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for Through the Dark Clouds shining (English version)

11/17/2017 c1 10Excel Aunt
doch! Ich will das buch leisen!

(So my German is so rusty I don't think I could do it even with Google's help, thank you for translating! I know you have been most dedicated to it!)
11/17/2017 c1 14elizasky
Yay! I'm so glad you decided to post this. Don't make any apologies for your English - this was lovely and you can pass off any unusual turns of phrase as style :)

I was immediately struck by your summary - the idea that this Rilla is looking for her place in the world, specifically in relation to her sisters. As in RoI, where she is thinking about how she can't be the clever or ambitious Blythe and is a bit adrift at the beginning of the story. I wonder if "sisters" might also extend a bit to include Faith and Una, as Rilla does think at one point that she does not enjoy being overshadowed by Faith.

I am intrigued by the 4 years and wonder whether you will do anything with the other characters to reflect that age difference. Four years older - are Jem and Faith married? Do they have a baby? Did Una's crush on Walter ever turn into anything? Are Nan and Jerry engaged? I don't know whether you will bother with any of the rest of them, but you've already got my mind racing. Maybe this is what happens during WWI in a world like LizzyEastwood's, where Anne and Gilbert get together a few years earlier.

The prologue is lovely. Of course, I am intrigued by the mystery of whose funeral this is, but I'm happy to make a list of guesses and wait. I thought the train was a nice touch - the movement reminding Rilla that the war doesn't stop for one death, no matter whose. I got chills thinking of the crosses. I spent some time today looking at photos of the Meuse-Argonne cemetery near Romagne from 1919 and the present day. The present-day photos are moving, but the 1919 ones with no trees and the crosses just in the middle of a blasted wasteland were horrific.

The other thing that struck me was the theme of connection. Rilla is comforted by the fact that the dead man is not alone and lingers on memories of being with him when he died. I will be watching to see how that theme develops.

Thank you for posting and I hope you will give us more soon! (Apologies for not being able to read the original.)
11/17/2017 c1 19Alinya Alethia
I'm so glad you've begun this. Already I want to know more. Immediately I'm struck by Rilla's observation about how death never looks the same. I've been thinking a bit about that in my own writing, this idea that you never grow used to it, because the whole point of the work is to prevent it. You capture that sense immediately, and it's a wonderful insight into this version of Rilla. As is that last line. Rilla of the book world was patriotic and optimistic and justified this war to the end. But how much harder to do that here when she's fighting the fight to, and battling her own demons? I'm so looking forward to seeing where you head with this.
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