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11/7/2018 c1 kim-stitches
just started and idk why i took this long to do so! i love your writing! everything flows seamlessly. excited to see how everything turns out! you're amazing <3
11/5/2018 c11 fafou14
This storyyyy is soooo good ughhhh I can’t belive I didn’t find it earlier omggg you’re suchhh a good writer I love this soooo much .. I can’t wait for the next chapterrr T.T 3
11/3/2018 c4 1kuro02
this is happy level of cockblocking lol
11/2/2018 c12 23Deborahpflover
You made me read this entire story again just so I could enjoy this chapter better. It was still as great the second time around. But it was worth the wait. This chapter was delicious. And yes, consent and protection is hot. :P
11/2/2018 c12 4noseinabook145
Yay! It was so long! Consent is so sexy. The whole chapter was sexy. Even the condom was sexy. Can't wait for the last chapter!
11/2/2018 c12 2foreveranimez
Finally! It was worth the waiting, I really love this story and it was about time that they finally could be alone and do it
11/1/2018 c12 AzmariaMinohi
So worth the wait Saty! That was absolutely awesome! *applause and cheering* Can't wait to see the epilogue.
11/1/2018 c7 16CrazyZaika
Ouh, Lucy is so mean XD I like it. And I like this chapter. It's kinda sweet I think.
11/1/2018 c12 1Leomae2.0
FINALFUCKINGLY! Omg yes! And no I’m totally with you, a fumbling guy is a total turn off. Entire reason I made sure my first was experienced lol. Anyway, I’m a little sad it’s ending but then maybe it will allow you to work on The Edge more. Hope you update again soon.
11/1/2018 c2 1kuro02
you can cut that seual tension with a knife lol
11/1/2018 c6 16CrazyZaika
Nawww, they're cute ... I think. And I really understand Natsus thoughts. Looking forward to the next chapter, to read what Lucy will do XD
11/1/2018 c12 Supergirl20155
keep updating! this is great!
10/31/2018 c12 3Raelin Thaon
Gods! About fucking time! I was stunned and ecstatic to see you had updated this story!

Until next time
10/31/2018 c12 valerioux
Well worth the wait and I liked the changes of POV every now and then. Awesome job
10/31/2018 c12 JAKEDSNAKE
Aaaaaaand you did it again...gosh and i was now tryna stop reading FFs... I still cant believe how vivid ur descriptions were...its like i was there myself...hehe wouldnt mindd that lol.
I may have said this before but i will still say it again...this probably my favourite Ft FF! Shhhhh dont tell Morrigan XD.

Nah but seriously tho i have been waiting for this update forever it seems...but it doesnt matter cause i finally got it...and boy was it worth the wait. I agree with you...nobody wants to see a fumbling Natsu...and btw in my opinion he only pretends to be an idiot. He is actually really smart. But u already knew that!

Ohhhhh im reading 100 yr quest too its going really good lol!.
Amyways im late for school (this is why i was gonna stop reading FFs XD) ...
So have a wonderful day! And thanks for making my day too!
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