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for Through the Dark Clouds shining (English version)

9/15/2018 c52 Guest
You wouldn't be making Rilla go into one of these hospital boats now, do you, after what Ken just told her at the beginning of this chapter ?!

Damn, that is another one scary thought to be thinking...

This is one thing to be rejoicing about and looking forward to, with Ken having bought Gallou's house, for he and Rilla to have their own house of dreams there, for Rilla to be waiting for Ken and, for the both of them to be going back to Canada, together !
9/15/2018 c51 Guest
I loved how Rilla said that her brother help her have her tears back, but she needed her husband to have her dreams back once more...

This is such a complicated, uncertain, complex world that they are all living in, that I do get why Rilla feels the need to not get pregnant right away, because she is so uncertain, unsure about if Ken will ever return to her, but then, Berthe makes a point, in saying that this baby can be something that could keep Ken alive and come back to them, and it could also be a memory and a reminder of what Ken was to her...

I have to say that this chapter was such a beautiful one, with so very special and important moments in it !
9/14/2018 c81 5fanofNC
That's the end! I'm sad...

I love how Rilla can talk to Ken about their little bug fondly now, and wants to let him feel it too. It'll be interesting when the baby starts kicking.

Ken and Rilla talking about their future is absolutely adorable! They finally have a chance at it, and they're doing a great job opening up to each other. And I'm really glad Ken supports Rilla!

I love them, this story, and you so much! Thank you!
9/12/2018 c81 42oz diva
Rilla is very wise to imagine up this way of utilising her skills. Preventative public health is a worthwhile and much needed field and will fit in with her changing circumstances. Medicine is all very well, but tricky at the best of times especially with a baby. I like the line where she said she didn't need or seek Ken's permission, but it was easier to do it with his support.

Ken's realisation that while his career might not be all that exciting, the fact that it still gave him the opportunity to help his men was rewarding in itself, was excellent. I suppose life has been rather 'exciting' over the last years, the thought of something boring is not really so awful.

I can understand how hard it must be to come to terms with this reality. The war is over, but everyone has lost so many friends and family members. It will never truly be over for that generation.

Your finish is beautiful, with the sliver of land over on the horizon. From start to finish, the whole story has occurred away from home, so it makes sense not to take us all the way back to Ingleside, but to leave this little family on the deck of the ship looking towards home.

Well you did it (x 2) kslchen. What an achievement. You have brought this war to life for me as no one has ever done it before. The attention to detail, to troop movements and possibilities has been sublime. Thank you.

Looking forward to your next story, which I know will be something completely different, but no less enjoyable for all that.
9/12/2018 c81 AnneShirley
Sorry, lost the previous review.

Your writing continues to astound me, with its unflinching descriptions and witty asides contributing to make Rilla something far more than the prettiest girl in the Glen. I think that's the point of fanfic - to take what canon's given us and to make something more of it. Your story does that so well.

Again, thank you for this wonderful story, and for the poignant yet hopeful ending.
9/12/2018 c81 AnneShirley
Finally, one of my favorite stories ends, and though I knew to expect it, I'm still shaken. This tale was perfect. I'm dipping in and out of my favorite chapters now, and your writing continues to
9/12/2018 c81 5McFishie 7759380
Now this is a satisfying ending. It's not drenched in the obvious (continuing on as a wife and mother with occasional nursing) or in the non-realistic (becoming a doctor would be hard work with a young baby, even in our time, let alone post WWI), but it full of hope and plans for the future. I love her idea of sharing her knowledge. It speaks to keeping beauty in the world for Walter, it's practical (such a Blythe trait) and manageable with her baby/ies, and it gives hope to the future. That we know that that afuture involves another war doesn't come into it, but if she knew that I think she'd still do the same, those skills are needed no matter what the future brings. Ken too is full of hope for a positive future, giving work to returning soldiers, making the world solid (what does his family business do? I don't think you'v ever said). And that small sliver of a horizon that's home is truly beautiful. You should be proud of this body of work, it's impressive. This Rilla eclipses canon Rilla. She strong, and capable, and wonderfully human. Enjoy your break, I look forward to your next adventure.
9/11/2018 c81 Guest
I believe that this is the best Anne-world story that I have ever read, and I have read boatloads of them. Thank you so much for the effort that went into producing it.
9/11/2018 c81 8Catiegirl
Congratulations of a wonderful ending, and a wonderful story- you’ve opened my eyes up to some many facets of the war that I never saw or understood before. Thank you for the journey, and the time and trouble it must have taken to translate into English- I appreciate it so much! I loved the way you left Rilla and Ken, and their little Stomach Bug, I will think of that with definite fondness! Thank you again, and well done!
9/11/2018 c81 14elizasky

This story has been a delight these past ten months and I will miss your enviably regular posting. I'm so glad that you decided to translate this into English and admire your persistence in writing so much even back when you were writing for smaller audiences. If you ever want to translate or rework any of your other back-catalogue stories, I will be eager to read them!

Thank you so much for sharing your research and your interpretation of these characters with us. From the very beginning, you made some bold choices (Father Walter! Dead Jerry!) with thought-provoking results. The simple decision to age all the characters up four years had so many implications for what their lives were like and what they did during the war - it made me much more attentive to thinking about *why* LMM made the kids the ages they were for Rilla of Ingleside (since she basically rearranged the whole chronology of the series to make Rilla born in 1899). On a personal note, thank you for Shirley and Carl, and also thanks for lesbian Di - I know we came to that independently, but it was very validating for me to see that that reading of Di made sense to other people as well.

