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for Through the Dark Clouds shining (English version)

7/23/2018 c66 18Alinyaalethia
That went considerably better than expected. I was all set to lecture this lot on continually surprising poor Ken. No need, now. And have I mentioned how much I like Matt? I hope we continue to at least hear about him as you write the rest of this universe. He’s such an antidote to Ken’s sobriety, though Rilla does a fair bitthat way herself. And the girls squeal of shock, thrill and horror all at once at the reveal of the marriage was just delightful. Very young, as I said last chapter, but still delightful. It really does heighten the gap between them and Rilla though. (I’m almost sorry, you know, that we got cheated if Matt managing that room. Write it for me elsewhere, yes?)
Lovely too, to catch a glimpse of Pat. And the gesture of a horse, particularly of this horse, is a lovely one. But whet I really enjoy here is seeing Rilla seize her identity as Ken’s wife. She’s fine it before, with Matron and the girls, but this is the first time she really steps into the role with its austerity and implication and embrace it. It’s a bit of a glimpse at what the future might look like for her afterwards, and I approve.
7/23/2018 c65 Alinyaalethia
You know, Bryony feels an awful lot younger than her age. It’s her newness, I think. There’s an enthusiasm with new things, often, that can come across as youth, and she’s so terribly eager, this one. Lucy I want to know more of, but I had to laugh at that descriptor about Glen expectations. Isn’t it true?

So you’ve got Nan to Toronto. Bless her for her directness at the start. I too, thought any number of things, in spite of knowing the direction you want to take her. And following it with Anne’s letter was lovely. I’ve been wanting that, ever since Walter died. It was good to finally hear the truth through Nan (she’s become quite the. Cordelia in your hands, and I approve) and better to hear from Anne herself. Her love and warmthnfor Rilla are heartening, and in spite of her grief, her joy at the tangible connection to Leslie comes through.

Meanwhile, I’m going to forgive you denying me more Collette in light of the return of Agatha Burke. If Rilla has to have someone in her corner, she couldn’t do better. There’s Heart in her, as well as no nonsense. Though I’m curious to see how that reunion with Ken goes. I’m thinking it won’t be a fairytale.
7/21/2018 c66 5fanofNC
Yay! Happy reunion!

Ken actually kissed her in public ;)
And Bryony is just plain shocked at Rilla. I have no doubt that on their way back Rilla will be pestered with questions.

You know what, I think I really miss PDA from these two (even if it's not very "public"). I hope there'll be more ;)

What's gonna happen at lunch, I wonder?
7/21/2018 c66 14elizasky
I had to laugh at "oh silly me maybe I should have told him I was coming to Germany oopsie!" This made me wonder - given the fact that these two write one another nonstop, did Rilla keep sending her daily-ish letters and just *forget* to mention she was coming to Germany or did she stop writing for a while? Probably the former, as Ken checks up on her enough that he'd be climbing the walls if he didn't hear from her for a while. Or maybe the mail's all messed up in Germany, IDK.

I like Matt. Let's keep Matt. Persis needs a husband at some point, doesn't she? He seems like good fun. Helps Ken lighten up a bit, gallant, good in a quick-thinking situation. I'm #TeamMatt.

I enjoyed the little comedy act of Lucy and Bryony not quite believing Rilla about being married to the CO. And I do hope people don’t keep * too * close an eye on Bryony. Let the girl have a bit of fun. As previously mentioned, Matt seems like a good time.

Ok, let’s talk about this picture. How has that private seen it?! Ken hardly seems the type to go around shoving it in the faces of everyone he meets (that’s Jem all over). Did Matt show it around? Does Pat gossip? Has anyone ever really seen the picture or is it just a topic for rampant speculation among the men? I did enjoy the bit about all the soldiers just milling around outside waiting for a glimpse of Rilla.

Speaking of Pat, I have lots of questions about batmen, but I will save them.

Poor munitions workers. Awful stuff AND underappreciated. Thanks for including them.

Rilla and Ken slip back together so easily here. That’s good, especially because last time there was the scolding and the condescending. Ken must be so much more relaxed now if he can kiss her in front of his officers and run away to the stables. All the lines about Rilla feeling at home with him were lovely. I’m sure he’s very busy and all, what with occupying Germany and still having a battalion to look after, but I hope they can see one another from time to time so that every meeting is not quite so fraught.

