Morrigan XD.

Nah but seriously tho i have been waiting for this update forever it seems...but it doesnt matter cause i finally got it...and boy was it worth the wait. I agree with you...nobody wants to see a fumbling Natsu...and btw in my opinion he only pretends to be an idiot. He is actually really smart. But u already knew that!

Ohhhhh im reading 100 yr quest too its going really good lol!.
Amyways im late for school (this is why i was gonna stop reading FFs XD) ...
So have a wonderful day! And thanks for making my day too!
10/31/2018 c5 16CrazyZaika
A wonderful chapter. I love it. And I think it's in character, because... Natsu have the senses of a dragon, I think the most forgot about that.

Mhm... I think Gray would get it. He and Natsu already talked and I think they talked about this stuff too.

Uhhh, AU? Sounds interesting. I would love to read it.
10/30/2018 c12 21mautrino
Hey Satyrykal!
Omg this was one of the best nalu love scenes ever! You can feel all their range of emotions through your writing, and the detail in is always amazing. Especially that tension from that moment they got interrupted on the roof, eager to finish what they started.
You could also just feel the love between them throughout the entirety of the chapter. I also loved that part where Lucy just throws caution to the wind and lays one on him right in front of the rest of the group lol! Such a great moment and can totally imagine that happening.
Ah it was all so good! Sad the story is almost over, but every update has been worth so it and it has become one of my absolute favorite fics.
I look forward to following the rest of your works!
10/30/2018 c12 2The 0bservanc3

Long time no see! How've you been?!

Oh la la! Now that was a steamy chapter my friend! A great penultimate chapter if I do say so. The passion you've built for 11 chapters, contained just barely by situation and chance, has finally burst forth fully.

As always, your story evolution stayed incredibly close to the realm of believable and realistic for the characters. Even your "selfish" choice of making Natsu unusually skilled in the bedroom for a first timer can be accepted as the character himself can usually pull unbelievable concentration, determination, and talent out of his hat whenever he's serious about something. So non-bumbling Natsu was fine for me. Though I would've enjoyed some bumbling as well, if only because it would've also been completely understandable. So in short, either path you could've taken would've been fine because you've taken an inordinate amount of time to build up your story, characters, and their relationships.

While I'm sad that this fantastic story will be ending soon, I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

Thank you for everything!
10/30/2018 c12 4MorriganFae
Auggghhh, I so wanted to be the first one to review. I even made sure my notifications were on and the volume should've been a gong in my ear, but somehow I missed it.

Nevermind. I'm here now. :D

I will say this without an ounce of exaggeration or favouritism: this is the best lemon I have ever read. Ever. It has so much sweetness combined with the sexy hotness, and you carry the heat theme so well. It's truly a marvel and you should be proud AF that you wrote it. It's uncanny how good it is.

Let's start with all my favourite parts, shall we?

"The darkness siphoning the colour from his irises as starlight glinted silver in their reflection." Gah! What an image! "Darkness siphoning" is sublime! It really set us up for not a mere "bump and grind" blend of citrus, but something MORE. I'm hooked.

Natsu asking Lucy if he can "broil" the drunks below them for interrupting them is fantastic. Gives us the heat theme, but in a comedic way that showcases your talent. This made me laugh and get eager for what I knew was coming next.

Wait. It's not coming next. Happy's in the room. Stupid cat. Hehehehe.

"The heat that had been burning between them somewhat cooled, but this close, the strain was still tight within him." Me and you both, Natsu. Me and you both, buddy.

Ahhh, the "love you, Luce" and her whispering "I love you too, Natsu." I'm melting! Just love the Nalu way too much.

I've said it before, but I was NEVER a huge Juvia fan. You have won me over by giving her a maturity that makes me enjoy her a lot more than I ever thought I could. Bravo.

Lucy going in for a kiss! That's right! LOVE HER doing this! She ended the charade and claimed her man, right in front of other guild members and Happy (who's as gossipy as Mira, in my mind). Whelp, cat's out of the bag. Hahahahaha.

Lucy's promise of getting him home faster so they can have private time together is the only thing that convinces him to get on the train? Yeessssssssss.

"The sky was a shimmering stream of bronze and violet as the sunset painted the city." Gah! You make everything just glorious. I love these images you conjure up.

I absolutely loved them doing the dishes together. Natsu using his magic to dry them faster made me spit-laugh out loud. Perfectly in character for our impatient slayer.

The water fight was tender and sweet. The perfect precursor to our sexy-times that show up later. Natsu and Lucy are friends first, and I love how over and over again in your story, you showcase and remind us of that.

Alright, now we're getting to the citrus. I love your adjectives, always. "sin saturating his voice," "his tone changing from impish to intense in the space of a second."

Bra clasps are hard. Best invest in more front-fastening ones around dragon boy, Lucy. You're going need it. ;)

Natsu licking Lucy's hand to 'assist' her, saying "That'll probably work better," was so freaking sexy I was dying on the inside. I am mush. It was actually perfect for the two of them and I have never seen it done in a fic before.

"Are you going to stand there and stare all night?" "Just enjoying the view." Natsu IS such a dork. But he's Lucy's dork and she loves him. Tempering the boiling with the sweet in your deft, delicate way. I loved it.

The part about Natsu always nudging Lucy forward, how it wasn't too fast, not for them. Those paragraphs resonated with me. You always, always keep everyone in character, even when they are doing stuff that Hiro Mashima refuses to give us. Everything feels like a natural extension of their established relationship. Best friends but more, indeed.

Lucy asking Natsu if he wanted her had me holding my breath.

Condoms! Fantasy sex rarely worries about this, but you addressed it head-on (condom pun! Deliberately placed) and there was no awkwardness. Just genuine desire.

"I need a yes, pretty girl." I am pretty sure I disintegrated at this. How can asking for permission still be so feral and sexy? Well, you're Satyrykal, so you make it that way!

Thank you for the realistic portrayal of a woman's orgasm…losing breath and shallow pants.

Oh my GAWDS, Natsu said "let go." That's it. I'm tatters. I'm rubble. His sexiness knows no bounds. These are now my favourite two words ever. You have slayed me.

Natsu demanding Lucy repeat that she loves him over and over at the end? PERFECT. It's actually such a sweet note to end the chapter on (that and they seem to be raring to go again).

I loved this, Satyrykal. This entire story is phenomenal! It was more than worth the wait to get quality like this! Love, love, love this!
10/30/2018 c12 sarahelle04
You are amazing. Seriously. And the “boiling point” line? Brilliant
10/30/2018 c12 6DreamWeaver2121
<3 I can't even...there are no words for how intoxicating this was!
10/30/2018 c12 Guest
Aw fuck yea, finally together. It was worth the wait :D
10/30/2018 c12 122Dark Shining Light
I loved this chapter so much! Thank you for taking the time and uploading it! It was very well written and I enjoyed it so much
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