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3/15/2018 c9 1M.Allyn
A bit disappointed with what happened. I thought Levy would give them some privacy because their talk is long overdue. They could have the girl talk after Lucy and Natsu sort things out. I am not against the girl talk I just think that it might not be a good idea to further pro long their talk. Especially when they are both uncertain and slightly confused on their terms with each other.
3/15/2018 c9 12YukiMC
LOL, I'm so pissed at Natsu. They were so close to getting away with it, but then he just had to kiss Lucy and tease her like that! When I read that part I was like, "yep, knew Levy wasn't going to believe they're an item"..."WHAT! NATSU! Nooo! You were so close!" haha.

Lucy telling Levy about when Natsu said he loved her was sooo sweet too. I loved it!

Lord why do I get so fangirly when I read your fics? The fluff is really good.

There's so many little things I really liked in this chapter, Natsu laying in Lucy's lap and feeling the vibration of her voice, Gray teasing Natsu about Lucy, Natsu watching Lucy walk, etc. As always I really love your descriptions.

Eager for the next chapter as always!
3/15/2018 c9 cookinom
Oh shiiiiiiiit Julia! Run Gray, run!
3/15/2018 c9 Halfway-to-Heaven
this chapter was so fun, thanks for updating.
3/15/2018 c1 Halfway-to-Heaven
this chapter was so fun, thanks for updating.
3/15/2018 c9 2LucyxAnyoneShipper
I think the girl talk section was perfect. The girls were true to character and their reactions to their own situations and each others’ was exactly as I’d expect.

I enjoyed Natsu’s thoughts on his friendship with Gray as well!
3/15/2018 c9 13waiting-for-you443
This chapter was awesome! I liked how you took a step back and focused on the brotps, and how respectful Natsu is of Lucy’s boundaries. I do believe that they were in character, with Lucy’s stuttering and half-denials. It gave off the feeling of embarrassment, but not guilt, which was nice. I also really liked the small exchange between Natsu and Gray after the carriage ride. You captured their friendship really well. My heart also mildly broke to see Gray so worried about Juvia, and can’t wait to see what happens next!
3/15/2018 c9 10LetsGoKoby
Well you got me to review :) your story more than deserves the love and you are a dedicated author so...

To answer the first question, I found girl time frustrating but m mostly because it came right after the confession. Story telling wise, I think it was a great move to keep the romantic narrative going and not ending that part of the plot too soon (I think the whole "we still need to talk" aspect it a great narrative choice for this). I think you write it well, too. It was a nice bit of downtime and added some non-purely romance in the story to give it a bit more depth at least:)

As for in character, one of my favorite aspects of this story are how you write lucy and more specifically nastu. Reading through these chapters have really been reading about best friends and it's possibly the most heartwarming romantic development I've read in a long time. It's not overly angsty and they each have their own shortcomings and worries that truly fit them. How Lucy behaves is truly believable and I couldn't see it any other way and Natsu as well is definitely one iteration of how I could see him behaving. It's a perfect blend between Natsu and M rating to keep him sassy in his own sassy way. The way you let their relationahip build, too, waant overwhelming or repetitive or out of pace or anything od the like and if has been amazingly effective. I've truly, truly enjoyed their relationship (and the ship it's of gray in this chapter too was fun) and I look forward to the next chapter as well:)

I didn't expect to see juvia flying about, but I'm excited to see WHAT you have planned! You have one or two typos in there somewhere ("o" instead of "of" for example.. I'm sorry I don't remember where) but nothing big. Your writing in general is something I really enjoy

Sorry for any typos I'm reviewing on my phone and it doesn't like me... looking forward to next week
3/15/2018 c9 AzmariaMinohi
Ooooo plot twist. Nice. I don't mind the lateness. I'm honestly just just glad you didn't disappear and drop the story. Too many good fics end like that tragically.
3/15/2018 c9 stranger1999
I always love me some Lucy and levy time!
and DAMNNN is tension between natsu and Lucy is sizzling and obvious
they're not exactly doing a good job of keeping it a secret...
3/15/2018 c9 3animequeen100
what happend to JUVIA oh my goodness! YAY GRAY GO SAVE HER!
3/13/2018 c8 8Winter Foxx
I really liked the way you wrote their confession :) and I say better now than later. I can't say what Levy will do, but I can't wait for what you come up with! I'm also curious how the guild will take the news, that is if Levy tells them or not...though, many of them probably won't be surprised.

Looking forward to what you come up with in the next chapter!
3/12/2018 c1 13UnderratedOver
i absolutely LOVED the confession scene <33 I think it just captures everything I love about the fanfic so much, and that's how affectionate they are with one another ahdkahjdhs id love to see more of how they feel and how that shows through their actions- whether that's through physical contact or other little things. cant wait for the other chapters!
3/11/2018 c8 Guest
This is such a well written and entertaining story! I love it. I feel like Hiro gave us the best ending because you can imagine almost anything happening afterwards. Loving your interpretation.
3/11/2018 c8 Musing-Zoleta
This was perfect! That confession gripped me so hard I thought I would explode! And that ending? Yaaassss ️️️
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