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for Through the Dark Clouds shining (English version)

11/5/2018 c61 17engineerwenlock
Oh no not Susan! And Bruce!
Wow no wonder LM didn't write about the flu at all.
11/5/2018 c56 engineerwenlock
Oh my goodness I love your Rilla and Ken so much more than canon Rilla and Ken. Their interactions are fascinating and I love seeing Ken in his side of the war here. What a powerful and telling scene.

This chapter is an astounding example of your way with characters - in a few sentences we know so much about minor characters we'll never see again and I love that about your writing. You really cut to the core of who people are.
11/5/2018 c52 engineerwenlock
That is so absurdly romantic I absolutely love it.
11/5/2018 c51 engineerwenlock
Oh my goodness this chapter was good.
Hmmm I did not know queen annes lace prevented pregnancy. Was it commonly used back then?

I loved the scene with the baby, although it's so bittersweet, knowing Ken's opinion in why they fight and also knowing that WWII happened a generation after WWI.

You are so good at this!
11/5/2018 c45 engineerwenlock
Oh no the flu. I was waiting to see when that would come along. It's always worrisome when you're only halfway done when your characters are happy and okay.
11/5/2018 c42 engineerwenlock
Words can't express how enthralled I am with this story. First of all your grasp of the history is absolutely amazing, especially for a fanfiction writer. I have a feeling that basically all you would need to do is change the names and you'd be able to publish this.
Secondly is how well you weave the characters into history. Rilla has seen so much of the war - we get a perspective on so many different places it's fascinating. And also heartwrenching to see her transformation as a character as the war takes it's toll on her. I'm basically just in awe of you as a writer and completely loving this story.
10/30/2018 c81 Jxuan
if it made me shed all that tears its still a good read!

And finally this is one war story where Jem is a doctor! I always wondered why he had to be in infantry since he is a medical student. Couldn't he be a medic? Interestingly here Shirley isn't a pilot and a reluctant leader too. But that distinguishes yours from Eliza's story!
10/30/2018 c81 Jxuan
81 chapters! First of all, this story is awesomely written. All the attention to detail makes me wonder how many hours of research went into churning out this. Well done to you! So here are my thoughts at the end:

You made the war come alive, through the words of Rilla. How she was moving from hospital to hospital, making new friends, meeting new people, her love story with Ken, the work she does. She's the star of the show and through her, we catch glimpses of all the other favourite characters we love so much.

Jem: I like him here. Very true to character. The eldest son and only one who returns to Ingleside. (You had to kick them all out didn't you?! I have to sympathize with anne and gil here. After the war, all their children except for Jem are scattered all over). Quick witted, humourous yet so thoughtfull at the same time. He's always thinking. And he's the one who deals with the dark side on the inside. The outside never showing grief or despair. He really is the big brother here to Rilla, offering advice and comfort when needed. What I would wish for him here is that he was a closer brother to Shirley.

Faith: Strange to think of the Faith here, mothering 2 kids back home. Its only at the end where her purpose was slightly more defined but even then its hard to imagine Faith not having any role in the war. Still, she does have 2 young kids so yeah thats a sufficient reason.

Carl and Una: Too little of them here. I thought Una and Rilla could have a closer relationship but then again its effectively cut off when you made Walter a catholic priest... I would have liked to read more about Carl then just hearing him on submarines.

Shirley: Now that was quite a bombshell. And it so brought me straight to Eliza's story. That conversation with Rilla could have happened in her universe as well. I half expect the library scene to reenact as well...The direction was ok though it was a little abrupt. Why did Shirley go to Rilla and tell her all that?

Di: Her and Mildred rings very closely to the other story as well. Interestingly though, she isn't a doctor here and I don't really know what she did during the war lol.

Walter: Well I was expecting his death as per canon so can't say I was surprised though it came rather late. I was looking at the dates and wondering if it was going to happen so close to victory.

Jerry and Nan: Did you really really really have to kill him off? And to have him die that way was just tragic. I know it happened, which is the reason why I'm reading the story in the first place. Some other story said he died so I was curious to find out how. I guess my main peeve is that I didn't get a scene of Nan, Connie and Jerry. It has me asking if they went to him, would it have been different? Would they be enough to pull him back and make him whole again? Strange enough, Walter and Rilla and even Shirley saw him but no one thought of getting Nan and Connie to visit? Surely the way to bring him back would be the ones he love? Alright even if he had to die at least they tried. That Jerry never got to see his little girl was just beyond sad. I don't deal with non canon deaths too well so it was hard. Jerry's one of my favourites too so it was quite devastating that you didn't try to save him. Add to that you had to drop the deaths of Bruce and Susan just like that. The first time I read of them its about their deaths...

