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for A-Haunting We Will (Boldly) Go

4/4/2018 c6 LaurielS
Loved this entire series! More stories please!
4/3/2018 c6 17Mellia Bee
I get so excited every time I see something Star Trek from you! And it’s always wonderful. I’m amazed at the complexity of science, pseudoscience, and show trivia (yay for the kidney/dialysis cameo!) you manage to weave together into these truly heart wrenching, heartwarming stories. Just - wow. I love it. You are astonishing in all the very best of ways. Thank you!
4/3/2018 c6 10NaginiFay
I see you changed the summary to match the last chapter. The chapter is good, as the whole story has been, but I'm a bit disappointed that we never got to "and one time something didn't because there was enough crazy aboard already, thanks" or however it went.
3/12/2018 c5 Kirsten
Brilliant, as always... The perfect emotional balance, and a new spin on an original story. I also adore your humour!
3/8/2018 c5 17Mellia Bee
This whole thing is remarkable and I love it. Thank you for writing and sharing!
3/4/2018 c5 LaurielS
I loved it. Every single story, but especially this because I have such fond memories of The Tholian Web. Thank you very much for this series!
3/3/2018 c5 suemon123
I loved reading about the Tholian Web from Jim’s POV! Great job! I can’t wait for more fics . They always brighten my day!
3/3/2018 c5 10royalpinkdogs
seriously-when I see an update from KCS, my heart skips a beat.
absolutely the best write on here.
and your stories? oy vey maria...
3/2/2018 c5 3mckydstarlight
I don’t know why but this gave me feelings! I love it! I remember this episode and I’ve always liked it. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
3/2/2018 c5 1Sarai
3/2/2018 c5 9Tishbing
Damn do I love this story! It gets better with every chapter!
3/2/2018 c5 158Drag0nst0rm
Wonderful chapter!
2/27/2018 c4 Kirsten
This was breathtaking, as usual. Eerie at first, then fascinating, and finally soothing and comforting with a hint of bittersweet sadness towards the end. Perfection!
2/26/2018 c1 21YLJedi
Thank you so much for all your wonderful stories! As others I believe have said, you’ve made it a little difficult for me to enjoy any other writer in Star Trek – your dialogues and interactions are so in-character, your writing so beautiful that everything else seems to pale in comparison. Everything you write *seems* so seamless, which just demonstrates how much hard work, thought, and dedication you’ve given to making these stories great. While I’m always in awe of your natural dialogue and beautiful flow, you constantly surprise with your meticulously detailed, surprising and innovative plots. How you can keep coming up with all of this is beyond me – just thank you for doing so!
2/25/2018 c4 Silverdragonstar
So many feelings! Felt sorry for the kid that rescued the captain, just kinda abruptly left behind. Such a great chapter. You keep to the characters so well, really fun to read.
Was a bit surprised they asked Why Kirk wanted to be knocked out for the last 18 hours. Would have figured they would have come to the same conclusion.
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