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for A-Haunting We Will (Boldly) Go

11/18/2017 c1 1Sarai
11/18/2017 c1 18Manuuk7
Nice work!
11/18/2017 c1 158Drag0nst0rm
Not that kind of haunting I was expecting, immediately, but I loved it anyway. I can't wait for the rest of it!
11/18/2017 c1 47WeirdLittleStories
I love TOS so much more than AOS that I'm very sad to see that one of my favorite TOS writers has migrated to AOS. That said, you did a nice job on this chapter. :-)

Bonus points for remembering Charlene Masters. :-)
11/18/2017 c1 18MoonyEstelChase
Just the fix I needed. Even though I'm a Bones girl, I'm still a sucker for some Spock/Jim bonding and bromance :) I loved the decompression chamber touch; I was a bit miffed that it wasn't in the movie. Great job!
11/18/2017 c1 Maeva83
Very funny and interesting fic, continue!
11/18/2017 c1 10royalpinkdogs
yes! more from you! you are absolutely the best writer ever-(Agatha Christie, William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens -sit down and shut up. You all know this too.)-and I have read everything you've posted on this site. I am thrilled and joyous with this new sextet of stories to enjoy, embrace and wallow in.

also-I have added "Special Snowflake" to my vocabulary. It's superb!
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