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6/11 c1 Pokefan like you
Thank you for all your efforts. I must say that this story is best combination of suspense and humor. Please my friend, I have been waiting so long to you write . Do continue this story. I have seen you last updated the other pokemon story, but I think this story requires more focus because no body has a single idea how this will progress.

Looking forward for your next chapter,
6/4 c24 3s
6/2 c48 CoolGuyBros
YOOOO THIS IS AWESOME! DAMN, things are picking up for sure. Great to see my fav pokemon of Ash Servine getting some spotlight! I think an evolution is in order lol. I am so excited for the next chapter. That cliffhanger is illegal!
5/30 c31 trinity seven
Where is Ash meltan?
5/28 c48 Bruh
Fuck Paul. Gary should have won that.

And then there’s the bullshit with the “constructive criticism”. That wasn’t constructive criticism that was berating.
5/28 c48 Guest
Great story, um can you include more moves?
- Pikachu can use a lot of moves like electroweb, volt tackle, he's even used other Pokemon electric moves to power his own (lightning rod?).
5/28 c4 Cloudydoodles
All I have to say is Pikachu has never reached what his power could have been. So thank you for writing him (at least) back to what his strength could have been at this point in time.

( Personally, the fact that he lost to newbie Pokemon in Unova is embarrassing, I feel like he is only at 60% of his power in alola (or at least in the beginning/middle of the sun & moon series)

Great story, I'm rereading! 3
5/27 c48 Guest
Please update
5/21 c48 Lars Ewert Moral
The capter was so inmersive and the storie is going interesant I will wait exited the next capther
5/18 c17 trinity seven
can you add zeraora to ash's group? or darkrai?
5/17 c48 1tiwari2041
oh wow this story is way better than I thought, definitely not what a I signed up for but I think ill stay, its a nice story
5/16 c48 Guest
It's good
5/16 c17 Marvel omega
ash can have a crabominable?
5/16 c48 5ShadowLDrago
So I've FINALLY gotten around to reading this. Apologies, I had life, I had exams, and, it's been a rough year as a whole.

Heir, not air.

Seems Mr ICOP knows quite a lot.

And just how did you get into contact with Celebi, I wonder?

Ah, so this guy IS a full of shit nutjob. Fun.

Ooh, Aggron. One of my favorite Gen 3 mons.

OK, Alakazam is frickin' STRONG. It two shotted an Aggron.

Right, Motor Drive.

And Paul does NOT screw around.

Paul might be a borderline anti-social jerk, but he's brilliant. He's 100% the Vegeta to Ash's Goku.

Ah nuts.

Team Skull is wise to not get in the path of a very powerful and very unhappy Garchomp.

Snorlax, wants to train Meowth? Alright...

Yeah, Cyrus is a nutcase. J at least has two feasible and respectable goals. Revenge and riches.

Lysandre's alive?

Yeah, Ash? You just got dragged into more madness.

Hey, 2021 has been a ROUGH year. It's all good.
5/14 c48 lonelyboi69
To give you an idea of how much this fic hooked me, I've essentially read 20 chapters last Saturday and Sunday and read the following 28 this week. It's one of the most well constructed, multi-party stories I've read, it's able to smoothly transition between multiple groups and also have a constant flow of both mystery, suspense, and intrigue in each chapter to just make you want to read another one before going to bed and before you know it, it's already 4 in the morning (ok maybe that's just me haha.)

I am in LOVE with what I've read so far and I can't wait for the next chapter!
Keep up the amazing content!
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