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for Boiling Point

8/14/2019 c13 VampieNeko
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I LOVE IT! I wasn't expecting something this good but, man I was hooked pretty early. I loved the tension throughout it and the ending was sooooo good. Thank you for creating this!
7/15/2019 c13 8CartographerLinguistPlumber
Really loved the story. It's a nice change to have a fan fiction with the "older" Natsu & Lucy (The smut was pretty good too... XD). Thanks for writing!
7/5/2019 c13 Alphaa23
I don’t usually do reviews but I had to for this because IT IS AMAZINGGG. Ugh the feels, the relationship between Natsu and Lucy. Thank you so much for writing this! I really enjoyed the small part of Gruvia as well since I’m a shipper of them too gahhh if only there was more hehe!
6/9/2019 c13 1hajaebo93
This is my second time reading. I just love this storyline so much!
6/6/2019 c13 9Epic Otaku Cherry
I absolutely love this. One of my favorite NaLu fics. Thank you so much for building in Natsu’s character too. Too many people dismiss him as an idiot. But you didn’t (and even brought that comment full circle, perfect ending). Thank you so much for this.
5/23/2019 c2 Guest
5/24/2019 c12 Piglets12
I love this chapter! I can’t wait for the last chapter!
5/18/2019 c13 1hajaebo93
This was so amazing. Thank you for blessing the world with this!
5/10/2019 c13 12fairytailNL
I loved the story and the way you have written it
5/8/2019 c13 3kaystar92
OMG, I LOVE this story! I adore how you slowed everything down and each chapter had a little bit more spice then the last! Incredible job, keep writing please! 3
5/5/2019 c13 mermer710
I don’t know if I left a review the first time around but I just reread this fanfic for the fourth time in the last few months and I absolutely love everything about it! Thank you for sharing it with us!
5/4/2019 c13 Aauberry2
I have read many many fanfics as well as writing some of my own. Usually the short fanfics don't interest me, but yours was very well written. It kept me engaged the whole time. I dig your writing style and the use of descriptive verbs. Very good story!
4/24/2019 c13 Chelsea
Really nice! I like awkward and funny Natsu as much as anyone, but you make a very convincing case for the sincere and sexy version, ha. 3
4/17/2019 c13 13Jeni27
I love this so much. It's so sweet and not as angsty as I had originally thought it was going to be. They were so natural about everything, and I love how respectful Natsu is of Lucy in their intimacies. You did an amazing job on this!
3/14/2019 c13 Tohka123
Quite e enjoyable
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