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6/23 c93 NeoJay7
Oh, that's not a good... That is not a good!.. No!.. This just makes me wonder more if the Dark Ocean or the Crest of Darkness will be a thing...

Gyro & Agumon/Greymon/MetalGreymon/WarGreymon/Omegamon/KajiGreymon - Check!
Yang & Biyomon/Birdramon/Garudamon/Phoenixmon/Robinmon - Check!
Weiss & Tentomon/Kabuterimon/AlturKabuterimon/HerculesKabuterimon/ForceBeemon - Check!
Nora & Salamon/Gatomon/Angewomon/Mastemon/Nefertimon - Check!
Blake & Patamon/Angemon/HolyAngemon/Seraphimon/Pegasmon - Check!
Pyrrha & Gabumon/Garurumon/WereGarurumon/MetalGarurumon/Omegamon/Raimon - Check!
Ruby & Palmon/Togemon/Lillymon/Rosemon/Konohamon - Check!
Jaune & Gomamon/Ikkakumon/Zudomon/Vikemon/Metalsealmon - Check!
Ren & Wormmon/Stingmon/JewelBeemon/GrandisKuwagamon/Tetermon - Check!
Pierce & Veemon/Veedramon/AeroVeedramon/UlforceVeedramon - Check!
Rusty & Bemmon/Snatchmon/Destromon/Vanguamon - Check!
Aile & Hawkmon/Aquilamon/Silphymon/Tornamon - Check!
Oren & Terriermon and Lopmon/Gargomon and Turuiemon/Rapidmon and Andiramon/Speedermon Twins - Check!
Emerald & Morphomon/Hudiemon/Papillonmon/Pierismon - Check!
6/20 c93 6DragonForceAsh
the war is only beginning
6/20 c93 turbotoujin
That was a wild ride. Nero really is one crazy dude. Hating his brother Oren for something that's not even his fault to begin with, actually having a good life and trying to steal Oren's destiny? This guy is basically Cinder in a man's body. The only difference between them is one has magic powers, and the other has an army. I hope those two never cross paths.

And as for Oren. I'm glad to see him finally tap into the power of the Crest of Fate. Even if his grasp on it isn't clear, he refuses to let someone as petty as his brother have his way with Remnant or the Digital World. So hats off to him, Terriermon and Lopmon.

And Nero's words confirm Emerald was right to suspect he'd move on to Remnant once he's done with the Digital World. Hopefully they'll knock him off his throne before he even gets the chance. And I got a feeling there's more to his D-Shadow then meets the eye.
6/20 c93 2Chaos Dragon God
First off great chapter

Secondly: I gets the feeling nero created the tsumemon that rapidly evolved into diaboromon a ways back and he still has a piece of said digimon (tsumemon not diaboromon) but if/when it resurfaces its going to be a whole different mon (possibly part of kimeramon as this loco has the necessary screws loose to go through with creating that monstrosity (pun not intended))

here's my theory: most likely he originally had a proper partner at some point in the past but something happened and the mon got coded (permanently?) and his d-core (not a crested but a potential for a d-arc maybe) got damaged and when he found out about Oren's success some years later (after a life of self depression and really bad life choices) well he became unhinged and wanting to take what oren life created for his own petty selfishness (as basically stated in this chapter) and some unknown event got him into contact with some dark mon/entity turning his d-core into its current d-shadow form which in turn put him into the event of now

Speaking of tsumemon are we ever gonna get the armageddemon fight at some point (if what ever data Nero potentially has that using dumped into kimeramon)
6/20 c93 8GoKey40th
Oh boy, unwanted child... if Novice gets to this point, Ken will have bad memories, but not too much given that he already made peace with Osamu. Actually, even Osamu would be disgusted at how petty Nero is, and glad that Ken dodged a bullet big time.
6/19 c93 2Starfigter
Are the hints to Earth indicating it having more tangible presence in the story? Becose other then MCs being from there, Earth networks making up half of digital world and a few vague mentions it is realy missing from the story. I mean for something that makes up half of the digital world, Earth realy lacks a proper presence in the story.
6/19 c93 5Joanne Frances Tiano Cajilig
Wow, I love it!

Happy New Year
6/19 c93 Nomad118
Glad to see the Chosen is finally accepting Emerald's change of heart, even if it's slow progress to earn each other's trust. Also, yeah, Nero is extremely deranged and crazy, and his overconfidence made Oren's partners reached Perfect Level.

Also, nice to see that the Agumon Hakase made their appearance.

It may be a small victory over their battle against the tyrant Nero, but the war to liberate Server and protect the Digital World and Remnant from Nero's devious reach still continues

Last but not least, nice silhouette cameo of a certain Armored Digimon you've put up. Looking forward to it in the future chapters once the Chosen have finally turned the tide against Nero's forces.
6/19 c93 Guest DCDGojira
To Swift
Awesome chapter!
6/14 c92 Megazero39
I got a questions if you want to answer is that ok? Here is my question are you going to bring all the Digivice from the anime, manga, and video game in to your story?
6/13 c92 6DragonForceAsh
well Kinkakumon's outfit is well unique
6/13 c92 Guest
I wonder, will Kimeramon or Millenniummon can appear in this whole mess?
6/13 c92 turbotoujin
Glad to see Emerald, Morphomon and Norn is on their side at last. And like Emerald I would expect nothing less then them keeping her with a close eye as she was the enemy till now. Anything less then a slap on the wrist would be foolish.

And as for the Resistance, I'm glad to see they and Oren's followers are all on the same page. Hopefully they can avoid the Resistance members who will say this is all Oren's fault. And I hope if Kinkakumon's brother is as reasonable as she is(if he ever shows up). They gotta make sure that Nero doesn't win of take the fight to Remnant. At least the Chosen Children have an army big enough to fight him back.
6/13 c92 Nomad118
The war to liberate Server and its Digimon inhabitants from the despotic Digimon Kaiser's tyranny has finally begun.

And I'm sure Emerald will prove herself to be trustworthy to the Chosen, even if it'll take one step at a time, slowly but surely.
6/13 c92 Guest DCDGojira
To Swift
Awesome chapter!
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