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3/7/2018 c8 Lucy H Lover
I found this story with a recommendation from MorriganFae and I love it! Steamy Nalu romance is awesome! When they almost did the deed but didn’t I was like “No! It was so close!”. I read through all the chapters that are available back to back and couldn’t stop! Now I’m a little sad that I caught up but...yeah confessions from both of them! Levy catching them at the end was priceless and I can’t wait to see what happens next!
3/7/2018 c8 26notjustanyfangrl

This was adorable, and tbh I’m a sucker for a hint of angst so thank you for the almost miscommunication but then the saviour Bcus I don’t think my heart would be able to handle that!
3/7/2018 c8 Valythe
Epic chapter, can't wait for more!
3/7/2018 c8 Guest
I think you did a really good job with the confession!
3/7/2018 c8 Halfway-to-Heaven
my heart is still racing , Great story... thank you for.
3/7/2018 c8 2mayu05
Another great chapter keep up the amazing work. I can't wait for your new entry.
3/6/2018 c8 21mautrino
Hi! This was such a great chapter! Yay they finally got their feelings out in the open! lol, I thought the confession was really well done too. I always like when you get more of an insight to what's going through Natsu's head or how he's feeling during these confessions so thank you! & as always the detail in your writing gets me every time! It's all so good and has quickly became one of my favorite stories :3 Looking forward to what's next now that Levy has caught them in this "compromising" position! lol
3/6/2018 c8 Guest
So wonderful! I have never been more annoyed at dear sweet Levi. So excited for your next chapter
3/6/2018 c8 6Saint Artemis
You had me so scared there for a moment that they were going to try and really pretend nothing had happened! Fie on you madam! I loved how this turned out! I can't wait to see how they handle this! Great job!
3/6/2018 c8 6DreamWeaver2121
brilliant! ahhaha I screamed when levy went from shocked to cunning, can't wait for more!
3/6/2018 c8 1Trifan
This was wonderful. You are good at sweet and spicy at the same time. I must say I liked the equality of it. Often I'll see Natsu be completely on top of the situation or totaly one up Lucy, but here he is just as nervous and fumbling as she and they are able to get through the confessions together. Nicely done.

And it was good that Natsu made it clear he would stop if she wanted. He says he'd never do what she doesn't want, but as pointed out mere sentences earlier he doesn't have a good track record with respecting her personal space, and I can see Lucy needing reassurance that he knows what lines to not cross.

I got a little lost at the point where Natsu freaked out. Am I understanding correctly that he panicked and took what Lucy said as her not wanting to be friends anymore? As opposed to what? And then she reassured him and they confessed their love, which made everything better? It was a good scene, don't get me wrong. But I hope you come back to it later and explain what Natsu was thinking.

Levy sure picked a time to visit. Love the detail with the spare key. I feel like I read in manga extras somewhere that Mira canonicaly made a spare key to Lucy's apartment and that's what everyone uses. But anyway, I'm glad it was Levy, of all possible witnesses to that event, that found them. I hope despite her jab about telling everyone that Lucy can convince her to let them have a semblance of privacy until they inevitably out themselves on the mission.

To sum up: very good confession that I hope we get to see Natsu's thoughts on, it did flow nicely, thank you for not dragging things out, and I expect Levy to tease Lucy about this and demand all the details but I'm not sure what else exactly.
3/6/2018 c8 InnerJFire
i love the way you write, you wrote the characters so well, and the way gray reacted to their interactions, and how Levy reacted to finding them, oh my god. I love it, keep it up :D
3/6/2018 c8 Guest
Sorry I just realized I wasn’t logged in! Having some trouble via mobile. -DiehardSxKFan99
3/6/2018 c8 Guest
Slam dunk my friend! You keep the characters as themselves and that’s a difficult thing to find in stories. I really enjoyed the confession, it’s not just pent up lust it’s definitely more. Lucy and natsu have managed to be 100,000 times way worse predicaments and had an easier time handling those than their own feelings. Mavis, you have me boiling over here...and poor Levy, I’m pretty sure out of anyone she had to have foreseen this especially since she’s so smitten with Mr. shoobydobop Redfox
3/6/2018 c8 Guest
Aw so so cute. Can't wait for your next chapter
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