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for Through the Dark Clouds shining (English version)

9/16/2018 c60 2Kim Blythe
Rilla's tears came back...

She could now say a proper goodbye to Walter...

She even was able to open the curtains and watch the sun and see the light, once more !

But now, her body, mind, soul, are telling her that she can't continue to go on like this anymore, without sleep, barely eating, only working and working.

because now, it is time for her to rest and rest, and let others take care of her...
9/16/2018 c59 Kim Blythe
You not mentioning the name of the person that was on that hospital bed for a very long time at the beginning of this chapter, made me wonder and hope that it wouldn't be the one person I was thinking of...

Like Rilla, I was saying to myself, if he his that calm, that peaceful, he couldn't be dying, because, there was still hope !

But then, as both Tim and Persis said, he was just waiting for her to arrive by his side, for him to say his final goodbye...

Now, there isn't any Walter Blythe no more.
9/16/2018 c58 Kim Blythe
Rilla is once again nursing german soldiers as patients...

Although I too have a fear of knowing who in Rilla's relations is about to die, I do hope as well, just like Tim does, that he his not too late in bringing Rilla to the side of that person...
9/16/2018 c57 Kim Blythe
I don't know of what I am more shocked of, about the death penalty, or about that soldier, Rilla's patient that started to attack her, strangle her, almost killing her...
9/16/2018 c56 Kim Blythe
This was a nice, a very good surprise, that both of the lieutenant that are with Rilla and Miller to have offer Rilla to be able to see Ken one more time !
9/15/2018 c55 Guest
That Lieutenant, with the three names, he probably had both of his parents choosing to give him both of their family's names when he was born, this is why he as such a long name !

I think I would much have preferred if Rilla had stayed behind and wrote all those letters that she still had to write...
9/15/2018 c54 Guest
That war is just so terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible, terrible...
9/15/2018 c53 Guest
A train ! An hospital train ! This is where Rilla as been set too !

Okay, I guess I will just have to wait and see how everything will turn out with this new accommodation that you have put Rilla in...

I cannot wait to get to know nurse Miller a little bit more !

And this, I did not know, about Indian's fighting into the war as well ! Were they Indian's from India, Canada, Dominican Republic ?
9/15/2018 c52 Guest
You wouldn't be making Rilla go into one of these hospital boats now, do you, after what Ken just told her at the beginning of this chapter ?!

Damn, that is another one scary thought to be thinking...

This is one thing to be rejoicing about and looking forward to, with Ken having bought Gallou's house, for he and Rilla to have their own house of dreams there, for Rilla to be waiting for Ken and, for the both of them to be going back to Canada, together !
9/15/2018 c51 Guest
I loved how Rilla said that her brother help her have her tears back, but she needed her husband to have her dreams back once more...

This is such a complicated, uncertain, complex world that they are all living in, that I do get why Rilla feels the need to not get pregnant right away, because she is so uncertain, unsure about if Ken will ever return to her, but then, Berthe makes a point, in saying that this baby can be something that could keep Ken alive and come back to them, and it could also be a memory and a reminder of what Ken was to her...

I have to say that this chapter was such a beautiful one, with so very special and important moments in it !
9/14/2018 c81 5fanofNC
That's the end! I'm sad...

I love how Rilla can talk to Ken about their little bug fondly now, and wants to let him feel it too. It'll be interesting when the baby starts kicking.

Ken and Rilla talking about their future is absolutely adorable! They finally have a chance at it, and they're doing a great job opening up to each other. And I'm really glad Ken supports Rilla!

I love them, this story, and you so much! Thank you!
9/12/2018 c81 38oz diva
Rilla is very wise to imagine up this way of utilising her skills. Preventative public health is a worthwhile and much needed field and will fit in with her changing circumstances. Medicine is all very well, but tricky at the best of times especially with a baby. I like the line where she said she didn't need or seek Ken's permission, but it was easier to do it with his support.

Ken's realisation that while his career might not be all that exciting, the fact that it still gave him the opportunity to help his men was rewarding in itself, was excellent. I suppose life has been rather 'exciting' over the last years, the thought of something boring is not really so awful.

I can understand how hard it must be to come to terms with this reality. The war is over, but everyone has lost so many friends and family members. It will never truly be over for that generation.

Your finish is beautiful, with the sliver of land over on the horizon. From start to finish, the whole story has occurred away from home, so it makes sense not to take us all the way back to Ingleside, but to leave this little family on the deck of the ship looking towards home.

Well you did it (x 2) kslchen. What an achievement. You have brought this war to life for me as no one has ever done it before. The attention to detail, to troop movements and possibilities has been sublime. Thank you.

Looking forward to your next story, which I know will be something completely different, but no less enjoyable for all that.
9/12/2018 c81 AnneShirley
Sorry, lost the previous review.

Your writing continues to astound me, with its unflinching descriptions and witty asides contributing to make Rilla something far more than the prettiest girl in the Glen. I think that's the point of fanfic - to take what canon's given us and to make something more of it. Your story does that so well.

Again, thank you for this wonderful story, and for the poignant yet hopeful ending.
9/12/2018 c81 AnneShirley
Finally, one of my favorite stories ends, and though I knew to expect it, I'm still shaken. This tale was perfect. I'm dipping in and out of my favorite chapters now, and your writing continues to
9/12/2018 c81 4OriginalMcFishie
Now this is a satisfying ending. It's not drenched in the obvious (continuing on as a wife and mother with occasional nursing) or in the non-realistic (becoming a doctor would be hard work with a young baby, even in our time, let alone post WWI), but it full of hope and plans for the future. I love her idea of sharing her knowledge. It speaks to keeping beauty in the world for Walter, it's practical (such a Blythe trait) and manageable with her baby/ies, and it gives hope to the future. That we know that that afuture involves another war doesn't come into it, but if she knew that I think she'd still do the same, those skills are needed no matter what the future brings. Ken too is full of hope for a positive future, giving work to returning soldiers, making the world solid (what does his family business do? I don't think you'v ever said). And that small sliver of a horizon that's home is truly beautiful. You should be proud of this body of work, it's impressive. This Rilla eclipses canon Rilla. She strong, and capable, and wonderfully human. Enjoy your break, I look forward to your next adventure.
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