Ken: I admit he isn't one of my favourites. I didn't like Ken in canon and the other stories I've read didn't paint a positive picture either (unfaithful Ken, obnoxious Ken...). Here though, I like him reasonably enough. I liked the way you ended him and Selina (I was wondering how!) and how the love story developed for him and Rilla and how an excited father to be he is at the end. Would this Ken be understanding with Shirley though? Hmm. that's still debatable. But I don't hate him so you wrote a good ken here.

Anne and gil: Very very little of them. Rilla is really detached from Ingleside isn't she. Yeah this story isn't about them but all their children's gone and only 1 is actually going back. I think I would have liked to have more of them like in ROI. Their thoughts and feelings as to what their children are coping with their roles in the war. Okok 81 chapters already. lol.

The Merediths: Can I say I feel really sorry for John? Jerry's gone, Bruce's gone, Carl's off to Europe with Shirley. All his sons have left. If Jerry's death didn't kill him, I thought Bruce's would. (And why did Bruce have to die btw...)

As for all the other characters, I'm glad you round them all up and gave us a glimpse of what happened to them. Collette with Maurice, Tim (gay too?), Polly, Zach, etcetc.

I could go on and on but enough of my rantings. You have written an excellent piece here. Its like a book that I can't put down. I want to get to the end of it, even if parts of it are painful to read. And yes I do have some regrets, parts that I wished could have changed but then again if
10/16/2018 c81 2Kim Blythe
Bravo ! This was a very remarkable story ! I am sure you've made a lot of us happy when you had decided to translate the original story from German in to English !

Rilla, Ken, Jem, Persis, Shirley, Carl and all of the others who have not died, have passed through the dark clouds and now they are able to see a clear sky that have a bright and shiny future in front of them !
10/16/2018 c80 Kim Blythe
And, the journey back home have began !

Ken painting the sad, hurtful, painful, difficult, ugly memories, after a nightmare, after knowing that Rilla was very sick, that being a trait coming from his mother, him sharing all of this with Rilla, makes me love all of these scenes between Rilla and Ken even more !
10/16/2018 c79 Kim Blythe
I so do agree with Jem, to still have and live in the house, the family house, the house that they grew up in, the house that he's kids have almost only known, for it to not be given away to strangers and stay in the family forever, really is something that every family needs, have, will do with a family house just like Ingleside...

Jem noticed immediately that Rilla is expecting a child !
10/16/2018 c78 Kim Blythe
Okay, so Tim will forever remain a friend to Persis, but, I do wish that one day, Persis will find the right man and that Tim will find the right man for him as well !

And wow, it looks like Persis life will be another kind of adventure, again, and soon, wishing to travel to Africa, Asia and South America, with her writing articles, and Tim, taking pictures, so that they can show to the people, what's out there, that they don't know !
10/16/2018 c77 Kim Blythe
I can totally envision it, in the near future, with Rilla, Ken and the baby, with Ken playfully calling Rilla Spider and their first born child, Bug !

But, wow, really, that chapter was a very complex one, with Rilla finally letting the news of her pregnancy being known, of her feeling that everything that happened with Ken was too rushed, that she doesn't know what will happen now, because they doesn't have the urgency, fear and unknown of the war, that she is scared, that she doesn't know if she will be able to take care of that child, and so on...

This chapter was just so poignant and so very true.
10/16/2018 c76 Kim Blythe
Pomeline for a name, now that is the first time I ever read about such a name, but, that aunt being named like that because her mother was always craving for apples during her pregnancy, made for a nice and unique invention !

It was also nice to read about Polly once more !

What a tragedy for baby Rosa, but I am sure that her aunt Mildred alongside Di, will make her life and interesting and loving one !
10/13/2018 c75 Kim Blythe
To imagine Persis in a pink nursing uniform !

That's good of you for having given Nan a second life with her now sewing kids clothes and soon having her own boutique open, with Selina !
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