You’ve set up a nice little conundrum for Rilla and Ken. Together, yes, but you’ve made Rilla’s arrival such a spectacle that there’s no way they can be alone without everyone noticing. Not that anyone begrudges them their alone time! I’m sure it’s quite the talk of the battalion and I doubt the men will think any less of a CO who secretly married a pretty nurse and then whisked her off to a private room when he had a chance. A little jealous, maybe, but it seems like a good story to tell, which is important under those circumstances. It would almost be better if they got out a bullhorn and announced, “Yes, we are going to have sex now; could you all kindly find something else to do for half an hour; thanks ever so much.”
7/21/2018 c66 38oz diva
So much has happened since the last saw each other, Rilla nearly died apart from anything, and Walter did die, so it’s bound to be an emotional reunion. And you don’t disappoint,

There are so many funny moments in this chapter. The nurses’ reaction to her news that she’s married to Ken, Radley totally misreading the situation, the knowledge that the entire battalion will know she’s there in 10 minutes, so sweet all of it.

But you also get in some poignant moments, such as the poor girls who turn yellow in the munitions factory and the fate of the poor horses.

I love the comment that the world shifts back into the right place as their hands meet. They belong together. Hopefully soon they’ll be together for evermore.
7/21/2018 c66 4OriginalMcFishie
Mrs Colonel, I love that! Once again you weave so much detail into the chapter. We're reminded of the danger women faced working with munitions. Not to mention physically turning yellow, can't imagine working for a place that stains your skin. You tell us about the billetting of allied soldiers in ex munitions factories and how people died as supplies were exploded before the allies arrived, how awful for the families. And then the fate of horses, so many shipped over then at the end killed or left to suffer and die. I love this colour in your work. I wonder about Lucy and Byrony left with the officers, will romance develop? And it was just wonderful having Ken and Rills back together, I really like Ken. You can feel here his torment in being in command and just wanting to be alone with his wife. These 2 do need to talk and reconnect, I wonder what Rillas idea is and where they will wander to. It feels like we're an the downhill slide now and I'm beginning to wonder what the future holds for a lieutenant colonel and his wife, where they will end up
7/21/2018 c66 AnneShirley
This chapter is so sweet! Though now I'm imagining how many of the soldiers have seen the famous picture. And I particularly like Ken's idea of buying Nellie for Pat. You have portrayed him as a far more considerate person than he was in canon, though to be fair, he hardly makes any appearances.

Having studied in single-gender schools all my life, I find it difficult to understand the way men interact with each other, but that light-hearted joshing between Ken and Matt over Bryony and Lucy was perfect.

And yeah, I'd known that the Allies, particularly after the war, were billeted in factories, including old munitions factories. This story will be my proof to my friends, who don't believe it.

Again, thanks for a wonderful chapter!
7/20/2018 c1 anonymous1775
I cannot believe that I am just now starting this story of yours. I've had my eye on it for a while now, and I've only just found the time to start reading it.

I absolutely love it! And I adore that you have written Rilla as a nurse.

Your writing is beautiful, and I cannot wait to continue on with my reading of this:)
7/20/2018 c66 AnneNGil
I like this chapter - - nice and light! It is good to see Rilla embracing her marriage to Ken and talking about it. She seems very confident with herself. It is fun to see all the soldiers' reactions to her. I love to see her and Ken together and the shyness between them. As well as, the desire between them... I wonder what Rilla's "better idea" could be? ;-) hum...
7/20/2018 c66 10Excel Aunt
Another chapter and a few more Google searches made. I know you know your history, so I was trying to dig around and find the story of this munitions building but didn’t have much luck. Then I had to look for the phrase “ill weeds” as I’ve never heard it before. If you’ve used it before I don’t recall. But, maybe that was the purpose of the goat, (which, I also don’t recall). Goats are good at eating unwanted vegetation (and plants of the wanted variety as well).

I didn’t mention much about Lucy last time, but, I see her a bit better now. She’s sort of a worrier although she will allow others around her take the lead if she believes them to be capable. Her separating herself from Bryony seems to enhance this facet of her personality. It’s as if she’s just waiting for her to lose her street cred. A very sly way to insert your ideas into the dynamic, just wait for someone to mess up.

I think that’s why she vocalizes her wonder on their return. Beyond being sensible, she is wondering if Rilla is qualified to chaperone and if she must take the reigns.

I chuckled at the private recognizing Rilla from the picture. Rilla’s correct to wonder about who and how many have seen it.

Matt is great as always. He just comes in and smooths everything over, esp. when Radley inserts himself about taking them to the stables. I love how Radley is redirected to go amuse Lucy. She needs a smile and Radley seems safe and approachable. I do think that both sisters will be in good care while they are separated from the Fords.

I do hope Bryony recovers from Rilla’s revel though. She was quite flabbergasted there!

So, when Ken gets a chance to kiss Rilla, I had the biggest smile plastered on my face. He instantly transformed into a man of levity and mirth and almost a kid in a candy shop with free licenses to take what he wants. How do you not smile when you feel such joy streaming in at you.

