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12/8/2018 c10 Juvia is my spirit animal
Not gonna lie I was not expecting that at all. To see two of the element four and for them to be attacking Juvia, I was all sorts of wrong. Ya I can't see them struggling at all with any of them. I feel like the only reason why Juvia would have been was because she never wants to hurt her friends. Like she holds back on every fight because she doesn't want to hurt anyone. Also what was it, like 1 to 7 or something like that. Ya anyone would have some trouble.
Juvia, loves, we have been moving away from the stocking. Don't fall into your bad habits again (looks at chapter two of 100yr quest, well shit). I love that her and Natsu have the same reactions for their loves. I think they have any amazing friendship and understand each other when it comes to love. Not sure if you saw the edit bonneyq did for one of the fairy tail covers. It was the one with Gray and Lucy having ice cream. She made one with Juvia and Natsu talking in another. It's a great one where the boys are talking about the girls respective relationships. Its pretty funny.
12/8/2018 c9 Juvia is my spirit animal
See Lucy, you totes need girl talk. Having Levy and Lucy have this conversation before things get too hot and heavy with Natsu was smart. Lucy is someone who overthinks things and needs time to fully appreciate the confession she just had with Natsu. While she could have done this on the trip, it works better that she used Levy as a kind of sound board. This way Levy is able to show her that her fears are unfounded and give an outside point of view. The same could be said for Levy and Gajeel's relationship. It's clear that Levy still has her doubts, so they both really needed this. Also Gray is totally on to them. He noticed how they were acting in the guildhall and probably was the first to notice all the little changes.

Now what are you doing to my special child Juvia?! Not sure how the addition of Juiva and Gajeel will be to the story, but it might be good for Natsu. He could probably use Gajeel similar to how Lucy used Levy. While Gray is one of his closes friends, he does seem to have better communication with Gajeel. Maybe its a dragon slayer thing. Also since Gajeel is in a relationship, he might trust him more.
I feel like this is where we insert the meme "your doing great sweetie" to talk about how well these characters are written and in character. Nothing so far has seen over the top or OOC.
12/8/2018 c8 Juvia is my spirit animal
So Lucy you defiantly will need this girls night to cool off. This kids man, they are killing me. I love how you did the confession. It was exactly how I assumed these two idiots would do it. Neither are good with expressing their feelings to each other. Which is ridiculous, but I mean Lucy still did not properly talk to Natsu about how upset she was at him leaving. And lords know that boy is a little to blunt and things get interpreted wrong all the time because of it. I can't really blame Natsu for not understand right away either, because that girl was basically talking in code. I felt for him.

Levy is the best. Love the unintentional cockblock.
12/8/2018 c13 130Snavej
this entire story is so fucking good I love it
12/7/2018 c13 MagicalFoxInTheWilderness
I love this book so much! My favorite parts of this book were probably "Cold?" and "Say it again". Those two lines stuck with me even through the gaps of my reading. Keep up the amazing books!
12/5/2018 c7 Juvia is my spirit animal
Not gonna lie didn't think there was more going on till that lady showed up. Sneaky plot bunnies, just popping out of nowhere. Not gonna lie I have nothing on this scroll, but I do feel like it is connected with maybe the university Zeref was studying in. It doesn't seem connected to Zeref, that really wasn't his MO, but maybe someone from his time. Another form of forbidden magic. The fact that it is in the same language clearly has an effect on Natsu, so that will probably pay a big role in this story. Him overcoming his guilt he probably feels, thinking this was all his fault.

Forgot to mention the jealously thing. I think it depends on the characters. Gray and Juvia, yes they both have self-esteem issues and both have shown jealous tendencies in canon. I don't really see Natsu or Lucy having true jealous moments with other guild members. Both are comfortable in their skin and trust each other. Also if something was going to happen, it would have by now.
12/5/2018 c6 Juvia is my spirit animal
Loved it. I love to see how people write Natsu and his emotions. Some how you got in his head, this was a really good chapter. Some of Natsu's impatience seems to be rubbing off on Lucy. Glad Natsu was the one to slow it down. Bring on the teasing, these two are going to be a hot mess by the end of this.