As for this chapter specifically, you do lovely things with silver lining/stars/dawn as Rilla and Ken approach Canada. You know I have no love for Ken in general, but I will grudgingly admit that your Ken is a decent fellow and I could be persuaded to like someone who loves Rilla as a competent adult, rather than as an ideal of virginal girlhood. His belief in her and his support of her plan is wonderful, as is his desire to assist veterans, so I will grit my teeth and say "Well done, Ken." (Also, I am mirroring your stethoscope laugh with a free clinic laugh of my own. If you ever get around to Mary Parkman, you will see why.)

One thing that stood out to me in this chapter was the breadth of the possibilities open to Rilla and Ken. They both weigh some vastly different options and can see value in some very disparate possible futures. Rilla shows real maturity here in balancing what she wants to do with her knowledge of her own limitations and being gentle with herself not feeling dissatisfied when choosing one option means letting go of another. Maybe when Persis is done with her traveling, she and Rilla can sit down and collaborate on a book of practical home health advice - not as preachy as Morgan, but based on the sorts of common problems Rilla might encounter in her public health clinic.

Thank you again for your wonderful writing, your unfailing generosity, and your exemplary research! Looking forward to the next adventure (especially Carl). I'll be watching my inbox!
9/11/2018 c81 12LadyDerora
I would really like a sequel. There aren’t many Rilla and ken stories & this one is a rare gem. I would like to eee it continue. It’s been blast to read.
9/11/2018 c81 19Alinya Alethia
It feels right to end here on a boat. We started with one, with Betty and Polly and Rilla setting off for the great unknown. She wasn’t looking for romance ,like Polly, and she didn’t much care for the thought of children. To my mind, that was Betty. You’ve arked Rilla gloriously from that girl to this, looking out at the horizon, Ken at her side, her child itself a looming thought.

The plans for the future are solid ones. Rilla was always an organiser, and rallying her to a cause feels earned. I share a pang with MacIver about her surgical skill, but between risch-rasch and assorted flashback associations, I wondered even as I read how you would ever get her into a theatre. It would be a grand story, no doubt, but this is better. She went into nursing, after all, not to become a nurse, but to outdo her sister’s in some particular. It feels now as if in coming into her own, she’s taking her place among them, and in the best way possible.

I especially love what you say about needing bricks-and-mortar people to realise dreams. This castle spinner appreciates that all too well. It was a lovely passage among many lovely passages, and very true to the people you have written.

I’m looking forward to where you go next, of course, and you know I’ll crop up like a bad penny. But don’t leave me waiting *too* long on the adventures of Collette in Toronto, yes? It’s your fault I’m not quite ready to relinquish this world. You built it well.
9/11/2018 c81 10Excel Aunt
Before I say anything, I loved "a kaleidoscope of grays". It's sort of how I feel about this last update, with it being the last. A kaleidoscope tends to be such a colorful and happy device, but "gray" as a color? Just a wonderful contrast underscoring the reflective feeling Ken and Rilla demonstrate about the war, surviving it, and what's next.

I'm split on how I feel, to be honest. Your book has been a wonderful read, and definitely something I've looked forward to every Tuesday and Friday, so, I'm sad that it's over. Yet, at the same time, I'm absolutely thrilled about your accomplishment. You wrote a very detailed and historically accurate account of WWI and repurposed LMM characters with much intelligence as well. Not only that, you wrote it in your native tongue (German) and translated it into English for a brand new audience. That is very impressive to me as it sounds so tedious. I know it was a labor of love, but it was labor!

And then you leave these beloved characters on such a positive, benevolent note. Ken is really very modern for his time. I just loved that fact that he makes Rilla tell him if she actually wants medical school. "We'll make it happen if that's what you want." He's such a generous man and it's fabulous that he wants to be involved with Rilla's career aspirations. As much as they're going to love little bug, I think Ken is correct she's not going to be happy just being 'wife' and 'mother' when there is so much more out there that she can do to contribute to the good of mankind.

And she has every reason to want to continue that. You show so wonderfully how the war has molded her thoughts. She has lived a lifetime in a few short years. She carries with her many accomplishments and many phobias from this time. She is changed and so is Ken. I think her focusing on educating the public and connecting health care providers to patients is an excellent way for her to stay in the game. And it's nice to read that Ken is supportive of her dreams just as she is supportive of his.

Although, I had a good chuckle at her plan to get out of more operating theatre nursing. She's learned how to be sneaky too.

I personally find one of your very best qualities as a writer is the development of so many original characters. Each OC was nuanced to be slightly different than the last. They all had their own voice and brain.

Congratulations on your hard work, in English this time, and I anxiously look forward to the next story.
9/9/2018 c50 Guest
This was a very wise decision, for Rilla to decide for her and Ken to have their honeymoon in the hometown of Gallou, by the sea, that reminds her of home and with the presence and company of Gallou's family who are just like he had described them to Rilla when she was nursing him !
9/9/2018 c49 Guest
It would only be normal for Ken and Rilla to spent part of their wedding night, speaking of what Rilla is going to do after those two weeks.

I don't think I like this idea either, just like Ken, of Rilla going to work in a U-Boat, under the sea. Because, the sea can be a very dangerous place, not only with the bombs, the mines, the rain, but with the waves of the sea as well...

Seing as it is the Army's orders, Rilla will have to do what they tell her to do and go where they tell her to go, seing as there is no chance of her resigning from her nurse position.
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