Another thing that I noticed was the two introductions made to Rilla. There was Matt’s elegant “enchanté” and then Pat’s simple shake. I think what’s telling for me is how rank in society dictates behavior. It would have been out of character for Pat to kiss Rilla’s hand before Ken, despite how important Pat has been, to bestow such an introduction would seem out of place. Matt can get away with it because he is on the same level as Ken, although, a simple handshake from Matt would have fit as well.

I am all for Nellie going to Pat, if you’re counting hands in favor, I have two raised.

Now I am wondering what Rills’a great idea is? You never make me wait too long, so, I look forward to the next amazing chapter.

(oh! How nice it would be if they could have Christmas together!)
7/19/2018 c65 AnneNGil
Great chapter! There's quite a foreshadowing here. Good to see this matron back again. I'm eager for the next chapter.
7/18/2018 c65 5fanofNC
Ah, so Rilla is back safely in the hands of Matron I-don't-remember-her-name. Wonderful! Though I must say, Rilla was really, really bold in telling Matron that she's married. You would think she'd just say that he's her fiancé, but no, she says that she took her advice, got married, and now wants to go visit her husband, who is not Dr. Murray. This is the greatest fun in a while. Everyone's been so tense in the war!

I'm assuming that Rilla sees Ken next chapter and I absolutely can't wait! It's what I've been waiting for! I certainly hope that it'll be a happy meeting, or at least, happier than the last one. I wonder when they'll stay together for good?
7/18/2018 c65 38oz diva
I can well imagine how incredible it must be for them to be in Germany of all places. It really brings home how quickly world events have moved along that they can be working there. I suppose it’s also a part of the world that wasn’t much damaged by the war unlike Belgium and France.

The relief at the letters is palpable. I was so happy she finally heard from Anne. They’ve had a torrid time back there, you don’t have to be living through a battle to experience that.

It’s interesting that Rilla expresses many of her built up but hitherto unspoken concerns here, it’s only when she receives the letters that she can admit to herself how she’s been tightly wound up in anticipation of their reception. And that it’s all good (as we the reader knew it would be) is wonderful for her.

The Matron is very kind and takes the news calmly. She has the choice here, spill the beans and lose a good nurse or ... not.
7/18/2018 c65 4OriginalMcFishie
So Rilla is in Germany. The war has certainly made her well travelled. I enjoyed meeting Lucy and Byrony, i forsee some fun adventures and with a friendly matron the work no doubt will become a backdrop to all else happening. Loved your quick reference to expectations for Una and Shirley and hope that leads to more detail around their lives (as I'm fairly sure there is less than zero chance of them being together). Letters from home were wonderful. Nan updating Rilla on the truth of the drama back home would have been both difficult and needed, The letter from Anne had me in tears. So wonderful to hear her coming back to life. And she gets to see Ken. Looking forward to that!
7/17/2018 c65 10Excel Aunt
The first thing I did was google “Bryony” as a female name. I’ve never heard of it before. But you really had a lot of fun with her as a character, tossing a lot of American flavoring. Friendly but oblivious to a degree to others. I also notice your alliteration in “Bryony as already bounced up from her bed” and I feel as if with her I might be watching her dribble a basketball.

How cute was it that the Army had no idea where CCS was but its postal service did. (Should I be noticing the orderly here?). Sounds like a government bureaucracy. I’m sure Rilla did have a stack of mail following the epic news. My heart skipped a beat in worry about Nan’s letter, and I’m glad she had the forethought to consider the postmark and write that line, “We’re alright” at the front. I was holding my breath I tell you.

I had a lot of physical reactions reading this, or perhaps, I was feeling the reactions Rilla made as the narrative progressed. You did it again with the crying, just like your last chapter! Nowhere was the word used but did tears fall. They certainly did.

The relief Rilla felt from Anne’s letter-knowing Anne was physically well plus sounding like ‘Mum’, her acceptance of the wonderful news, had to have emboldened Rilla to confess the change in her marital status with Matron Burke! (Waves! It’s nice to see you again, Agatha!) But, I’m not sure I understand what Matron is thinking in letting her go see Ken! If Rilla get’s pregnant from the tryst, won’t that send her home or excuse her from service? Aside from that, kudos to Matron Burke to welcome her nurses to their new assignment. That was very professional of her, and, I suppose that other Matrons do this as well, but her welcome actually welcoming.

Is that Matron’s plan or is it likely that the CCS will be packing up and going home before it would ever be an issue. I’m excited for Rilla just the same. WWI is the strangest location for a honeymoon. The danger makes it more amorous. (Yes, I know the war is over now, work with me here!)
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