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for The HonoUmi Chronicles

11/30/2017 c2 PileMimo
I love it~
It's so beautiful~
Thanks for the good work!
11/30/2017 c2 150OuMiyuki
:D Love Honoka's determined eyes too! *W* And even after being married, Honoka is as cute as ever! Just as Umi is still shy about PDA! XD And I love it! XD

Need a sequel of Eli and Nozomi visiting while Honoka plays with Eli ;D Like fennec Eli being kind of mischievous~ w And so Honoka keeps calling "Eli! Wait, Eli! Ah, Eli! Eh? Eli? You're so cute, Eli~" or something. hahas. I can see embarrassed faces, intrigued faces and eyebrows raised and whatnot reactions from Umi, Eli and Nozomi! XD

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