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for A-Haunting We Will (Boldly) Go

7/1/2020 c6 3SunhatLlama
This was super awesome!
1/18/2020 c6 8multyfangirl21
Lol at Jim's behavior in the briefing just before he was able to get some sleep. He was as snappish and death threatening as a Klingon.
6/19/2019 c6 Singer Sira
I have to admit, I almost gave this fic a pass because ghost stories aren't really my thing, but I decided to read it anyway because I've really enjoyed the rest of your AOS works. I'm glad I did, especially since there turned out to be very few actually ghosts, and the one ghost story you did have was a pleasant departure from the norm. Great job as always.
3/10/2019 c6 9Heather Snow
I loved this story, or really the 6 stories that make up thie piece. Great characterization, interesting plots.
3/10/2019 c2 Heather Snow
I enjoyed this chapter and didn't really want to read a melding scene, but I do wander about the final report.
3/10/2019 c1 Heather Snow
I enjoyed this chapter. Neat idea for the disaster. But boy was Kirk stupid, not letting Spock know it was an emergency to get everyone working on it asap. Dying under those circumstances wouldn't be any less traumatic for Spock than the method he was trying to avoid, so why not just choose a path that increases your chances of staying alive?
3/2/2019 c6 35Beyondtoday
This one kept me on the edge for quite awhile. Thanks for sharing your world.
3/2/2019 c5 Beyondtoday
Very funny.
3/2/2019 c4 Beyondtoday
A very unique plot. Lovin' it.
3/1/2019 c3 Beyondtoday
This chapter is so heartfelt, I want to curl up next to Kirk and Spock and mentally record their reactions. Thanks for a very original take on this story.
3/1/2019 c2 Beyondtoday
Great writing.
2/26/2019 c4 11Rose9797
"I can't believe I'm standing here in front of a ghost – and you're trying to freaking interview me about it."

Hahahahaha XD This was such a hilarious chapter that unexpectedly turned out sombre in the end. Beautiful!
2/24/2019 c2 Rose9797
'Spock of Vulcan, Grand Sassmaster' - No truer words have ever been said. XD
Especially enjoyed the 'Everything wants a piece of this' line, because that is so Jim Kirk XD XD
2/24/2019 c1 Rose9797
Only Jim can sound funny as hell while he's going to goddamn die XD Hurt/Comfort and Humor isn't a genre you can mix easily, but I love it now!
12/12/2018 c6 1Krulla Chief
Thank the deities of several neighboring star systems, they've grown up since then.

...for the most part. What happens on a slow week and everyone is just a bit too bored for it to be right is its own kind of thing.
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