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7/11/2020 c13 lilxmissxnibbles
This was seriously one of the very best fanfics and nalu fanfics ive ever read . Ive been reading stories since my preteens and im 28 now so i hope that says something about the quality of your writing. I adored the slow build pace, the way you created long stretches of nerves and suspense, and captured my favorite characters' personalities in the exact way i think they would be. I definitely see lucy as confident but inexperienced and unsure too! I swear youre one of the few people to allow her to slowly get over her insecurities with natsu's gentle encouragement. I also see natsu as a primal, instinctive but gentle and confident man. I dont see lucy trying for him in the 100yrs quest at this point, i really do think it will take him to take the first step. So i appreciate the push and pull you created where he's noticing the little changes in her reactions to him more and it spurs him into trying. I loved it and youre a phenomenal and sophisticated writer. My ONLY con and i say this in hopes it will make your writing even better, is maybe a bit less of the running of tongue over ones own teeth, biting of lower lip and biting inner cheek. I totally get what you're doing there and applaud you but it just got repetitive for me after awhile.. i seriously cant wait to read more of your stories
Never stop writing (: especially for nalu
P.s. this story could TOTALLY continue ;D plleassee
7/5/2020 c2 7B0aHanc0ck
This chapter was absolutely breathtaking! Everything was perfect. We could clearly feel the tension between them and you enhanced perfectly the exchange by focusing on every small detail! Your writing style is truly something worth the reading
6/26/2020 c13 Guest
6/12/2020 c13 Serrena094
This story is so realistic! I had a lot of fun reading it
5/17/2020 c13 Guest
BEAUTIFUL! I loved this, soooo much!
3/26/2020 c13 4Crimson-Blossom794
I just wanna say that I absolutely loved this story! All of it beginning to end was amazing! I would be ecstatic if you made a sequel or continued on somehow. Wonderful job and thank you for the good read!
3/10/2020 c13 14MillennialStargazer
OMG I absolutely loved this! Great job!
3/9/2020 c12 MillennialStargazer
That was damn hot!
3/9/2020 c11 MillennialStargazer
Gotta love how these two can’t keep their hands off each other lol
3/8/2020 c9 MillennialStargazer
Love, love, love!
3/8/2020 c8 MillennialStargazer
Another great chapter!
3/8/2020 c7 MillennialStargazer
Natsu’s defnitely a charmer!
3/5/2020 c6 MillennialStargazer
Loving this !
3/4/2020 c5 MillennialStargazer
Things keep heating up !
2/17/2020 c5 pinzariuovidiu2016
Holy shit! This got real steamy. I like it. Lucy should be careful though. She is playing with fire after all.
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