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for Through the Dark Clouds shining (English version)

10/13/2018 c74 2Kim Blythe
It seems like Shirley wants to protect himself or keep a distance between everyone, when he says and almost orders anyone to touch him, embrace him or giving him a hug...

The answer he gave Rilla, about Carl being the same that Ken his to her, was just so right !

If Anne and Gilbert ever do find out about Shirley and Carl's relation (Which I doubt) I wonder how will they feel of having two of their children being gay ?!
10/13/2018 c73 Kim Blythe
As much as I admire Rilla's courage, force, determination and power for having done all of that, going back in an operating theatre, while the only thing that she had wanted to do, was to sleep, now, she has to admit and clearly seeing that her force, courage, determination and power, have all reached a point of exhaustion, telling her that her body and mind can't go any longer tike this...
10/13/2018 c72 Kim Blythe
To think that all of these men survived the war, came out from it and off it, alive, only to end up dying with that dreaded flu... That was and is so unfair.
10/13/2018 c71 Kim Blythe
This was a very special moment between Rilla and that little german girl, without any words spoken, they were able to interact with each other with that sparkle object...
10/13/2018 c70 Kim Blythe
Matt, I loved getting to know you a little bit better, here, in this chapter, while you danced with Rilla !

So, it is 1919 now already. Let them put these bad four years of war behind them, and welcome that new year and all those new ones to come with bright and happy futures !
10/7/2018 c69 Kim Blythe
They say that one way to cure and get over a traumatise moment, experience, is to go back to the very same spot, place, thing that had gotten you traumatise before, for it to go away, or for it to subside itself a little.

You did something similar here, for Rilla, have her go back in a operating theatre, even though she was scared, still remembering her last experience there, not knowing if she could get through or not, luckily, she wasn't alone, but, she went past that traumatic moment with success !
10/7/2018 c68 Kim Blythe
Rilla thinking of Walter and Susan, knowing that they won't ever be there anymore, reading this in the middle of this chapter, was such a sad moment...

But then, you have Di and Connie with the help of Nan and Mildred, all of them sending Rilla monkey face cookies, just like Susan used to do, was such an emotional moment !

And then, you have Ken send to Rilla a new notebook, with his handwriting, of Walter's poems, that he took the time to rewrite them for her, shows how strong the love he feels and have for Rilla is just such an immense and amazing one !
9/29/2018 c67 Kim Blythe
If the previous chapter was full of humour, this chapter here was full of frustration, appetite of the other, desire, interruption, remembering...

At the end of this chapter, I am glad that Ken and Rilla could finally get rid of their frustrations and have a taste for the appetite they had for each other !
9/29/2018 c66 Kim Blythe
It's good to have some humour back in this story, and this chapter had so many good parts with humour in them, it made for a very pleasant read !
9/23/2018 c65 Kim Blythe
If the war is over, and if you brought Rilla to Germany as a nurse in a hospital and Ken is still out there, in Germany as well, commanding a battalion, does this means that there is still some dangers waiting for them at some point ?!
9/23/2018 c64 Kim Blythe
That Lionel, Jem's friend, I never said it, but I was happy that Jem thought of him to be the one to watch over Rilla while she was working in that same hospital as him and while she had been sick with the flu for him to be the one to send a telegram, everyday, to Ken...

Rilla is going to stay true to her words, and not leave this continent and go back to Canada, without Ken !
9/23/2018 c63 Kim Blythe
Good, Rilla is standing up, is walking, going down some stairs, even though she cannot go back to being a fully trained nurse just yet, she can still spend some time reading, talking, helping some of the patients, while being comfortably seated in a chair near their beds...

Now that the war is over and with a little help from Nan's letter, Rilla was able to write a letter for home about the things that she wasn't able or ready yet to write about before !
9/23/2018 c62 Kim Blythe
Jem, who wants to be the big and older brother that he is and try to protect everyone, his brothers and sister from the war...

So, I wonder when they will all be starting to go back home ?!
9/23/2018 c61 Kim Blythe
Little Bruce, dear Susan, the both of the being dead by that dreaded flu... Oh, no, how sad.

And Mildred, Di's Mildred, being sick with that dreaded flu...

I am glad to know that Una's husband, Carl and Shirley seems to all be doing fine now !

I am relieved to know that John, Anne and Nan are recovering !

I am glad as well that Jem's children, Ian and Sara are all alright now !

Rilla had been sick with that dreaded flu for two weeks, wow, that is a long time... Making everyone, but especially Ken, full with worry about her.

One good thing that happened during those two weeks though, is that the war is finally over !
9/17/2018 c55 Kim Blythe
Hey those Guest reviews from chapter 51 through 55, that was me !

I realize just now that I wasn't signed in when I was reviewing these chapters...
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