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5/28/2018 c10 23Deborahpflover
This is awesome! I found this story a few hours ago and I've been reading it since then. I LOVE how you write Natsu and Lucy, and their strange way of getting into a relationship. They're so cute and really hot together. Can't wait to read more!
5/23/2018 c9 Guest
Are we going to see a wonderful update soon? Missing this story!
4/30/2018 c10 Guest
This is one of the best Fanfic I have read about nalu. You really capture there personalities, and how they would behave.
Love it! Keep it going _
4/27/2018 c4 Slash2104
Sensational stuff,.. Almost sounds like you put mountains if effort into this..keep up the good work!
4/26/2018 c2 Slash2104
Amazing... Just sounds so magical...
4/22/2018 c4 5xxSurfingDreamsxx
lmao this was hilarious! You are a lovely and talented beastie :)
4/21/2018 c10 P
Love this story. It's wonderfully written and I really can't wait to see where you go with this. I fell upon this story and now you have me hooked.
4/20/2018 c10 11YukiMC
Hey! Sorry it took me so long to review! I've literally been dying this month. School started for me so I've been uber busy (

Anyways, great chapter as always! I don't particularly like fight scenes in fics, but you wrote this well enough that it was entertaining. I really enjoyed the fact that everyone was able to show off how strong they were rather than have them struggling when we know what they're capable of at this point.

It's something small, but I really liked how you highlighted Natsu and Lucy's attraction to each other even at random moments like after the fight. I feel like people forget that you notice random things that you're attracted to in your partner even at the most inopportune moments. It just really highlights how drawn you are to the person. I really like when that gets shown in fics.

I also really liked Natsu's teasing towards Gray it really was a Happy move like you said. Your dialogue is always so amusing in that way.

WHAAAAT FAIY TAIL IS HAVING A SPIN OFF? I'm so hype for that if its true!

Super excited for the next chapter, I'll try to read it sooner! That cliffhanger is going to kill me until then because you know I love the juicy bits!
4/20/2018 c10 1Lodemai04
This story is awesome.
4/19/2018 c10 2ThayetJade
Love the chapter! I have a feeling that their gonna watch the stars...there’s just a huge difference in the amount of stars you see at night in the mountains verses the city...and knowing Natsu an Lucy he knows that’s something special to her...
4/17/2018 c10 6LackingDelirium
I just wanted to say I absolutely love the relationships you have between the characters because they're so similar to the actual series I'm having a hard believing this didn't happen! I'm a huge fan of brotps especially with Lucy and Gray. The NaLu in this is so realistic that I just want more and more of them. Not to mention the scenes have me fanning myself. I think you're an amazing writer and I can't wait to read more!
4/17/2018 c8 1nonsensepie
I'm so glad you didn't stretch out the part where they were confused about the what the other one meant, that has been done to DEATH. Love this chapter. What's Levy gonna do now haha
4/17/2018 c5 nonsensepie
Oh damn, that was a great chapter. ;)
4/17/2018 c4 nonsensepie
Oh man! I thought they were going to FINALLY kiss! You, are the master of the tease. I love how believable and awkward these two are. Reminds me of my first crush and how unsure you are when you're inexperienced. Very believable. Again, great job with the characteristics and the writing. Off to the next chapter! :D
4/17/2018 c3 nonsensepie
Ahhhhh this is so well written! Everyone is in character and I love how natural the development between Natsu and Lucy is. Great work!
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