My favorite pairing is actually Gruvia than Nalu. I just love Gray (first character I feel in love with) and just want to see him happy. Don't know why but when Juvia came along it just seemed to click. Like they work so much better than Gray and Lucy. No offense to the ship, they just seem like they have more of a brother/sister dynamic. Gray really only opens up to Juvia and she really needs that more steady presence that Gray provides. I really think the turning point for both was the Tartaous arc. When Juvia says she can't love him anymore because she killed Keys and he thanks her was the turning moment for both of them. I think that is when she calmed down and he realized that he can't keep going at life alone forever. Gajeel and Levy are another fav because they are just so opposite. Also their story just has so many layers from the attack to the forgiveness and the fact that he really didn't forgive himself till basically the war. Also I love watching Levy get all riled up, like at the GMG. I don't really ship Natsu with anyone else, Gratsu maybe, but only slightly. Lucy, on the other hand I ship with almost every girl. I have a headcannon that she is bi/pan and just love the dynamics that just come with a gay Lucy ship. I really don't ship her with many guys either. From her reactions she seems to only let Natsu get away with certain things and I think thats why I only ship her with him or girls. Lucy x Cana and Lucy x Juvia are my top two w/w ships.
Sorry I could ramble for days about Gruvia, Nalu and Gajevy.
12/5/2018 c5 Juvia is my spirit animal
Okay that opening for one was great. Love the hold up, we have to talk about how we got here. I love your writing, laughing one minute, way to invested the next. This is probably one of the best scenes with these two. I could totally see Natsu losing control way to fast and letting instinct take over and then freaking out when he thought he did something wrong. And good on Lucy for not shying away from what she wants as well. She does know her sex appeal and can't see her not going all in with someone she truly loves. Anyone else and she might be hesitant, but with Natsu I see her placing all her trust in him.

Bro I have so many brotps its ridiculous. Gajeel and Juvia, Natsu and Juvia, Lucy and Gray, Gray and Natsu, Gray and Cana, the list goes on and on. My top three though are Lucy and Gray, Gajeel and Juvia and Natsu and Juvia. I think Gray would pick up on something but might not be so sure right away. I feel like Lucy and Natsu wouldn't be on the same page on how to act (also hickeys everywhere). I feel like Gray would be supportive but probably give them a hard time.
12/5/2018 c4 Juvia is my spirit animal
I'm wheezing. Natsu is so pissed. Oh that was hilarious, love the they are totally going to kiss.. oh wait nevermind. Also best line "plain Earthlandian please". I am glad to see they are no longer denying it, but why do I feel like there will be more interruptions. I am curious how they will handle life once they get back to the guild as well. Let the jokes and bets begin.

So I don't think either have much experience. It seems like Natsu never really cared except for Lisanna in the beginning and then when Lucy came along. He was too young with Lisanna, so ya Lucy would probably be his first. Lucy is way to picky and probably wouldn't last past the first date. She had this idea of a prince charming. I feel like she would be really hard to please, because she thinks she wants one thing, but actually her heart wants another. Kinda like she didn't really know what she wanted till she founded. That being said I think while they would be clumsy, it would still run somewhat smooth because they both are on the same plane. Meaning that they will be awkward together, but it wouldn't matter because it's them two together, if that makes sense.

Side note: good luck in school (if you are still going, not sure where you are in your studies).
12/3/2018 c3 Juvia is my spirit animal
That's our badass Lucy for ya. Love the, not sure what to call it, (narrator sass?) like the part about the Heartfilia doe-eyes and the literal sword. Loving the sense of humor in this. That ending though, now thats a cliffhanger.

I think Natsu realized he loved her during the Tenrou Arc. The scene with Kain, his face says it all. For Lucy I think it was little bits through out GMG, calumniating with the future Lucy part. Though these walnuts took till the war to realize the others feelings.
12/3/2018 c2 Juvia is my spirit animal
YASSSSSSSSSS build that tension. I love the idea that when they are alone together, like not even Happy around, that Natsu is much more quiet. Like the quiet moments are just for them too only. Lucy my girl, you need to figure out your feelings.

I didn't start shipping Nalu till the GMG arc. There were hints, but that arc is what sold it for me.
12/3/2018 c1 Juvia is my spirit animal
Happy 1 year anniversary into the fandom that demands your soul and you are all to happy to give. Honeslty same when it came to Fairy Tail. I binged the anime and manga in like no time.

Now to the story, the tension in the air, *chefs kiss*. I'm with Natsu on this for free food as well. Someone is stupid enough to pay for my bill, I'm going use it to the full advantage. Lucy, my girl, you be hustling that same game. Honestly you should love it more that Natsu flipped her flirting right back at her.
12/2/2018 c13 1SazHearT
In my heart this story is canon for me, I can totally see these events happening after the Alvarez arc...
The characterization of natsu and Lucy was to the point and all the hanging issues were addressed.
I'm so happy that I read this fiction! Thank you for writing this!
12/2/2018 c13 greenhazel18
I really enjoyed this story so much
12/1/2018 c13 aliciacevbra
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